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Chris Waller's Flemington stables to open in February

By Adrian Dunn TVN Monday, December 24, 2012 - 11:02 AM

CHRIS Waller will activate his new satellite stables at Flemington in mid-February.

Waller said he would wait until after the New Zealand stables are finished before he began moving horses into his 10-box operation at Flemington.

Initially, Waller said he would send to Melbourne horses that are best suited, but added he would ramp up the Victorian arm of his operation from August 1 as the spring carnival cranks up.

“We want it to work. The benefit as I see it is getting a horse through its grades quicker, by finding more suitable races,” Waller said.

“With a New South Wales and Victoria calendar in front of you there is going to be a race for every horse, every week.

“Realistically, horses only have a certain amount of wins in them . If you can do that quicker, everyone is in front.

“You can move the horse on and get a new one.”

Waller noted the “killer” for owners was paying training fees “sitting around waiting for a suitable race”.

He said the success of Peter Snowden, Bart Cummings and others highlighted the results that satellite stables can provide.

Waller said he would “get the person we can” to head-up the Melbourne operation.

“We’ll speak to our own staff as well as advertise,” he said.


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