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Camperdown Stewards Report

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DEAD 4 – UPGRADED GOOD 3 at 2.03pm







Stewards Panel:


Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By




Thomas Sadler

Jordan Childs

Did Not Attend

Medical Certificate produced today: Billy Egan

Kane Post – Acting on an assurance from K Post that he had obtained a medical clearance, however forgotten to bring such to today’s meeting, K Post was permitted to resume riding.   K Post was also examined by the Club’s Doctor and deemed fit to ride.

Must produce Medical Certificate prior to riding again: Nil

Did not attend meeting: Thomas Sadler

Other Comments / Explanations:

Thomas Sadler who failed to attend today’s meeting, has been stood down indefinitely.

Steven Vella was examined by the Club’s Doctor upon arrival on course and deemed fit to ride.

Rider Jordan Childs was fined $100 for failing to present his Apprentice Winning Races Book as required.


The start was delayed when FRANKIE LIGHTFOOT was required to be resaddled behind the barriers.

Correct Weight was delayed to enable Kane Post, rider of JUST A CHAT that was officially placed fourth by the Judge, to view a replay of the home straight. Having viewed such film, K Post was satisfied there were insufficient grounds for an Objection and Correct Weight was declared on the Judge’s placings.

BLEVACHI was slow to begin.

REAL BOOST jumped away awkwardly and shifted out making contact with WAG.

REAL BOOST and WAG raced wide without cover.

GOWANA was inclined to lay in under pressure.

From the 400 metres FRANKIE LIGHTFOOT and HANG ON TIGHT were held up behind the leader INDIELLA MISS until straightening. 

BLEVACHI was severely held up behind INDIELLA MISS from the entrance to the straight until the 150 metres. 

Rider Jake Bayliss was questioned regarding his tactics and the performance of INDIELLA MISS.   J Bayliss explained from barrier one, it was his intention to lead the field which he was able to do.  J Bayliss highlighted INDIELLA MISS hung out throughout the event and was wanting to run off the track placing him at a disadvantage.  J Bayliss explained he was attempting to guide his mount around the turn to avoid potentially interfering with other runners.  Of concern to the Panel was the severe hold J Bayliss applied to INDIELLA MISS rounding the home turn. A post race veterinary examination of INDIELLA MISS revealed a small laceration to the outside of the filly’s near fore tendon, however no other obvious abnormalities. J Bayliss was referred to the Apprentice Skills Review Panel for further assessment. Trainer M McKenzie was advised INDIELLA MISS will be required to trial to the satisfaction of Stewards in one Jump Out over a minimum of 1000 metres before next being presented to race.

Trainer J Dalton was questioned regarding the performance of STONE LUCKY. J Dalton stated STONE LUCKY had been racing consistently and with the addition of Blinkers today, he was confident of a strong performance. J Dalton stated he had supported STONE LUCKY and he expected the filly to continue to perform in a similar fashion. The performance of STONE LUCKY will be monitored.

Race 2 – LOUISE COOPER MAIDEN PLATE - 1000 metres: 

KENNEDY STREET that was having its first race start since November 2011, underwent a pre race Veterinary examination and was deemed fit to start.

STERLING BLUE reared as the start was affected and as a consequence missed the start by some ten lengths.  STERLING BLUE ultimately trailed the field throughout. Correct Weight was delayed to enable to enable the Panel to view a replay of the start. Satisfied STERLING BLUE was afforded a fair start, STERLING BLUE was deemed a Starter and Correct Weight declared on the Judges placings.  Trainer Trevor Murphy was advised STERLING BLUE would be required to gain a further approval to race.  A post race veterinary examination of STERLING BLUE revealed no obvious abnormalities.

CAUGHT IN THE TILL was slow to begin.

TRISTASTAR raced wide and without cover through the middle and latter stages. 

Rider Dean Holland was questioned regarding his tactics adopted upon CHEAPER FOR CASH that raced in a forward position, contrary to its recent pattern of racing.  D Holland stated CHEAPER FOR CASH jumped satisfactorily and after being caught wide during the early stages, he elected to push forward and settle near the lead.

FASHION FLAIR was held up from the 400 metres until the 250 metres.

Rider Dean Yendall could offer no explanation for the performance of KENNEDY STREET, that settled outside the leader and performed below market expectations.  A post race veterinary examination of KENNEDY STREET revealed no obvious abnormalities.

Race 3 – FLEMING’S RENTALS MAIDEN PLATE - 1400 metres: 

Prior to the running of this event connections of STILL MY FRIEND advised a change of tactics to be adopted upon the gelding.  It was the intention for STILL MY FRIEND to be ridden in a more forward position, circumstances permitting.  STILL MY FRIEND ultimately settled worse than midfield. Rider R Wheeler reported STILL MY FRIEND did not begin well and settled further back than intended.

MEYDAN CITY jumped away awkwardly.

IRISH LUTE was slow to begin.

After being crossed by the race leader SCEPTED ISLE near the 1200 metres, OUR LEGEND commenced to over race getting its head up.

LADY ALCHEMY raced wide without cover.

MUMMAROSE raced wide with cover and was under pressure near the 400 metres before being eased down and placed a distant last.  Rider Harry Coffey reported MUMMAROSE raced erratically, was inclined to run away from other runners and did not finish the race off.  Co-Trainer Mark Primmer advised he hoped MUMMAROSE, that was now being sent for a spell, would show improvement next preparation with the addition of blinkers.  A post race veterinary examination of MUMMAROSE revealed no obvious abnormalities.

Rider Jordan Childs (LADY ALCHEMY) accidentally dropped his whip near the 100 metres.

MERRY YEOMAN over raced through the early and middle stages.

MAGIC TRAGIC that settled towards the rear of the field was held up rounding the home turn and until the 250 metres.  When questioned rider Rhys McLeod stated after jumping fairly he settled further back in the field than intended.

STILL MY FRIEND had difficulty in obtaining clear running rounding the turn.

Shortly after passing the 400 metres LADY ALCHEMY shifted out and hampered EUREKA HERO that in turn was taken out and inconvenienced MERRY YEOMAN.    J Childs (LADY ALCHEMY) was notified of his obligations to make every effort to keep his mount straight when in similar circumstances.

Race 4 – COUNTRY ROAD FARM SUPPLIES 0-62 HANDICAP - 2200 metres: 

FAINEANT was slow to begin.

Riders John Lambie (MILADY MONDE), Steven Vella (ALLGRACEFUL) and Luke Londregan (GUNTUR (NZ)) were questioned regarding an incident approaching the 1800 metres.   On the evidence it was established MILADY MONDE after crossing to obtain the lead, was steadied by its rider reducing the race tempo thereby resulting in GUNTUR (NZ) that was trailing and ALLGRACEFUL being checked.  The Panel were of the opinion the actions of J Lambie resulted in the tempo being reduced excessively.   J Lambie was referred to the Apprentice Skills Review Panel for further assessment of the incident.

FETES ALFRESCO raced three wide through the early stages before crossing to obtain a position outside the leader near the 1600 metres.

The race leader MILADY MONDE was inclined to lay out during the event.

Near the 700 metres FETES ALFRESCO was tightened for room between MILADY MONDE that shifted out when laying out and JEUNELISM that shifted in.  At a subsequent inquiry rider Harry Coffey (JEUNELISM) was severely reprimanded for the manner in which he permitted his mount to shift ground when not sufficiently clear of FETES ALFRESCO.

SKY FLYTE (NZ) lay in under pressure in the straight.

When questioned regarding the reasons J Lambie (MILADY MONDE) failed to surrender the lead from the 1800 metres, J Lambie explained his mount commenced to over race and as such he was unable to obtain cover despite his intentions to do so.

The race winner JEUNELISM was inclined to lay in over the concluding stages.

Race 5 – SUNGOLD MILK CAMPERDOWN CUP - 1600 metres: 

Stewards accepted the explanation of Trainer Tony Vasil for presenting THE WINGMAN (NZ) late on course after he was delayed in traffic en route.

CAPE DANGER was tightened shortly after the start between GOTTA KEEP COOL and HENSHAW that shifted in.

Upon return to scales rider Fabian Alesci reported HISSTAR hung in significantly throughout.  A post race veterinary examination of HISSTAR revealed no obvious abnormalities.

CAPE DANGER was held up for a short distance prior to straightening. Rider Ryan Plumb was questioned regarding his tactics adopted upon CAPE DANGER from the 600 metres and in particular whether an opportunity presented to put his mount into the race by improving around the field.  R Plumb stated inside the 600 metres he was of the opinion GOTTA KEEP COOL racing to his outside was under pressure.  R Plumb added in order for him to improve around the field, he would have been required to ease his mount in order to come back and then improve around GOOTA KEEP COOL.  R Plumb added DIAMONDS AT NOON that he was trailing did not take him into the race as expected.

R Plumb was fined $100 for leaving the course without gaining a clearance.

Race 6 – JAMES H MONK REAL ESTATE 0-68 HANDICAP - 1000 metres: 

GOLD RUST knuckled as the start was affected.

ATHENIAN GIRL bounded as the start was affected and was subsequently slow in its stride.

DHAMMASARA was tightened after the start between ATHENIAN GIRL and GOLD RUST, both runners which shifted ground.

Near the 500 metres Dean Yendall, rider of CHESTNUT VALLEY, temporarily lost the use of his off side rein for a short distance.

Race 7 – GERARD RYAN ELECTRICAL 0-58 HANDICAP - 1400 metres: 

Prior to the running of Race 5 connections of GOD’S OWN COUNTRY advised of a change of tactics to be adopted upon the mare.   It was the intention for GOD’S OWN COUNTRY to be ridden further back than at recent starts, in an attempt to have the mare settle and finish its races off.   GOD’S OWN COUNTRY was restrained through the early stages, settled in a worse than mid field position and was ridden accordingly. GOD’S OWN COUNTRY over raced through the middle stages.

Prior to the running of Race 6 connections of CENTURON and WILSHIRE FLYER advised of a change of tactics to be adopted upon their respective geldings.  It was the intention for CENTURON and WILSHIRE FLYER to be ridden in a more forward position, circumstances permitting.  WILSHIRE FLYER only began moderately and settled in a worse than mid field position.  Dean Holland reported on return to scales WILSHIRE FLYER did not muster sufficient speed through the early stages to settle in a forward position as intended.

YOU’VE BEEN WARNED jumped away awkwardly.

ERNIE’S MATE (NZ) and ONYA KEITHY raced wide without cover.

Near the 900 metres REGAL RULES commenced to over race and had to be checked to avoid the heels of COOL DUDE HARRY.

Near the 300 metres SARIDEN shifted out in an attempt to obtain clear running before being checked. It was established SARIDEN was disappointed for a run between REGAL RULES and CARRERA DINERO that shifted out simultaneously with SARIDEN.

Also near the 300 metres SOPHIA DOROTHEA was checked when disappointed for a run between OURHALO that shifted out and ERNIE’S MATE (NZ) that shifted in marginally after being brushed by ONYA KEITHY.

WILSHIRE FLYER was held up rounding the home turn and did not fully gain clear running until near the 100 metres.

COOL DUDE HARRY was held up rounding the home turn and until the 200 metres.

CENTURON had difficulty obtaining clear running in the early stages of the home straight and until the 150 metres.


Pre-race blood for post-race analysis: Race 1- BLEVACHI Race 2- FASHION FLAIR Race 3- MONDE BOY Race 4- JEUNELISM Race 5- HISSTAR Race 7- CENTURON, WILSHIRE FLYER, ONYA KEITHY

Pre-race urine for post race analysis:

Post race samples from following horses: ALL WINNERS; Race 1- STONE LUCKY Race 2- FASHION FLAIR Race 3- SCEPTRED ISLE Race 4- JEUNELISM Race 5- HENSHAW Race 6- ATHENIAN GIRL Race 7- ONYA KEITHY

Raceday Summary


Jordan Childs – $100 - Failure to present Apprentice Winning Rides Book

Race 5- Jockey R Plumb – CAPE DANGER - $100 – left without clearance

Severe Reprimands:

Race 5- Jockey H Coffey – WATTO’S RACER – shifting ground

Horse Actions:

Race 1 – Trainer M McKenzie – INDIELLA MISS – satisfactory jump out

Race 2- Trainer T Murphy – STERLING BLUE  - reared – approval to race

Change of Tactics:

Race 3- Trainer G Duffy – STILL MY FRIEND – to be ridden more forward

Race 7- Trainer J Brooks – GOD’S OWN COUNTRY – to be ridden further back

Race 7 – Trainer D Drever – CENTURON – to be ridden more forward

Race 7 – Trainer B Cerchi – WILSHIRE FLYER - to be ridden more forward

Follow Ups:

Race 2 – Trainer D Weir – KENNEDY STREET

Supplementary Reports

Warrnambool January 15 2013

Race 8 – MATKO HIRE 0-62 HANDICAP – 1400 metres:

Stewards have concluded an inquiry into the tactics of rider Peter Mertens upon CONSTANT MOMENTUM.   Of concern to the Panel was the fact CONSTANT MOMENTUM raced wide on the course from the start and particularly rounding the home turn, when from the 700 metres an opportunity presented to lead the field from a position closer to the rail.  CONSTANT MOMENTUM has been ultimately placed forth with the first three place getters all positioned to the inside of CONSTANT MOMENTUM throughout the event.   P Mertens explained he was of the opinion the racing surface to the inside was inferior and his mount did not settle with SANDS LIKE A PARTY racing to his outside.

On the evidence, the Panel were of the opinion P Mertens erred in his judgement in failing to allow CONSTANT MOMENTUM to race closer to the rail rounding the home turn when it was both reasonable and permissible to do so.  While P Mertens maintained the racing surface was superior wide on the course, Stewards believe P Mertens over accentuated any possible advantage that may have been gained.   P Mertens was advised he must ride in a manner that does not leave his actions open to query.

Andrew Homann

On Thursday 17 January 2013, Stewards concluded an inquiry where trainer Andrew Homann was questioned regarding a number of matters at his registered stables. A Homann was fined $300 under the provisions of LR.39A for having unregistered persons in the care and management of registered racehorses during three individual stable inspections conducted during October, November and December 2012.   A Homann was further fined $200 under the provisions of AR.80E for having substances in his stable premises that were unlabelled and unprescribed, as identified during a stable inspection in November 2012.   A Homann was directed to maintain his stable return records in accordance with AR.54.   A Homann was further reminded of his obligations under the provisions of LR.35D(2), to notify Stewards in writing if he intends on travelling and campaigning a horse interstate, thereby leaving racehorses trained by him, in the care of another licensed person.

Track Information

Camperdown RACE COURSE

  • State VIC
  • Metro No
  • WeatherOvercast
  • RainfallNil
  • Irrigation8mm past 24hrs, 60mm past week
  • Penetrometer5.40
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingDead 4
  • TypeTurf

Gear Changes