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Saturday 22 December 2012


Dead 4







Stewards Panel:

Messrs J Hitchcock (Chairman), F Beattie, S Cochrane, J Rea and K Salt (Cadet)

Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By




Brent Evans

Ryan Plum




Jacob Rule

Nikita McLean

Became indisposed



Jarrod Fry

Jacob Rule




Jacob Rule

Jason Lyon

Became indisposed

Medical Certificate produced today: Nathan Stanley

Must produce Medical Certificate prior to riding again: Nil

Did not attend meeting: Brent Evans

Other Comments / Explanations: Following the running of race 3, Jacob Rule was examined by the Clubs Doctor who deemed him unfit to fulfil his remaining riding engagements.


HANG ON TIGHT underwent a pre race veterinary examination behind the barriers after brushing the rail upon leaving the mounting yard.  HANG ON TIGHT was subsequently passed fit to race.

IT’S DYLAN jumped away awkwardly.

GOWANA jumped away awkwardly getting its head up.

TELL ME THIS and MUSIC AT THE MARSH were slow to begin.  TELL ME THIS was also slow to muster speed.

Passing the 800 metres IT’S DYLAN commenced to over race and had to be checked to avoid the heels of MACCA’S MOMENT.  IT’S DYLAN was eased wider on the track and in doing so inconvenienced GOWANA.

HANG ON TIGHT raced greenly through the middle stages.

The winner, UNIQUE STORM, shied at the winning post.

Rider, Linda Meech (MACCA’S MOMENT), reported her mount did not travel well down the hill.

A post race veterinary examination of IT’S DYLAN that weakened over the latter stages failed to reveal any obvious abnormalities.


Prior to the running of race 1, connections of STEEL TIGER advised the gelding would be ridden in a more forward position from the inside barrier.  STEEL TIGER led throughout and was ridden accordingly.

Prior to the running of race 1 connections of STILL MY FRIEND advised that it was their intention for the gelding to be ridden in a more forward position circumstances permitting and pending STILL MY FRIEND beginning well.  STILL MY FRIEND ultimately settled in a worse than mid field position.  Trainer Geoff Daffy and rider Craig Robertson were questioned regarding the tactics and the performance of the gelding.  C Robertson explained after beginning moderately he elected to ease the gelding over the early stages to avoid being caught wide.  C Robertson added STILL MY FRIEND is immature and reluctant to race behind other runners.    This was highlighted when racing down the hill where he attempted to improve his position to the inside of BLAZE HERO.  C Robertson added he had recommended to connections that STILL MY FRIEND be ridden forward at its next race start over 1400 metres.  Trainer G Daffy reiterated the comments of C Robertson.  G Daffy was advised should it be his intention to have STILL MY FRIEND ridden in a forward position at its next race start, it is his obligation to advise Stewards of any such change in tactics. It was noted STILL MY FRIEND hung in over the latter stages.

A gear adjustment to FOUNDS ROAD contributed to a delay at the start.

Steven Vella, rider of KEMIZENGO, who was late arriving at the starting barriers, was notified of his obligations on leaving the mounting yard, that he is to proceed to the starting point without delay.

Upon return to scales Kate Walters reported SON OF COCO (NZ) knuckled at the start and slipped behind resulting in K Walters becoming unbalanced and the gelding settling at the rear of the field.

DA NYET jumped away awkwardly contacting the barrier.

BUTTER BING was checked after the start between FOUNDS ROAD and STILL MY FRIEND when both runners shifted ground.

BLAZE HERO over raced through the early and middle stages.  At approximately the 700 metres STILL MY FRIEND had to be eased when tightened for room to the inside of BLAZE HERO.

ZIPPY LAD raced wide and without cover throughout.

BUTTER BING hung in under pressure placing rider Kyle Hocking at a disadvantage.

KEMIZENGO lay in under pressure when passing the 150 metres inconveniencing TAMAREEN that was eased by its rider.  Steven Vella (KEMIZENGO) was reminded of his obligations.

Race 3 – BUNDY SPICED MAIDEN PLATE - 2000 metres:

Stewards approved Ryan Plumb as the late replacement rider upon COOVARA.  At a subsequent enquiry it was established Trainer Andrew Sawden was advised by Mr Peter Newcombe, Manager of Brent Evens that B Evans was unfit to accept this engagement on Thursday 20 December, the day of acceptances.  A Sawden was fined $200 for failing to notify an available rider prior to race day.

Trainer Adam Burns was fined $100 for presenting OUR DECISION into the mounting enclosure five minutes before the advertised race start time.

The start was delayed when holding for race 3 at Warwick Farm.  

I’LL TELL YOU WHAT and PROSPECTOR’S GOLD bumped shortly after the start.

COOVARA shifted out shortly after the start bumping MILADY MONDE.

ORIGATO (NZ) knuckled as the start was effected.

Leaving the front straight on the first occasion PROSPECTOR’S GOLD had to be checked off the heels of LINKA (NZ) as the tempo eased.  As a consequence PROSPECTOR’S GOLD shifted out marginally and bumped BENEFIT, unbalancing that gelding.

ORPINSKY raced wide through the early and middle stages before obtaining a position outside the leader near the 1000 metres.

FACE THE RISK raced wide and without cover for the majority of the event.

GRAND PRINTIVE and ORPINSKY raced three wide through the early stages.

Passing the 500 metres as the race leader SHENANIGANS SAM commenced to tire, GRAND PRINTIVE and I’LL TELL YOU WHAT that were trailing had to be severely checked off the heels of that tiring runner.

Near the 300 metres MILADY MONDE attempted to obtain a run between FACE THE RISK and COOVARA when there was insufficient room to do so.  MILADY MONDE had to be steadied in consequence and rider Jackie Beriman was reminded of her obligations.

Rider Kane Bradley and Trainer Nigel Brown were questioned regarding the tactics and performance of SHENANIGANS SAM that led the field before tiring to be placed a distant last. K Bradley advised he was instructed to lead from his wide barrier and stated it took some effort to ultimately muster sufficient speed to obtain a forward position. K Bradley stated his mount was under pressure from the 800 metres and lay out. N Brown confirmed the instructions and acknowledged he had failed to notify the change in tactics. N Brown explained he was of the opinion SHENANIGANS SAM was one paced and may be suited racing over longer distances, however advised he would not be continuing with the geldings preparation. N Brown was advised SHENANIGANS SAM would be stood down until completing one satisfactory Official Trial. N Brown was further fined $200 for failing to notify the change in race tactics.

Race 4 – CENTREBET FIRE UP 0-68 HANDICAP - 2000 metres:

JUNGLE FIGHTER that reared and was fractious in the barriers, underwent a pre race veterinary examination and was deemed fit to run.

LUCKZAT (NZ) was slow to begin.

Rider, Melissa Walters, was questioned regarding her tactics adopted upon LUCKZAT (NZ) and in particular her reasons for improving three wide from the 1100 metres.  M Walters explained LUCKZAT (NZ) is one paced and she was instructed to put the mare into the race from approximately the 1000 metres.  M Walters added she gradually improved the mare into the race and she was pleased with the performance.

PARAMOUR was held up rounding the home turn and until straightening to the run to the finish.  Rider, Jack Hill, explained that he raced without luck and was unable to improve his position when on the inside of runners.  J Hill further explained PARAMOUR is one paced and had the opportunity presented he would have endeavoured to put his mount into the race at approximately the 800 metres.  A post race veterinary examination of PARAMOUR revealed no obvious abnormalities.

DELTONA over raced in the middle stages.

Upon return to scales rider, Andrew Mallyon, reported JUNGLE FIGHTER hung out through the latter stages.

Race 5 – AUSTRAL HOTEL 0-62 HANDICAP - 1600 metres:

Correct Weight was delayed to enable Craig Robertson, rider of LEAPING LEROY, that was officially placed fifth by the Judge, to view the photo finish print.  C Robertson was satisfied with the Judge’s placings.

Correct Weight was further delayed to enable Nikita McLean, rider of FLYING OMISSION, that was officially placed second by the Judge, to view a replay of the home straight.  Satisfied there were insufficient grounds for an Objection, Correct Weight was declared on the Judge’s placings.  It was noted the race winner RELENTLESS lay in under pressure in the straight, however never impeded the progress of FLYING OMISSION.

FAINEANT was slow into stride.

PRINCELY BID raced three wide through the early stages before crossing to obtain a position outside the leader.

Near the 1200 metres MAGIC CREST commenced to over race getting its head up.

Rider Ibrahim Gundogdu was questioned regarding his tactics adopted upon KING CAN SING which led the field by several lengths through the middle stages.  I Gundogdu stated he was instructed to settle his mount outside the leader.  From a wide barrier draw, I Gundogdu stated he was required to give his mount a dig to cross the field, however his mount commenced to over race and therefore he permitted KING CAN SING to stride to the lead.  His comments were noted.

FAINEANT settled to the rear of the field and appeared to lay out rounding the home turn when under pressure some distance from the finish.  Rider, Holly McKechnie, stated FAINEANT is one paced and would be better suited over a longer race distance.

A post race veterinary examination of PRINCELY BID revealed mild signs of heat stress. Trainer C Marshall will be contacted in the ensuing days to establish how PRINCELY BID had recovered from today’s performance.

Race 6 – BETFAIR 0-58 HANDICAP - 1000 metres:

CRYSTAL REEF was marginally slow to begin before being checked after the start between NAPASH and BRAVE GIGGLE as a result of both runners shifting ground.

SHE’S GOT A SECRET knuckled as the start was affected.

Rider Nathan Stanley was questioned regarding his tactics and the performance of CRYSTAL REEF.  N Stanley stated after being slow to begin and meeting with interference at the start, he elected to ride the gelding for luck.  N Stanley added CRYSTAL REEF was pulling mid race and finished the race off well, however he was of the opinion CRYSTAL REEF was not entirely genuine.  When questioned regarding whether he considered improving his position around the field, N Stanley stated while this may have been an option, he felt that it would have been detrimental to his chances.  A post race veterinary examination of CRYSTAL REEF revealed no obvious abnormalities.

Upon return to scales rider Ibrahim Gundogdo reported that in his opinion that something was amiss with SHE’S GOT A SECRET.  A post race veterinary examination revealed SHE’S GOT A SECRET was lame in front. Trainer S Brown will be advised a veterinary certificate of fitness must be presented before SHE’S GOT A SECRET is next presented to race.

HEZACRUISER and BRAVE GIGGLE bumped shortly after the start resulting in HEZACRUISER being eased by its rider.

HEZACRUISER over raced through the middle stages and became unbalanced when steadied away from the heels of ENGRAVE.

Passing the 800 metres DINNER ON TIGES had to be eased to avoid the heels of ROCK THE BALLET.

BROKEN JAW raced wide and without cover for for the majority of the event.

Rider John Robertson (BROKEN JAW) pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding under the provisions of AR 137(a).  It was alleged passing the winning post J Robertson carelessly permitted his mount to shift in when not sufficiently clear of DINNER ON TIGES that had to be checked by its rider, J Hill.  In assessing the matter Stewards accepted DINNER ON TIGES shifted out marginally contributing to the incident.  The licence of J Robertson to ride in races was suspended for a period of 8 meetings (2 metropolitan/6 provincial) commencing at midnight 26 December 2012 and to conclude at 2 January 2013.  In assessing penalty Stewards deemed the incident to be in the low range.

Race 7 – COLAC HERALD F&M 0-62 HANDICAP - 1200 metres:

Prior to the running of race 6, the connections of PRETTY ALMAHER advised of a change of tactics to be adopted upon the mare.  It was the intention for PRETTY ALMAHER to be ridden further forward given the inside barrier draw and addition of blinkers.  PRETTY ALMAHER led and was ridden accordingly.

Prior to the running of race 6, Stewards were advised of change of tactics to be adopted upon HYPERVENTILATE.  Given the anticipated lack of speed in the event and drop in class for the filly, it was the intention for HYPERVENTILATE to be ridden in a more forward position, circumstances permitting. Rider Jack Hill reported after being marginally slow to begin and hampered shortly after the start, HYPERVENTILATE settled in a mid field position and further back than intended.  J Hill added he was disappointed in the manner in which HYPERVENTILATE finished the race off in the home straight.

Shortly after the start BABE TO WIN shifted out when taken out by GRASSLANDS GIRL and as a consequence hampered HYPERVENTILATE.

SOUTH STREET and ANGELOU bumped shortly after the start.

RUSTANA and GRASSLANDS GIRL raced wide and without cover.

Upon return to scales rider Holly McKechnie reported GRASSLANDS GIRL that raced wide throughout, commenced to lay out when she endeavoured to restrain in order to obtain cover. GRASSLANDS GIRL was inclined to hang out and away from other runners during the event.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.  Trainer, Matthew Williams, will be contacted in the ensuing days to ascertain how GRASSLANDS GIRL had recovered from today’s disappointing performance.

After beginning somewhat awkwardly from its wide barrier, KIRVIC was eased from the start and settled at the rear of the field. Kane Post, rider of KIRVIC, reported that his mount was not suited by today’s track conditions (performs best on firm tracks) and would appreciate a step up in distance.

Rounding the home turn ANGELOU was inclined to lay out.


Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:  Race 2- STILL MY FRIEND, KEMIZENGO Race 3- ORIGATO (NZ) Race 4- PARAMOUR Race 5- ROCK ‘N’ ROYAL Race 6- CRYSTAL REEF, ENGRAVE Race 7- SOUTH STREET

Pre-race urine for post race analysis:

Post race samples from following horses:  ALL WINNERS; Race 1- UNIQUE STORM Race 2- STEEL TIGER Race 3- LINKA (NZ) Race 4- TUSCAN RANGER RACE 5- RELENTLESS Race 6- LIL BIT MUSKY Race 7- RUSTANA

Raceday Summary


Race 3- Trainer A Sawden – COOVARA – late notification of rider $200

Race 3 – Trainer A Burns – OUR DECISION – late into mounting enclosure $100

Race 3 – Trainer N Brown – SHENANIGANS SAM – failure to notify change of tactics $200


Race 6- Jockey J Robertson – BROKEN JAW – careless riding – midnight 26/12/12 – midnight 2/1/2013  (2 metropolitan/6 provincial)

Horse Actions:

Race 3 – SHENANIGANS SAM – uncompetitive – Official Trial

Race 6 – SHE’S GOT A SECRET – lame in front – Veterinary Certificate

Change of Tactics:

Race 2- Trainer U Clarke – STEEL TIGER – more forward position

Race 2- Trainer G Daffy – STILL MY FRIEND – more forward position

Race 7- Trainer R Linnell – PRETTY ALMAHER – more forward position

Race 7- Trainer R Smerdon – HYPERVENTILATE – more forward position

Follow Ups:

Race 5 – Trainer C Marshall – PRINCELY BID

Race 7- Trainer M Williams – GRASSLANDS GIRL

Track Information


  • State VIC
  • Metro No
  • WeatherFine
  • RainfallNil past 24hrs, 20mm past 7 days
  • Irrigation6mm past 24hrs, 12mm past 7 days
  • Penetrometer5.49
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingDead 4
  • TypeTurf

Gear Changes