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Cranbourne Stewards Report

Stewards' Reports

Cranbourne Turf Club


Friday November 9 2012


Good 3 (upgraded at 3.40pm prior to the start of the meeting)






True entire circuit

Stewards Panel:

Mr B Wright (Chair), Mr T Wilson, Mr S Shinsky & Mr C Agnew


After arriving at the gates, M Walker (Borsari) asked to be examined by the medical officers as he was feeling some discomfort in his knee.  M Walker was passed fit to fulfil his riding commitments.

Emperor’s Chariot and Borsari jumped awkwardly.

On leaving the gates, Apollo Bay lost its footing in front and became unbalanced.

In the early stages, Tears Go By raced greenly and passing the 800m got its head up.

In the early and middle stages, Borsari raced greenly.

Emperor’s Chariot raced wide without cover from the 800m.

Approaching the 400m, Tears Go By was steadied and became unbalanced when attempting a tight run between Young Fun and Emperor’s Chariot, which shifted in slightly. Apollo Bay, which was following, touched the heels of Tears Go By. 

Passing the 150m, Young Fun became unbalanced after being momentarily tightened by Emperor’s Chariot (P Mertens), which shifted ground when laying in. Stewards were satisfied with the efforts of P Mertens to correct his mount in reasonable time.

Trainer Mr R Laing was questioned relative to statements he made regarding Andre Roo Hoo in an interview prior to the race, where he reported that the horse had been gelded and undergone knee surgery since its last start at Caulfield in February.  Mr Laing confirmed the statements and advised that Andre Roo Hoo had undergone arthroscopic surgery to its off fore knee with some chips removed in March 2012 and that he was unaware of his obligations to report such matters.  Subsequently, Mr Laing pleaded guilty to a charge under the provisions of AR140(a) and was fined $200. 


Wild Erp was a late withdrawal on veterinary advice at 3.21pm, when the gelding was found to be lame and trainer Mr M Kent will submit a veterinary certificate in respect of it.

After the horses were placed in the gates, the Starter attempted to effect the start, however; as there was no response after pressing the electric button, he decided to remove all horses from the gates.  The starting gates were tested, however; did not operate electrically and subsequently it was decided that the start would have to be effected manually.  Announcements were made to this effect and the race commenced 8 minutes late.

On leaving the gates, King Joy became unbalanced after being bumped by Worth Every Penny, which shifted out.

For most of the event, Lemaitre raced ungenerously and was inclined to lay out.

Rounding the home turn, Worth Every Penny was held up for clear running.

Lemaitre hung out rounding the home turn.

For a short distance approaching the home turn, King Joy was held up for clear running.

On straightening, Light Dreamer (NZ) and It’s Dylan, which had been held up for a short distance prior, were inconvenienced when King Krovanh shifted in abruptly before being straightened by its rider, D Stackhouse.  As a result, King Joy, which was following, was hampered.

When under pressure over the final 150m, It’s Dylan layed in and proved a little difficult to ride.

After the running of the race, the RVL veterinary surgeon reported that Kityikana was lame in the near hind leg and trainer Mr G Cameron was advised that a veterinary certificate of fitness is required prior to Kityikana racing again.

Following the running of the race, the starting stalls were examined and successfully tested, allowing all starts to be effected electrically.


Stewards accepted the explanation of trainer Mr J Cooper for the late declaration of B Higgins as rider of Our Small Fortune.

Trappy’s Boy was slow into stride.

Near the 1000m, Our Small Fortune, which was racing keenly, was steadied from the heels of Artie’s Son.

In His Own Time raced wide without cover from the 500m.

J Fry (In His Own Time) explained that he was instructed to take up a forward position however the gelding began a little awkwardly and then did not respond to his riding in the early stages.

Race 4SEN 1116 F&M MAIDEN PLATE - 1600 metres: 

Gracious Goddess began awkwardly and was then hampered when Butterfly Blue shifted in abruptly.

Cherry Dancer was slow into stride.

In the early stages Carmen Over Baby over-raced badly and passing the 1200m caused some inconvenience to Nullabar Belle.

For most of the even, Pixilicious raced wide without cover.

Passing the 500m Cherry Dancer and Carmen Over Baby were inconvenienced when Just Bonnie momentarily shifted out.

Blushing Royale, which was eased out of the race near the 400m, was found to have suffered a bleeding attack and will now incur the mandatory three month suspension from racing.

From passing the 400m until approaching the 100m, Nullabar Belle was held up for a run.

For a short distance passing the 100m, B Rawiller (Carmen Over Baby) lost the use of his near side rein.

J Hill (Butterfly Blue) stated that he was told to be positive on the filly however it did not begin well, shifted in obliging him to take up a midfield position.  He added that when the pace eased passing the 1200m Butterfly Blue did not settle as well as wished and that although he was held up slightly near the 500m, the filly only ran on fairly in the straight.

D Holland, rider of Just Bonnie, explained that it was not his intention to lead but after beginning well, he allowed the filly to stride and settle outside the leader.

Race 5TAB.COM.AU F&M 0-62 HANDICAP - 1600 metres: 

Prior to the start of the race trainer, Mr G Eurell advised that Affetto would be ridden midfield with cover tonight as compared to its last start where it was ridden forward and failed to finish the race off.  Affetto took up a rearward position and Mr Eurell was reminded of his obligations to advise Stewards of any change of tactics 30 minutes prior to the advertised starting time of the race.

Near the 1000m, Affetto and Luangwa Miss bumped.

Near the 500m, Ruby’s Wu and Beastofburdon came together with both horses becoming unbalanced.

For a short distance passing the 400m, Affetto was held up for clear running.

When under pressure in the home straight, Quarterbar was inclined to lay in.

J Benbow, rider of Speedy Emma, reported that shortly after the start, the saddle shifted forward on the mare placing him at a disadvantage for the race.

When questioned M Gatt (Luangwa Miss) stated that at its most recent start the mare had over-raced badly in the lead and as such tonight, the stable had removed the blinkers and added winkers in an attempt to allow Luangwa Miss to settle.  He said that it was his intention to take up a forward position, however; not to ride the mare in a way that it would again over-race and after beginning well, when inside runners improved, he elected to steady the mare and come back in behind those horses to avoid being caught wide.  He added that the mare in his opinion was suited when ridden this way and finished the race off well.

Race 6TAB.COM.AU SHOWCASE 0-68 HANDICAP - 2025 metres: 

On leaving the gates, Pretty Adamant and Purrplexed bumped.

Severn Road and Mauritius jumped awkwardly.

In the middle stages, Umatic raced wide without cover.

Approaching the 400m, Duel Lover (NZ) was steadied from the heels of Purrplexed.

B Rawiller (Severn Road) was severely reprimanded for using his whip six times forehand prior to the 100m, which is one time more than permitted.

Quarterbar bled from both nostrils during the event and will now incur the mandatory three month suspension from racing.

M Walker, rider of Duel Lover (NZ), stated that it was his intention to take up a forward position, however; he was obliged to race wide for some distance passing the winning post on the first occasion as Pretty Adamant had improved to his inside   He added that he was able to steady Duel Lover (NZ) passing the 1400m to take up a position behind Pretty Adamant.  A post race veterinary examination of Duel Lover (NZ), which compounded from passing the 200m, did not reveal any obvious abnormalities.

Race 7TAB.COM.AU CLASS 1 HANDICAP - 1200 metres: 

Crowns (NZ) and Driffields Occi were slow to begin.

For some distance passing the 1000m, Caitlin’s Spirit (NZ) over-raced.

Near the 700m Edgycat, which was racing a little ungenerously, was steadied when racing close to the heels of Lucy Lil.

In the middle stages, Grey Giggle over-raced and on two occasions got its head up.

For a short distance approaching the home turn, Crowns (NZ) was held up for a clear run.

Sergius layed out rounding the home turn.


Hot Power began awkwardly.

Near the 1100m, Stardom was checked when racing tight between Harlequin Manner, which was turned out slightly after making contact with that horse and  Tycoon Rob (NZ), which was over-racing, and tight on the inside of Street Eclipse.  In all the circumstances, as the evidence before the Stewards was inconclusive, no action was taken, however; a general reminder was given to all riders to exercise more care.

On several occasions passing the 500m, Western Hero and Luckycent bumped.

Approaching the 400m, Street Eclipse was steadied and shifted to the outside of Western Hero and in doing so carried Stardom (NZ) wider.

Rounding the home turn and in the early part of the straight, Harry’s Magic was held up for clear running and then over the final 150m hung in proving difficult to ride.

Over the final 150m, Hot Power was held up when unable to obtain clear running and went to the line without being fully tested.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

R1 – Andre Roo Hoo, R4 – Butterfly Blue, Nullabar Belle, R5 – Bia Diamond, R6 – Duel Lover (NZ), King’s A Star, R8 – Luckycent, Hot Power

Post race samples from following horses:

All winners

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings:

R2 – Wild Erp (3.21pm, veterinary advice)


R1 – R Laing, $200, AR140a

Severe Reprimands:

R6 – B Rawiller

Horse Actions:

R2 – Kityikana, lame near hind, veterinary  certificate

R4 – Blushing Royale, bled both nostrils, 3 month suspension

R6 – Quarterbar, bled both nostrils, 3 month suspension

Track Information

Cranbourne RACE COURSE

  • State VIC
  • Metro No
  • WeatherOvercast
  • Rainfall3mm Past 24hrs, 5mm Past 7 Days
  • Irrigation8mm Past 24hrs, 16mm Past 7 Days
  • Penetrometer4.81
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingGood 3
  • TypeTurf

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