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Geelong Synthetic Stewards Report

Stewards' Reports

Geelong Racing Club - Synthetic


Sunday December 9 2012









Stewards Panel:

Mr J Hitchcock (Chair), Mr S Cochrane, Mr D Kavanagh & Mr K Salt


Regally Gold jumped away awkwardly and shifted out making contact with Jeunelism that also shifted in marginally.

Jeunelism was held up rounding the home turn for a short distance.

Regally Gold, that settled outside the leader, was under pressure from the 800m and failed to respond to the efforts of rider J Rule.  A post race veterinary examination of Regally Gold revealed the mare to be distressed and had a delayed recovery. Trainer Mr N Phillips was advised that a veterinary clearance is required for Regally Gold prior to the mare racing again.


Doubt It was a late withdrawal at 11.30am after it injured itself being loaded onto the float.

Approaching the first turn Mr Cooley was inclined to lay in before obtaining a position trailing the leader. Rounding the turn Mr Cooley hung out losing considerable ground and placing rider D Moor at a disadvantage.  Upon return to scale D Moor reported that Mr Cooley raced greenly and resented the kickback.  A post race veterinary examination of Mr Cooley revealed no abnormalities and trainer Mr P Banks was advised that a warning would be placed against the gelding for its racing manners.

J Noonan, rider of Tarakhees, reported that his mount was inclined to race keenly in the early stages and the gelding will benefit from today’s experience.


After the running of Race 2 connections advised that Alzero would be ridden mid-field with cover today after it led and weakened at its last start.  After meeting with interference at the start, Alzero settled mid-field on the rail and wsa ridden accordingly.

The start was briefly delayed to allow for the running of thoroughbred race at Mt Gambier.

Alzero was checked after the start between Simply Pure and Captain Fancypantz that shifted out.

In the home straight Platinum Panther had a tendency to shift out under pressure.

On return to scale D Yendall reported that Alzero made an abnormal respiratory noise on pulling up.  A subsequent veterinary examination of Alzero revealed the colt had sustained a minor laceration to its tongue.

Race 4P J & T MOTORS 0-58 HANDICAP - 2100 metres: 

Saks was fractious in the barriers.

Pickme jumped away awkwardly and shifted in inconveniencing Saks.

Leaving the front straight on the first occasion passing the crossing near the 1600m, Try Pickle raced erratically with its head up and shifted out inconveniencing Readings.

Rider D Moor was questioned regarding his tactics adopted on Saks in the early and middle stages, and in particular his reasons for permitting Saks, that had settled one off at the rear of the field, to stride forward three wide.  D Moor stated he was instructed to endeavour to settle in a forward position and after jumping away awkwardly he elected to shift away from the rail.  Approaching the first turn D Moor stated his mount was up on the bridle and racing fiercely so he elected to ease to the outside of the heels of Fullotrix and improved his position around the field.  D Moor added he was happy when he was able to obtain a position one out and one back however added his mount is one paced and was beaten at the 800m. A post race veterinary examination of Saks revealed no abnormalities and trainer Ms C Shelley will be advised that a warning will be placed against Saks for being uncompetitive.

Rider J Noonan was questioned regarding his tactics adopted upon Readings, and in particular his reasons for failing to maintain his position one out and one back from approximately the 1200m.  J Noonan stated he was instructed to settle Readings in the first four. As the field turned into the back straight J Noonan explained that his mount was off the bit and he struggled to maintain his position when the tempo quickened.  J Noonan added Readings was flat footed and lacked concentration. While J Noonan acknowledged he could have made an effort to maintain his position he didn’t want to be placing his mount under pressure at this point of the race. 

J Noonan was further questioned regarding his tactics near the 800m when Readings was placed under pressure when Saks, that it was trailing, commenced to weaken.  J Noonan acknowledged he should have improved his position sooner than he did.  Mr B Rouge-Serret, representing trainer Mr D Hayes, acknowledged J Noonan should have held his position at the 1200 metres however highlighted Readings was dropping back in race distance and suggested the mare may benefit from the addition of blinkers.   A post race veterinary examination of Readings revealed no abnormalities.  Stewards were of the opinion the tactics of J Noonan were ill judged.  J Noonan was advised he should have made a greater effort to maintain his position at the 1200 metres and that he should have been looking to improve his position around Saks prior to the 800m.  Stewards added they would expect J Noonan to exercise far greater judgement in the future so as to not leave any room for query.

When questioned regarding his tactics adopted on Try Pickle through the middle stages N Hall explained the pressure increased near the 1200m and again from the 800m.  N Hall explained he asked his mount to quicken shortly after the 800m.  His comments were noted.

Trainer Mr H Barry was severely reprimanded for his late declaration of J Hill as rider of Pickme in this event.

Race 5PROMOTE-IT TROHPY & CLOTHING 0-58 HANDICAP - 1200 metres: 

Spice Beauty was slow to begin.

In The Book was marginally slow to begin.

In The Book raced wide without cover.

Buster McGee was held up rounding the home turn and until passing the 200m.

Driffields Occi had difficulty obtaining clear running in the early stages of the run to the finish before being bought to the outside of the field.  Rider B Knobel reported Driffields Occi was inclined to lay in over the latter stages.

When questioned regarding the tactics adopted upon the winner, Ways Of A Tycoon, that led throughout, trainer Mr J Smerdon explained he had instructed T Sadler to be positive from the start however he did not necessarily anticipate leading.  Mr Smerdon stated that at the gelding’s most recent start at Pakenham, it was his intention to settle behind the leaders however ultimately Ways Of A Tycoon settled further back than intended.  Mr Smerdon added that Ways Of A Tycoon is suited to the synthetic surface.  His comments were noted.

B Melham, rider of Sunderaad, reported that his mount had a tendency to hang in and was overall disappointing.  A post race veterinary examination of Sunderaad revealed no abnormalities.

Race 6 – BRISEIS GOLD CUP - 2000 metres: 

Port Vell (NZ) was slow to begin (two lengths).

Port Vell (NZ) over-raced through the early stages.

Clang And Bang lost its near fore plate during the race.

When questioned regarding the performance of Clang And Bang rider T Sadler stated he was disappointed with the gelding that may be due for a spell.  T Sadler added, when riding the gelding previously Clang And Bang has been more relaxed whereas today the gelding was inclined to pull through the middle stages where he obtained the lead.

D Yendall reported when Single Warrior was placed under pressure from the 800m his mount felt uncomfortable and was subsequently eased down as he felt there was something amiss.  A post race veterinary examination of Single Warrior revealed no abnormalities.


Chewing Steel, which was having its first race start in almost a year, underwent a veterinary examination after arriving on course and was passed suitable to race.

Chewing Steel and Tale Of Two Cities brushed shortly after the start resulting in Chewing Steel shifting out marginally and hampering Horacio.  As a consequence Horacio has shifted out making heavy contact with Mr Speaker that was checked and became unbalanced.

Chantoozie raced wide without cover.

Mr Speaker over-raced through the middle stages.

At approximately the 600m Chewing Steel raced in restricted room between Jacopo and Chantoozie.  Rider B Rawiller reported Chewing Steel resented being tightened at this point and lost ground.

N Hall reported that Mr Speaker was marginally slow to begin and his mount settled further back than intended.

Race 8QUINLAN CRANES 0-62 HANDICAP - 1300 metres:

Zampezz jumped away awkwardly and shifted out bumping with Lady Randolph.

Moving Moment was tightened after the start between Need To Exceed and Magic Crest, which was taken out by Madica’s Pleasure.

Shortly after passing the 1000m Zampezz was steadied when tightened for room to the inside of Hazard that was taken in marginally by Need To Exceed. 

Madica’s Pleasure raced wide without cover.

Aurum Spirit was held up rounding the home turn and until inside the 200m.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

R1 – Grey Finale, R2 – Mr Cooley, R3 – Alzero, R4 – Readings, R5 – Driffields Occi, R6 – Single Warrior, R7 – Chewing Steel, R8 – Jewel Of Johar    

Post race samples from following horses:

All winners

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings:

R2 – Doubt It (11.30am)

Severe Reprimands:

R4 – H Barry

Horse Actions:

R1 – Regally Gold, distressed, veterinary certificate

R2 – Mr Cooley, racing manners, warning

R4 – Saks, uncompetitive, warning

Adjourned Inquiries:

Follow Ups:

R3 – Alzero

R6 – Single Warrior

R6 – Clang And Bang

Track Information

Geelong Synthetic RACE COURSE

  • State VIC
  • Metro No
  • WeatherFine
  • RainfallNil Last 24hrs; 5mm Last 7 Days
  • IrrigationNil
  • Penetrometer0.00
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingGood 3
  • TypeSynthetic

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