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Flemington - Sat 22 Dec 2012

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  • Weather Fine
  • Track Dead 4
  • Rail Out 13m Entire Circuit

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Flemington Stewards Report

Stewards' Reports

Victoria Racing Club @ Flemington


Saturday December 22 2012


Good 3 (upgraded at 11.30am prior to commencement of the meeting)






+13m entire circuit

Stewards Panel:

Mr R  Cram (Chair), Mr R Montgomery, Mr W Hadley, Mr S Bettess & Mr D Conway

Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By



Cry In Awe

R Maloney

D Yendall

Became indisposed

Must produce Medical Certificate prior to riding again:

R Maloney

Race 1CHRISTMAS SEASON PLATE - 1000 metres: 

At the start Kievann jumped in onto Midnight Rule which hampered that colt.

Approaching the 400m Stamina became unbalanced when racing greenly.

Race 2BITALLI HANDICAP - 2550 metres: 

Altonio (NZ) jumped awkwardly.

Near the 2000m Almodovar (NZ) was steadied off the heels of Waratone.  Pergola and Apres, which were following, also had to be steadied. 

When the pace slackened near the 1800m Pergola (NZ) got its head up when over-racing.

In the early part of the straight Module (NZ) was held up for clear running.

T Sadler (Waratone) was reprimanded for using his whip for two consecutive strides prior to the 100m in a forehand manner.

J Duffy, rider of Almodovar (NZ) which performed below market expectations, was of the opinion the pace of today’s race did not suit the gelding.  A subsequent veterinary examination of Almodovar (NZ) revealed no abnormalities.

T Sadler reported that Waratone may have got its tongue over the bit and in his opinion was not suited by the firm track. 

Race 3SKIPTON HANDICAP - 1630 metres: 

At the start Oriental Ruby jumped out and took Gogonski out onto Rock Musician resulting in all three horses becoming unbalanced.

Elms and Regular Aussie were slow to begin (one length).

Near the 1400m Oriental Ruby was eased to avoid the heels of Gogonski which was shifting in.

Near the 1200m Elms over-raced when being steadied.

In the straight Danzare hung in under pressure.  A post race veterinary examination of Danzare revealed no abnormalities.

Race 4RED TEMPO HANDICAP - 1000 metres: 

Unique Qualtiy over-raced in the early and middle stages and A Forbes, its rider, reported that in his view the gelding got its tongue over the bit.

Shortly after the winning post Beltrois broke down in the off fore leg and was subsequently humanely euthanased.

Race 5SPOTLESS HANDICAP - 1420 metres: 

Valrouz jumped awkwardly and knuckled.

Quicksilver Lass raced three wide without cover.

Near the 800m Crystalised (NZ) raced ungenerously when being steadied off the heels of Baremin.

Shortly after straightening Perfectly Stunning (NZ) was taken out off its course by Grave which shifted out to obtain clear running.

From passing the 400m until passing the 200m Baremin was held up and then over the concluding stages raced tightly on the inside of Grave brushed that mare’s hindquarters.

Valrouz had difficulty in obtaining clear running from the 400m until approaching the 200m.

 Albadeen lost its near hind plate during the event.

Stewards questioned J Duffy, rider of Mawaakib (NZ) regarding his tactics today.  J Duffy advised that he was instructed to ride the filly mid to worse than midfield and where the filly was comfortable. He added that after looking to settle in a midfield position in the early stages, he then elected to restrain as he was not in a position to hold his position inside outside horses which had shown more pace.  He advised that he then ended in a position on the fence at the rear of the field where he had preferred not to be.  J Duffy stated that when the tempo slackened mid race, this did not suit his filly and after gaining clear running on the inside in the straight, the filly made some ground until approaching the 100m when he had to take hold to avoid the heels of Albadeen which was weakening before shifting ground inwards and then being held up behind Moudita (NZ) to the finish line and was unable to ride his mount out.   A post race veterinary examination of Mawaakib (NZ) revealed the filly had sustained a graze to its off side stifle and a cut to the front of its near hind coronet.

Stewards questioned A Forbes, rider of Moudita (NZ), regarding him leading the field today as compared to the mare’s previous runs where it raced in a mid to rear position.  He advised the Stewards he  was instructed  to be positive out of the barriers and to take up a position where comfortable but after having begun well and then being caught in a three wide position he elected to press forward and lead the field.  Trainer Mr L Hope confirmed the instructions.

Race 6SPOTLESS PLATE - 1420 metres: 

Lone Command raced three wide without cover.

Under The Eiffel was held up for clear running from straightening until approaching the 200m.

Lucky Eighty Eight was held up for clear running from the 200m until the 50m.

Race 7COMIC COURT HANDICAP - 2000 metres: 

In the middle stages King’s A Star raced three wide without cover before going forward passing the 1000m and sitting outside the leader.

Between The Beats (NZ) raced three wide throughout.

Near the 1300m First Course had to be steadied off the heels of King’s A Star (B Knobel) which shifted in.  B Knobel was reprimanded and notified to exercise more care in future.

J Noonan, rider of Under The Hat, advised that the gelding failed to run the 2000m out strongly.

D Thornton, rider of Tuscan Flyer which led, advised that whilst it was not his intention to do so the gelding began so well and easily took up a forward position.

N Hall, rider of Between The Beats (NZ), reported that the gelding felt lame.  A subsequent veterinary examination of Between The Beats (NZ) revealed no abnormalities.

D Smith, rider of Meritorious which was disappointing, advised that the gelding felt flat throughout.  A subsequent veterinary examination of Meritorious revealed no abnormalities.

Race 8FIESTA STAR HANDICAP - 1200 metres: 

Passing the 800m Baron Douro (NZ), when laying in, was checked off the heels of Captain Fancypantz which shifted out.

A Forbes reported that Baron Douro (NZ) returned to scale short in its action.  A subsequent veterinary examination of Baron Douro (NZ) revealed  no abnormalities.

T Sadler reported that Henwood (NZ) had come to the end of its preparation.  A veterinary examination of Henwood (NZ) after the race revealed no abnormalities.

N Hall, rider of Diamond Diggler, advised that in his view the gelding did not try and would be better suited with the addition of blinkers.  A post race veterinary examination of Diamond Diggler revealed no abnormalities.

B Knobel, rider of Captain Fancypantz, advised that in his opinion there was something amiss with the gelding. A subsequent veterinary examination of Captain Fancypantz revealed the gelding to be suffering from heat stress.

After the running of the race the RV veterinary surgeon reported that Al Aneed was lame in the off foreleg and trainer Mr M Price was advised that a veterinary certificate of fitness is required prior to racing again.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

R3 – Speckie, R4 – Go The Knuckle, R6 – Lord Of Brazil

Post race samples from following horses:

R1 – Safeguard (winner), R2 – You Think So (NZ) (winner), R3 – Fast And Free (winner), R4 – Go The Knuckle (second placegetter), R5 – Benenden (winner), R6 – Future Solution (winner), R7 – Keep Cool (NZ) (winner), R8 – Gig (winner)     

Raceday Summary


A Forbes, $1000, overweight (see supplementary report below)

P Payne, $200, gear (see supplementary report below)


R2 – T Sadler

R7 – B Knobel

Horse Actions:

R8 – Al Aneed, lame off fore, veterinary certificate

Follow Ups:

R7 – Between The Beats (NZ)

Supplementary reports

Moonee Valley, Thursday December 20 2012


Stewards today concluded  their inquiry into apprentice A Forbes weighing in more than 1 kilogram over his declared weight of 55kgs on Star Of Jeune after taking into account his 3kg claim.  Further evidence was taken today from A Forbes and his employer, trainer Mr L Corstens.  A Forbes pleaded guilty to a charge under AR145 and was fined $1000.  In arriving at penalty, Stewards took into account that this was A Forbes’s first offence under this rule, he is a 16 year old apprentice jockey and previous penalties for this offence.  During the inquiry it was established that Mr P Payne, trainer of Star Of Jeune, had changed the girth and added a lightweight girth cover,.  Mr Payne was fined $200 under AR118A.

Mornington Racing Club, Wednesday December 19 2012


Trainer Mr R Harrison reported to Stewards that following the disappointing performance of Dayton it was established that the gelding had traces of mucus in his trachea after undergoing a scope post race.  The stable will treat the gelding accordingly and re-evaluate the horse’s campaign in the coming weeks.


Ms L Haworth, the trainer of Benzaiten, reported that the mare had pulled up well since her disappointing performance and it was her intention to continue on with her preparation.


Mr K Newby, the trainer of Hot Fever, reported that the filly had pulled up well since her disappointing performance and that the stable veterinarian could find no significant abnormalities the following day. He added that Hot Fever will undergo further tests next week and will report any significant findings to the Stewards.

Track Information

Flemington RACE COURSE

  • State VIC
  • Metro Yes
  • WeatherFine
  • RainfallNil past 24hrs, 5.2mm past 7 days
  • Irrigation6mm past 7 Days
  • Penetrometer4.81
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingDead 4
  • TypeTurf

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