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Brett Scott fined $1000

By Adrian Dunn TVN Thursday, December 27, 2012 - 5:51 PM

 BRETT Scott was fined $1000 for treating inside the 24-hour rule his horse Red Colossus, which was withdrawn by stewards from today’s Lord Stakes at Mornington. 

Racing Victoria steward, Brett Wright, in charge of the Mornington meeting, said Scott told Dion Villella, a member of the Compliance Assurance Team, which visited his stables earlier today, that he stomach tubed the horse yesterday at 5.30pm. 

Wright said Scott had co-operated completely with Villella when he arrived at his Mornington stables. 

“Brett said he treated the horse yesterday afternoon, he showed them the medication book, he wasn’t trying to hide anything,” Wright said. 

“He just thought you could not treat a horse on the day. He was up front and we took all that into account. 

“We spoke to our vets and they indicated on what they had been told it probably would not cause an issue, but we decided to err on the side of safety and decided to withdraw the horse. 

“We were comfortably satisfied that what he told us was the truth and all the way through he had nothing to hide."



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