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TVN is ThoroughVisioN Pty Ltd, a premium sports and interactive rights management company that specialises in racing. To date it manages the thoroughbred horse racing rights for all racing in Victoria and metropolitan Sydney, and seeks to manage other racing rights throughout Australia and globally.

TVN's vision is to uncover the exciting and entertaining aspects of racing and deliver it to all.

TVN separates the management of its rights into different channels. They include:

  • Commercial Pay TV - The broadcast of racing into tote/tab agencies pubs and clubs throughout Australia.
  • Home Pay TV - The broadcast of racing into homes or businesses via Foxtel, Austar & Optus within Australian boundaries.
  • Mobile - TVN streaming (Metropolitan Sydney& Victoria only) is available via .TVN & Telstra BigPond bring live racing direct to your Telstra 3G or Next G mobile phone or your personal computer via Download charges do apply for non-Telstra customers. For more information contact Telstra mobile direct on 125 111 or visit your local Telstra shop.
  • Internet - The live and delayed broadcast of racing's moving and still footage and information to the Internet. For this, TVN & BigPond has again developed its own products with exclusive and unique representation of videos on racing stories and the races. allows you to interact with racing in a new and entertaining way.
  • Archive - The commercialisation of archival racing footage. TVN sells this footage to many groups, ranging from punters and horse owners requiring race copies on DVD, VHS to advertisers who require racing footage to develop new ads. TVN also has strong production expertise capable of developing end to end audio / visual productions and advertisements for TV and events.

Although TVN is an independent company to date, it is fully funded by the thoroughbred horse racing industry, its key beneficiaries, partners and supporters.

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