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Flemington - Sat 19 Jan 2013

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  • Weather Fine
  • Track Dead 4
  • Rail Out 9m Entire Circuit

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Flemington Stewards Report

Stewards' Reports

Victoria Racing Club @ Flemington


Saturday January 19 2013


Dead 4 (Races 1-2); Good 3 @ 1.37pm (Races 3-8)






+9m entire circuit

Stewards Panel:

Mr T Bailey (Chair), Mr P Ryan, Mr C Waller, Ms J McSwain & Mr S Bettess

Riding Changes / Jockey Information

Medical Certificate produced today:

V Duric

Race 1NURSERY PLATE - 1100 metres: 

Bring Back,Kona Breeze, Badabing Badaboom and Fairlie (NZ) all jumped away awkwardly.

Shortly after the start Bring Back shifted out and made contact with Fairlie (NZ).

From the 400m Magic Mike layed in under pressure and near the 200m N Hall, rider of the colt, was obliged to stop riding and straighten his mount for a short distance.

Bring Back raced greenly throughout and near the 300m shifted in and made contact with Devil Woman.

Over the concluding stages Fairlie (NZ) layed in under pressure and raced greenly.

Also over the concluding stages Bring Back hung in under pressure and proved difficult for B Rawiller to ride out in his normal manner.

Race 2DOVER HANDICAP - 1610 metres: 

On jumping away Angela’s Dream was tightened for room between Family Crest (NZ) and Street Diamond which shifted in.

Shortly after this Unchain My Heart had to be checked when tightened for room between Street Diamond, which then shifted out slightly, and This Cat’s Magic which shifted in.  This Cat’s Magic continued to shift in and made contact with Street Diamond.

Approaching the 1500m Sensational Report had to be checked when tightened for room between This Cat’s Magic which had been taken out by Street Diamond and Goldslick.

Also at this point Enchanting Waters raced tightly to the inside of Stardom (NZ).

In the early and middle stages Enchanting Waters, This Cat’s Magic and Street Diamond all over-raced.

Dayita was obliged to race wide without cover.

B Rawiller (Goldslick) was issued with a severe reprimand for shifting out to obtain clear running approaching the 100m resulting in Angela’s Dream being taken out onto the heels of Dayita resulting in Angela’s Dream having to be eased. 

Apprentice J Duffy (Dayita) was questioned regarding the tactics he adopted on that mare, in particular in the early stages.  J Duffy explained that his instructions were to try and gain a position with cover just off the speed if the mare jumped well, which it did.  He added he was unable to gain a position one off the fence in front of Angela’s Dream and as a result was caught in a three wide position and his instructions were not to panic if put in this position.  J Duffy conceded that it was an option to continue to go forward and gain a position outside the leader, Kasane, but was concerned had he done that that the pace would then have quickened and therefore have his mount under pressure too far from the finish.  J Duffy’s explanation was noted if required for further reference.

D Gauci (Angela’s Dream) explained that his mount was travelling well in the early part of the straight but failed to respond to his riding and was of the view that the mare may be in need of a short let up and trainer Mr P Carey confirmed that Angela’s Dream would now be spelled.

D Lane, rider of Kasane, stated that in his opinion the mare was not suited by leading today.

The track was upgraded from Dead 4 to Good 3 at 1.37pm after the running of this race.

Race 3KENSINGTON STAKES (Listed) - 1000 metres: 

L Currie could offer no explanation for the disappointing performance of Rocking Force today.

Race 4SEASCAY HANDICAP - 1410 metres: 

Prior to the running of Race 3 connections advised that Lissom would be ridden back today from the wide barrier.  Lissom was ridden accordingly.

Red Inca, which was fractious in its barrier stall, underwent a veterinary examination behind the barriers and was passed suitable to race.

On jumping away Lissom had to be severely checked when tightened between Grade (NZ), which shifted out, and Champagne Tales which shifted in abruptly.  During this incident Champagne Tales and Grade (NZ) both became unbalanced.

Shortly after this Grade (NZ) shifted in and made contact with Righteous Ruler.

Also at the start Subiaso shifted out and made heavy contact with Babur.

Grade (NZ) raced wide without cover throughout.

J Duffy (Lissom) was reminded of his obligations under the rules when using his whip on a horse that is out of contention.

M Rodd, rider of Crookhaven, reported that in his opinion something was amiss with Crookhaven.  A post race veterinary examination of Crookhaven revealed no abnormalities.

A post race veterinary examination of The Unexpected revealed no abnormalities other than a slower than normal recovery.

After the running of the race the RV veterinary surgeon reported that Eye The World had been galloped on on the off hind leg.

A post race veterinary examination of Emperor Max revealed the gelding to have a pulmonary abnormality and trainer Mr P Moody was advised that a veterinary clearance is required prior to Emperor Max racing again.

Race 5LEONARD HANDICAP - 1410 metres: 

Val Mondo (GER) was unruly and reluctant to proceed to the barriers and made contact with the running rail on several occasions.  Val Mondo (GER) was subsequently a late withdrawal by order of Stewards at 3.29pm.  Trainer Mr A Purcell was advised that Val Mondo (GER) would be required to compete in a trial to the satisfaction of Stewards and part of that test must be that the gelding is required to perform a pre-race preliminary before being permitted to race again.

All monies invested on Val Mondo (GER) to be refunded.  Deductions applicable to bets placed on winner and placegetters prior to 3.29pm: 0 cent in the dollar for the Win (Langridge Street), 2 cents in the dollar for place of winner, 1 cent in the dollar for second place (Goldstone) and 1 cent in the dollar for third place (Infinite Energy).

Karoo jumped away awkwardly.

Shortly after the start Verdasco was hampered by Karoo which shifted out.

Also at the start Murdoch’s Joy, which jumped away awkwardly, was then hampered by Adamon which shifted out.

Near the 1200m Adamon was tightened for room by Blue Ribbon, which when laying in shifted in.

Karoo and Langridge Street both raced wide without cover.

Murdoch’s Joy failed to obtain clear running for a major part of the home straight and went to the post not fully tested.

Verdasco was held up in the early part of the straight and then failed to obtain clear running inside the final 200m and had to be eased over the concluding stages to avoid the heels of Rebel Truce.

When questioned regarding the improved performance of Langridge Street today, trainer Mr M Hibbs explained that at its first up run on January 13 Langridge Street raced to the inside of other runners and had a tendency to lay in throughout the race and he believes this was detrimental to the gelding’s chances.  Mr Hibbs further explained that his instructions to V Duric today were to attempt to race to the outside of other runners so Langridge Street would have a clear run throughout the race and he believes the gelding is suited to this pattern of racing and distance.

In the straight Blue Ribbon hung in under pressure.  A post race veterinary examination of Blue Ribbon revealed no abnormalities.

Race 6CRAFTSMAN HANDICAP - 1720 metres: 

Co-trainers Mr M Ellerton and Mr S Zahra were fined $100 for their late notification of J Duffy as rider of Lucky Eighty Eight in this event.

At the start Chasm shifted out and made contact with Another Prelate.

Red Colossus jumped away very awkwardly.

Near the 1500m Chasse had to be steadied off the heels of Lucky Eighty Eight which shifted out.  After being eased Chasse then shifted in slightly and tightened the running of Another Prelate which was hampered as a result.

In the early stages Lord Of Brazil (NZ) and Bolton (NZ) both over-raced.

Chasm raced wide without cover.

In the middle stages The New Boy over-raced.

Near the 200m Bolton (NZ) had to be eased momentarily to avoid the heels of Chasm which shifted out.

C Newitt (The New Boy) was fined $500 for forehand whip use, which Stewards deemed to be excessive.

B Rawiller (Lord Of Brazil (NZ)) was fined $300 for using his whip six times forehand prior to the 100m, which is one time more than permitted.

L Currie rider of Bolton which performed below market expectations, explained that the gelding had a tend to over-race early and settled further back than intended however in his opinion was slightly disappointing.  L Currie added Bolton (NZ) pulled up in a normal manner.

A Stead, rider of Red Colossus which gave ground quickly in the straight and performed poorly, explained that the gelding felt short in its action over the concluding stages.  A post race veterinary examination of Red Colossus revealed no abnormalities.

V Duric, rider of Montgomery (NZ), explained that he eased the gelding down over the concluding stages as he felt there was something amiss with its action.  A post race veterinary examination of Montgomery (NZ) revealed no abnormalities.

G Boss, rider of Brehat (GB) which performed below market expectations, explained that in his opinion Brehat (GB) had jarred up on today’s track conditions.  A post race veterinary examination of Brehat (NZ) revealed no abnormalities.

Race 7PIPING LANE HANDICAP - 2000 metres: 

Sadalbari was a late withdrawal on veterinary advice at 10.12am and trainer Mr M Kent will submit a veterinary certificate in respect of it.

On jumping away Kutchinsky shifted in and made heavy contact with Lord Of Brazil (NZ) which in turn was taken in onto Another Prelate which was hampered.

Hurdy Gurdy Man dipped after passing the 1000m.  G Boss explained that after knuckling at this point Hurdy Gurdy Man did not travel well for the remainder of the race.

R Bradley (King’s A Star) was fined $200 for using her whip on a horse that was out of contention and showing no response.

B Rawiller, rider of Elusive King, explained that it was not his intention to lead today however the gelding jumped extremely well and there was very little pace in the early stages and as a result he elected to allow the gelding to stride forward to obtain the lead near the 1700m.

Race 8DOMAIN HANDICAP - 1410 metres: 

As the start was effected Crimson Lady (NZ) reared and stumbled resulting in A Forbes being dislodged.  A Forbes was examined by the Club’s doctor and cleared of any injuries.

Also at the start Nella Fantasia was tightened for room between Minnie Downs, which shifted in slightly, and Perfect Offering which shifted out.

Meliora and Spirit Of Soul came together on jumping.

In the early stages Estada over-raced and got tis head up on several occasions when being steadied.

Angelic Lass and Folk Rock raced wide without cover throughout.

Approaching the 300m Thorn Star (NZ) was held up for a clear run.  Thorn Star (NZ) then obtained a neat run approaching the 100m between Angelic Lass and Folk Rock.

For the entire length of the straight Melting Moment was held up for clear running and finished the race not fully tested.

D Thornton, rider of Nella Fantasia which performed below market expectations, explained that in his opinion the mare did not appreciate being tightened on jumping away and this may have been detrimental to her performance today.

S Arnold (Angelic Lass) was fined $200 for using his whip six times forehand prior to the 100m which is one time more than permitted.

After the running of the race the RV veterinary surgeon reported that Angelic Lass had been galloped on it near foreleg and Folk Rock had been galloped on it near hind leg.


At an inquiry held at the Racing Victoria offices on January 17 Mr Anthony Boyd, licensed track rider, pleaded guilty to a charge under AR87C for failing to wear a properly fastened safety vest when mounted on a horse at Flemington on January 17.   Mr Boyd was subsequently fined the sum of $300.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

R1 – Kona Breeze, R2 – Dayita, R4 – Eye The World, R5 – Goldstone, R6 – Red Colossus, Brehat (GB), The New Boy, R7 – Westsouthwest (NZ)

Post race samples from following horses:

All winners

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings:

R5 – Val Mondo (GER) (3.29pm)

R7 – Sadalbari (10.12am)


R5 – N McPherson, $30, colours

R6 – M Ellerton/S Zahra, $100, late rider

R6 – C Newitt, $500, whip use

R6 – B Rawiller, $300, whip use

R7 – R Bradley, $200, whip use

R8 – S Arnold, $200, whip use

A Boyd, $300, vest (see general above)

Severe Reprimands:

R2 – B Rawiller

B Melham (see supplementary report below)

Horse Actions:

R4 – Emperor Max, pulmonary abnormality, veterinary certificate

R5 – Val Mondo (GER), unruly/late scratching, trial

Follow Ups:

R4 – Crookhaven

R6 – Red Colossus

R6 – Montgomery (NZ)

Supplementary reports

Sportingbet Park Sandown Hillside, Wednesday January 16 2013

Race 5SPORTINGBET HANDICAP - 1600 metres: 

B Melham was issued with a severe reprimand for failing to fulfill his engagement on First Bloom due to being overweight.  In assessing penalty Stewards took into account B Melham’s excellent record under this rule.


Trainer Ms R Waymouth reported to Stewards that following the disappointing performance of From The Vault at Sandown, the gelding underwent a veterinary examination where bloods were taken, revealing a high white cell count.  From The Vault will be treated accordingly and the stable intend to press on with the preparation.

Sale Turf Club, Thursday January 17 2013

Race 3 - PANTAC SECURITY MAIDEN PLATE - 1413 metres:

Trainer Mr M Goreham explained that Cosmic Del Rio appeared distressed immediately following the race however appears to have recovered well.He added that the gelding over-raced and was reluctant to settle in running which may have attributed to the poor performance.  He further added he will continue with the gelding’s preparation as planned.


Trainer Mr R Griffiths confirmed today that following the disappointing performance of Dark Arrow yesterday, he has now been sent for a spell.

Track Information

Flemington RACE COURSE

  • State VIC
  • Metro Yes
  • WeatherFine
  • RainfallNil Overnight; Nil Last Week
  • Irrigation5mm Overnight; 61mm Last Week
  • Penetrometer4.86
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingDead 4
  • TypeTurf

Gear Changes