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Cranbourne Stewards Report

Stewards' Reports

Cranbourne Turf Club


Friday 18 January, 2013


Dead 4 - Good 3 at 3.30pm






Out 4 metres entire circuit

Stewards Panel:

B Wright (Chairman), W Hadley, S Shinsky, C Agnew

Riding Changes/Jockey Information




Replaced By



Little Boo Who

L Coffey

N Callow



Mrs Bean

B Higgins

M Allen




L Coffey

L Currie



Come By Sunday

B Higgins

V Duric


Did not attend meeting:

L Coffey, B Higgins

Medical certificate received:

V Duric (16/01/13 Sandown)

Race 1 –  TAB.COM.AU. MAIDEN PLATE - 2025 metres: 

Co-trainer C Alderson advised Stewards that it was the stable’s intention to have Danarule ridden further back, as the gelding has previously raced well when racing in a similar manner. Danarule was ridden accordingly.

Trainer P Carey notified Stewards that it was the stable’s intention to have Our Recital, which is racing in blinkers, ridden more forward. Our Recital was ridden accordingly.

Trainer P Moody was fined $50 for presenting Luminova (NZ) in the mounting yard without winkers, which are part of the mare’s approved gear.

Luminova (NZ) and Padrao began awkwardly.

She’s Streetsahead knuckled on leaving the gates.

For a short distance rounding the home turn, Danarule raced in restricted room between Luminova (NZ) and Our Recital.

Just prior to the winning post, N Callow (Padrao), dropped his whip.

N Callow (Padrao) winner,  explained that he was instructed to ride the gelding in a forward position, however; after beginning awkwardly and when he realised that he would have to expend too much energy to do so,  he elected to steady and come back to the rear of the field.

J Noonan, rider of She’s Streetsahead, which performed poorly, was of the belief that there may have been something amiss with the filly. A post race veterinary examination did not reveal any obvious abnormality.

It was noted after the race, that Danarule had lost the off fore plate.


Star Of Choisir was slow to begin.

Near the 800 metres, Stockton had to be steadied when momentarily tightened by Touched By Magic, which shifted in.

In the early and middle stages, Eightyeighthdragon and Sweet Sophia raced wide without cover.

Passing the 600 metres, Te Aroha (NZ) became unbalanced and had to be eased, when racing awkwardly between Stockton and Eightyeighthdragon, which was momentarily tightened by Sweet Sophia (A Mallyon).  A Mallyon was advised to exercise more care.

From the 400 metres until near the 100 metres, Star Of Choisir was held up for a run.

V Duric (Miromiro), which performed below market expectations, explained that the filly had to work hard to obtain a forward position from the wide barrier and this may have contributed to the poor performance, however; he was of the view that Miromiro was disappointing in its efforts to finish off the race tonight. A subsequent veterinary examination did not reveal any obvious abnormality.

N Callow, rider of Te Aroha (NZ), which was eased up over concluding stages, explained, that in his opinion, the gelding felt amiss in its action. A subsequent veterinary examination did not reveal any obvious abnormality.

When questioned as to whether he rode his mount to the winning post, K Bradley (Star Of Choisir), placed fourth in the race, explained that after being held up badly until near the 100 metres, he then rode his mount hard, however; he stopped riding as Rainbow Dane shifted in and across his running when almost clear, just before the winning post.  After consideration, K Bradley was advised that although his explanation was accepted, he was reminded of obligations to ride his mounts to the winning post wherever possible.

Race 3 – TAB.COM.AU SV 3YO MAIDEN PLATE - 1400 metres: 

Love My Zero began awkwardly and lost ground.

Da Fly lost its footing behind and left the gates awkwardly. D Dunn, reported that the gelding did not feel right in its action from this point onwards.  A post race veterinary examination did not reveal any obvious abnormality.

Lady Rapunzel was slow into stride.

In the middle stage, Hekabe (NZ) lay in and consequently, passing the 600 metres, Lady Rapunzel was awkward on the inside of that filly for a short distance.

In the middle stages Love My Zero raced wide without cover.

For a short distance approaching the 400 metres, Luck’s A Fortune was held up for clear running.

Approaching and the rounding the home turn, Luck’s A Fortune, which had been held up, was carried out onto Love My Zero by Dayarma, which was taken out by Grane (B Rawiller), which shifted out to improve. B Rawiller was reprimanded and notified to exercise more care.

D Adam, rider of Simpatico, which led today, contrary to its most recent start at Stony Creek, where it settled in a rearward position, stated that the gelding did not handle the Stony Creek track and got further back than anticipated.

L Nolen(Military Officer) could offer no explanation for the disappointing performance. A post race veterinary examination of Military Officer revealed a slower than normal recovery and a post race sample was taken for analysis.

Race 4 – SEN 1116 F & M MAIDEN PLATE - 1000 metres:

Mrs Bean jumped awkwardly and lost ground.

Azzcool jumped awkwardly.

Princeton Miss was slow to begin.

Throughout the event, Maccas Princess raced wide without cover.

Near the 300 metres, Delta Whiskey was steadied to avoid the heels of Mrs Bean(M Allen), which shifted out to improve. M Allen was told to exercise more care.

From the 400 metres until straightening, Stiletto Rock was held up for a run.

Rounding the home turn, Livorno Express was held up for clear running.

When under pressure in the home straight, Azzcool lay in, proving difficult to ride out, and near the 50 metres had to be momentarily steadied off the heels of Livorno Express.

L Nolen, rider of Princeton Miss, which performed poorly, explained that after being slow to begin, the filly was under pressure throughout the event.

Race 5 –  JOHN DUFF & CO 0-62 HANDICAP - 1600 metres:

El Blazing Time bounded as the gates opened and became unbalanced.

Mr Bandit Country (NZ) jumped awkwardly with its head up.

When the start was effected, the gates on Keltic Delight were marginally slow to open, resulting in the mare leaving the gates awkwardly. The matter was bought to the attention of the Starter and the gates were tested prior to the next event.

Near the 650 metres, Nereus was steadied when tightened between Belahi and Mr Bandit Country (NZ), which was shifting in and away from Expletive Deleted.

Grey Giggle raced wide without cover from the 600 metres.

Approaching the 400 metres, Expletive Deleted momentarily shifted in and bumped the hindquarters of Alorem.

From the 450 metres until just on straightening, Belahi was held up for a run.

On the point of the home turn, Keltic Delight (N Callow) shifted out from behind Unfaithfully and in doing so,  carried Alorem out onto Belahi, which was attempting to shift to the outside of that horse,  resulting in Belahi being tightened onto Expletive Deleted, which was commencing to lose ground.

From the 300 metres until near the 200 metres, Allicanbe was held up for a run and then in the run to the winning post, lay in and proved difficult to ride.

A post race veterinary examination of Expletive Deleted, which was eased down in the straight, revealed the gelding to be lame in the off foreleg. Stable representative for trainer L Tolson,  was notified that prior to Expletive Deleted being permitted to race again, a veterinary certificate of fitness is required.


B Rawiller (Greystone), 4 placegetter, lodged an objection against, Resemblance (D Smith) being declared 4 placegetter, on the grounds of alleged interference from the 450 metres to the winning post. On the evidence, Stewards were of the view that passing the 450 metres, Greystone raced a little tight to the inside of Chewing Steel, which was laying in as Resemblance was improving around that horse.  Further, that near the 100 metres, and again near the 50 metres, Greystone raced in restricted room on the inside of Resemblance, which momentarily lay in on each occasion, before being straightened by D Smith. As the Stewards were of the view that, although Resemblance shifted in on two occasions and placed Greystone in restricted room, Greystone would not have finished ahead of Resemblance and therefore dismissed the objection.

Come By Sunday began awkwardly and was then tightened between Buster McGee and Fierce Command, both of which shifted ground.

Throughout the event, Wairoa (NZ) hung out badly and raced wide. Trainer N Harnett was advised that prior to the gelding being permitted to race again it must officially trial to the satisfaction of Stewards. A post race veterinary examination did not reveal any obvious abnormality.

Near the 800 metres, Come By Sunday got its head up and was eased from the heels of Buster McGee, which steadied in front.

From passing the 500 metres, Chewing Steel hung in when giving ground.

Race 7 – TAB.COM.AU 0-62 HANDICAP 2025 metres: 

On arrival at the barriers, Stradabird was re saddled.

Stradabird began awkwardly.

On leaving the gates, Revel In Glory and Mucho Caliente bumped.

On leaving the gates, Medal Day lost its footing behind.

When the pace slackened passing the 1700 metres,  Rockstardom shifted out and was allowed to stride and take up the lead.

For some distance approaching and passing the 800 metres, Da Pump (NZ) over raced.

R Plumb, rider of Dell, which finished last, could offer no explanation for the gelding’s performance other than it had been six weeks between runs.  A post race veterinary examination did not reveal any obvious abnormality.


Cavallo Nero was slow into stride.

Valrouz began awkwardly, shifted out and bumped Alert The Jeweller, resulting in Valrouz becoming unbalanced.

In the middle stages, Who Stole My Sock (NZ) and Right Idea pulled hard.

From passing the 400 metres until on straightening, Street Stall was held up for a run.

Just on straightening, Right Idea checked when racing tight between Who Stole My Sock (NZ) and Teen Spirit(A McCabe), which shifted out slightly. A McCabe was advised to exercise more care when shifting ground.

D Dunn, rider of Valrouz, which performed poorly, explained that the mare travelled well until placed under pressure rounding the home turn, where it was very disappointing in the way that it finished off the race.  D Dunn was of the view that the mare would benefit from a freshen up.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 1 – Danarule, Bon Fuoco, Our Recital, Padrao

Race 3 – Grane

Race 6 – Buster McGee

Race 7 – Revel In Glory, Rockstardom, You’rejokingme

Post-race samples from the following horses:

R1 – Padrao, winner – R2 – Tan Tat Rock, winner - R3 – Grane, winner, Military Officer, unplaced – R4 – Livorno Express, winner – R5 – Keltic Delight, winner – R6 – Mulaazem, winner – R7 – Rockstardom, winner – R8 – Alert The Jeweller, winner

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings

Race 7 – Heavenly Dawn at 4.20pm – vets

Race 8 – Jolie Blonde at 4.50pm - vets


Race 1 – P Moody $50 – incorrect gear


Race 3 – B Rawiller, exercise more care when shifting out

Horse Actions:

Race 5 - Expletive Deleted, lame in the off foreleg - veterinary certificate of fitness is required prior to racing again.

Race 6 - Wairoa (NZ) hung out badly and raced wide. Prior to the gelding being permitted to race again must officially trial to satisfaction of Stewards.

Follow ups:

Race 1 – She’s Streetsahead

Track Information

Cranbourne RACE COURSE

  • State VIC
  • Metro No
  • WeatherFine
  • RainfallNil
  • Irrigation8mm past 24hrs, 34mm past Week
  • Penetrometer4.73
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingGood 3
  • TypeTurf

Gear Changes