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Caulfield Stewards Report

Stewards' Reports

Melbourne Racing Club @ Caulfield


Wednesday December 26 2012


Good 3






+5m entire circuit

Stewards Panel:

Mr R Cram (Chair), Mr R Montgomery, Ms H Lester, Mr T Wilson & Mr M Donovan (Cadet)

Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By



Vain Attraction

R Maloney

P Mertens



East Star

R Maloney

D Yendall



King Cobweb

L Nolen

S Wynne

Became indisposed

Did not attend meeting:

R Maloney

Other Comments / Explanations:

The track was upgraded to Good 3 at 11.50am prior to the commencement of the meeting.

Race 1DENNIS HANRAHAN HANDICAP - 2000 metres: 

Prior to the commencement of the meeting trainer Mr J Sadler advised that Digitalism will lead today if he jumps well.  Digitalism was ridden accordingly.

Arousing Suspicion and Duplicity Jones (NZ) both over-raced in the early and middle stages due to the slow tempo.

Digitalism lost its near hind plate during the race.

V Duric, rider of Duplicity Jones (NZ), advised that it was his instructions to get the gelding some cover for as long as possible, given its racing inexperience, and for this reason he elected not to go forward in a three wide  position without cover from the 800m.  He added that the gelding ran on well in the straight after being ridden in this manner.

J Benbow, rider of Strive To Excel, stated that in his view the slow tempo did not suit the colt.

Race 2JOE BROWN PLATE - 1000 metres: 

Shortly after the start Every Faith knuckled.

Prime Mover was very slow into stride.

Near the 600m Son Senoras layed in and tightened Prairy Kat.

Shortly after straightening Every Faith was steadied when tightened for room between Distinctive Flyer (D Smith), which shifted out, and Register which was laying in.  During this incident Every Faith and Register made contact which unbalanced both horses.  D Smith was notified to exercise more care when shifting ground.

Register then hung in in the straight.   

A post race veterinary examination of Prime Mover, which finished a distant last, revealed no abnormalities.

L Beer, rider of Son Senoras, advised that the filly raced greenly.  A subsequent veterinary examination of Son Senoras revealed the filly to have an upper respiratory abnormality and trainer Mr C McDonald was advised that he must submit a veterinary certificate of fitness together with the satisfactory results of a laryngoscopic examination prior to Son Senoras racing again.

Race 3ALLAN WICKS HANDICAP - 1800 metres: 

After the running of Race 1 trainer Mr C Little advised that Port Vell (NZ) would be going forward today. Port Vell was ridden accordingly.

Chateau Fort was slow to begin (one length).

Near the 1600m Dereims (NZ) was steadied to avoid the heels of Whisper Downs.

Near the 1200m Dereims (NZ) changed stride and became unbalanced when racing neatly on the inside of Chateau Fort.

In the straight Vizhaka hung in and Port Vell (NZ) hung out.

D Thornton, rider of Dereims (NZ) which was a distant last, advised that the gelding failed to run the distance.  A post race veterinary examination of Dereims (NZ) revealed the gelding had sustained a slight injury to its near foreleg.

Race 4FRANK O’BRIEN HANDICAP - 2000 metres: 

Passing the 1600m Manila Jewel was taken out off its course to a three wide position by Streets Of Seattle (D Thornton) which shifted out.  D Thornton was reprimanded and notified to ensure that when shifting ground he must be clear of other runners.

Near the 1400m Streets Of Seattle was eased off the heels of Manila Jewel (C Schofield) which shifted in after having gone forward in a three wide position.  C Schofield was notified to ensure he is two lengths clear when shifting ground when in similar circumstances.

D Thornton, rider of Streets Of Seattle, advised that he elected to shift to a three wide position near the 900m outside Manila Jewel without cover as his mount had been travelling well. He added that Streets Of Seattle is a strong front running mare over distance and he was confident at the time to travel in the three wide position.  Subsequent to viewing the videos, D Thornton conceded that it may have been in the mare’s best interests to have remained behind Manila Jewel for longer than he did on this occasion given that no runner had applied any pressure to him to go forward at this stage.

C Schofield (Manila Jewel) was fined $300 for using his whip six times forehand prior to the 100m.

Race 5KEN STURT HANDICAP - 1200 metres: 

Vihanna Victory jumped awkwardly.

C Schofield, rider of Blue Ribbon which was a distant last, advised that in his view the mare did not appreciate today’s firm track.  A subsequent veterinary examination of Blue Ribbon revealed no abnormalities.


S Arnold, rider of Alpha Proxima which performed below market expectations, believes that the gelding may have pulled up slightly short in its action.  A subsequent veterinary examination of Alpha Proxima revealed no abnormalities.

C Newitt, rider of Roses In The Glen which performed below market expectations, believes that the mare would be improved by the run and a drop in class.  A post race veterinary examination of Roses In The Glen revealed the mare to be mildly lame in the off foreleg and trainer Mr M Price was advised that a veterinary clearance is required prior to Roses In the Glen racing again.

J Mott, rider of Zedi Knight, believes that the gelding wasn’t suited by today’s firmer track conditions.  A post race veterinary examination of Zedi Knight revealed the gelding to be lame in the near foreleg and trainer Mr B McCarthy was advised that a veterinary certificate of fitness is required prior to Zedi Knight racing again.

Race 7MAXIE HOWELL HANDICAP - 1000 metres: 

The start of the race was delayed when Angels Beach became fractious in the barriers and reared.  Angels Beach was examined by the RV veterinary surgeon and was deemed unsuitable to race.  Trainer Mr P Moody was advised that a warning would be placed on Angels Beach and it must perform satisfactorily in a jump out prior to racing again.

All monies invested on Angels Beach to be refunded.  Deductions applicable to bets placed on winner and placegetters prior to 4.35pm: 36 cents in the dollar for the Win (Return Journey), 28 cents in the dollar for place of winner, 27 cents in the dollar for second place (Act Two), 24 cents in the dollar for third place (She Can Skate) and 43 cents in the dollar for Doubles bets.

Choiciti was slow to begin.

Dance Card jumped awkwardly.

Near the 800m Pitta Patta, when racing greenly, shifted in abruptly and hampered Day After Tomorrow.

Rounding the home turn and the early part of the straight Carvalho had a tendency to lay out under pressure.

In the straight Day After Tomorrow layed in under pressure.

Near the 150m East Star was steadied when disappointed for running between Pitta Patta And Choiciti.

A McCabe, rider of Pitta Patta, advised that the filly raced greenly and will improve with racing and over more distance.

B Wallace, rider of The Empress, advised that the filly jumped awkwardly and was slow to begin and then raced greenly and out of stride in the early stages of the race.  He added that in his view the filly, may be suited with the addition of blinkers. 

L Nolen (Angels Beach) was examined by the Club’s doctor and was stood down from fulfilling his engagement in the last race.


Wind Shear was slow to begin (two lengths).

King Cobweb was also slow to begin (one length).

In the straight Finishing Card hung out.

Also in the straight Chord hung in.

R Plumb (Scottish Border) was reprimanded for using his whip for two consecutive strides prior to the 100m forehand.

D Thornton, rider of Dane The Rave which was disappointing, advised that the gelding was not suited by the slower tempo of today’s race and trainer Mr A Williams had advised that Dane The Rave will be freshened up before its next start.  A post race veterinary examination of Dane The Rave revealed no abnormalities.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

R3 – Whisper Downs, R4 – Bells Of Troy, R5 – Gail  

Post race samples from following horses:

All winners

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings:

R7 – Angels Beach (4.35pm)


R4 – C Schofield, $300, whip use


R4 – D Thornton

R8 – R Plumb

Severe Reprimands:

C Schofield (see supplementary report)

Horse Actions:

R2 – Son Senoras, upper respiratory abnormality, veterinary certificate/scope

R6 – Roses In The Glen, lame off fore, veterinary certificate

R6 – Zedi Knight, lame near fore, veterinary certificate

R7 – Angels Beach, barrier manners, warning/jump out

Follow Ups:

R6 – Alpha Proxima

Supplementary reports

VRC @ Flemington, December 22 2012

Race 7 – COMIC COURT HANDICAP - 2000 metres:

Mr A Feroce, representing Mr M Moroney trainer of Between The Beats, explained that the gelding had pulled up showing signs of muscle soreness over the hindquarters and in the off side shoulder. He added that Between The Beats would be treated accordingly and if no immediate improvement is seen, spelling the gelding would be considered.

Colac, December 22 2012

Race 5 – AUSTRAL HOTEL 0-62 HANDICAP - 1600 metres:

Trainer Mr C Marshall reported that the performance of Princely Bid was very disappointing. He added that blood tests post race confirmed signs of an infection and also signs of dehydration. He further added that Princely Bid would be treated accordingly and his preparation would continue as planned.

Race 7 – COLAC HERALD F&M 0-62 HANDICAP - 1200 metres:

Trainer Mr M Williams advised the Stewards that Grasslands Girl had pulled up well following her disappointing performance and that there were no signs of lameness that would have contributed to her hanging out. He added that he would be continuing with her preparation as planned.

Werribee, December 16 2012

Race 8THE PARK HOTEL 0-62 HANDICAP - 2000 metres:

C Schofield (Singersongwriter) was severely reprimanded for using his whip seven times forehand prior to the 100m.

Track Information


  • State VIC
  • Metro Yes
  • WeatherFine
  • Rainfall0mm past 24hrs, 5.8mm past week
  • Irrigation0mm past 24hrs; 28mm past week
  • Penetrometer5.23
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingGood 3
  • TypeTurf

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