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Geelong Synthetic Stewards Report

Stewards' Reports

Geelong Racing Club Inc.


Wednesday,  26 December, 2012


Synthetic – Good 3






True Position – Entire Circuit

Stewards Panel:

Mr W. Hadley (Chairman), Mr J. Hitchcock, Mr S. Cochrane, Mr D. Kavanagh, Mr K. Salt (Cadet)

Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By




B. Evans

L. Meech



Light Up My Day

B. Evans

D. Holland




N. McLean

M. Gatt

Not attending

Medical Certificate produced today: Nil

Must produce Medical Certificate prior to riding again: Nil

Did not attend meeting: N. McLean, B Evans

Other Comments / Explanations: N/A


 Antikita jumped away awkwardly and lost ground (2 lengths).

Dashahoy over-raced in the early and middle stages.

Dashahoy hung out rounding the home turn.

M. Gatt rider of Dashahoy was found guilty of a charge under AR137(a) for careless riding, in that after reaching the home turn Dashahoy shifted ground away from the running rail, then at approximately the 300m permitted his mount to shift inwards and subsequently check Tabali which had obtained a tight run to its inside. M Gatt’s licence to ride in races was suspended for a period of 8 meetings, commencing midnight tonight and concluding midnight 2 January 2013. In arriving at penalty stewards took into account the horses manners and his recent riding record.

Tabali was then disappointed for a run for several strides before shifting over the heels of Dashahoy to obtain a clear run.

Little Blue Box (K. Bradley) was slow into stride and tailed the field throughout. Trainer S. Theodore was advised that the filly must complete a satisfactory official trial prior to racing again.

Race 2newcomb sand & soil 0 - 68 handicap - 2000 metres:

T. Neve and the connections of Con Thrust wished to view the race footage prior to correct weight being given in relation to lodging an objection. After viewing the film all parties were satisfied and correct weight was declared.

Sir Anthony blundered upon jumping away.

Tonnerre raced three-wide without cover in the early stages.

Near the 500m Tonnerre began to lay in despite the efforts of its rider. Con Thrust which was racing to its inside was inconvenienced.

Near the 200m Sir Anthony shifted in hampering Con Thrust in onto Guntur. Subsequently, I. Gundogdu, rider of Sir Anthony, was severely reprimanded for the manner in which he permitted his mount to shift ground.

Race 3wilsons – no sale no charge maiden plate - 1900 metres: 

The start of this race was delayed 3 minutes due to Jeunelism needing to be re-saddled and a girth needing to be replaced behind the barriers.

Light Up My Day was incorrectly shown in the racebook as wearing blinkers when in fact, the stable return was lodged removing the blinkers on Tuesday, 4th December 2012.

Carolyn Knight trainer of Star Of Langunyah advised stewards following the running of Race 2 that it would be her intention for the gelding to race in a more forward position. Star Of Langunyah settled behind the leader and was ridden accordingly.

Light Up My Day stood flat footed and missed the start by 6 lengths. Stewards were subsequently advised by the Starter that the instructions to have the geldings tail held prior to the start were not acted upon and as such, stewards took no further action against Light Up My Day.

Light Up My Day underwent a post race veterinary examination and was found to have bled from both nostrils. Light Up My Day was stood down for  a period of 3 months and must complete a satisfactory 1000m gallop prior to racing again.

Jeunelism was held up rounding the home turn and in the early stages of the home straight.

In the early part of the home straight Star Of Langunyah was held up behind the tiring Blush before obtaining a clear run near the 200m.

D. Moor when questioned in relation to the performance of Blush, reported that the filly’s action felt fine during the run and that due to the slow tempo during the middle stages, he permitted his mount to stride forward and obtain the lead as the filly was inclined to over-race during the early stages. He was of the opinion that the filly would be better suited to a track with more give than today’s synthetic surface.

L. Meech, rider of Entranz, could offer no excuse for the mare’s poor performance.

T. Neve, rider of Danang, reported that the gelding lost concentration near the 1000m for a short distance.

The stable representative of trainer Danny O’Brien was fined the sum of $50.00 for presenting Blush into the mounting enclosure without blinkers, which are part of the filly’s approved racing gear.


Race 4wilsons – a clear favourite maiden plate - 1300 metres: 

Alpine Ruler jumped awkwardly, momentarily unbalancing jockey K. Bradley.

Dancez Vous raced wide in the early stages.

Alpine Ruler tired noticeably upon entering the home straight. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Trainer B. Wilks was advised that due to the performance of the gelding, he must complete a satisfactory official trial prior to racing again. Trainer B. Wilks advised that the gelding would be retired from racing.

Dancez Vous was inclined to lay out leaving the 600m.


Race 5wilsons – celebrating 40 years f & M 0 – 62 handicap - 1900 metres: 

Jewel Of Johar jumped awkwardly, shifted ground outwards momentarily hampering Our Rosella.

Tiki raced three wide in the early stages before taking up a forward position.

Rider of Tiki, D. Moor stated that after being caught wide during the early stages and then challenged in the middle stages of the event, Tiki then tired over the concluding stages.  D. Moor was also of the opinion that today’s race was a class above from Tiki’s last start at this track. Tiki, which performed below market expectations, underwent a post-race veterinary examination which revealed no abnormalities.

At 1000m Hold True and Jalouse jostled for a short distance when attempting to take the same run behind Tiki. As a result of this Jalouse had to be momentarily steadied by its rider L. Meech.

Statute was obliged to race wide without cover and leaving the 1300m, J. Winks elected to allow his mount to stride forward and obtain the lead.

Jewel Of Johar raced wide throughout.

Rider T. Neve was questioned regarding her tactics adopted upon Jewel Of Johar and in particular from the 1300m when racing wide and without cover. T. Neve explained she was instructed to be positive on the filly and had wanted to race with cover however added Jewel Of Johar needed to be put into the race from the 800m in order to gather momentum and feature in the finish. Of concern to stewards was that near the 1300m T. Neve failed to position her mount in a more favourable position at the rear of the field with cover.  T. Neve however acknowledged that she could have come back half a length in order to settle closer to the rail. Stewards were of the view the tactics adopted by T. Neve throughout the middles stages were ill-judged. T. Neve was reminded of her obligations to ride in a manner so as to not leave her tactics open to query.


Race 6wilsons – family owned 0 - 62 handicap - 1300 metres:

Following the running of race 5 connections of Triple Elite advised that they would attempt to ride the gelding in a more forward position with the addition of blinkers. Triple Elite settled behind the leader and was ridden accordingly.

Perilous Moment jumped inwards at the start, inconveniencing Driffields Occi. Shortly thereafter, Perilous Moment had to be momentarily steadied off the heels of Numen Lumen which had shifted ground inwards.

Sacred Dream was slow to begin.

Upon jumping Repudiate shifted out and made contact with Ways Of A Tycoon.

T. Neve, rider of Perilous Moment stated that she elected to race three wide as her mount is a big gelding which needs racing room.

Sacred Dream was held up rounding the home turn.

Race 7wilsons – a sure bet 0 - 58 handicap - 1000 metres:

Mayor Of Clonmel was slow into stride and then had to be momentarily steadied off the heels of Precipitous.

Precipitous raced wide without cover throughout.

Lisa Fashionista laid out rounding the home turn and shifted wider on the track.

Mayor Of Clonmel laid out in the home straight.


Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 1 – Always Russian
Race 2 – Con Thrust
Race 3 – Entranz
Race 4 – St Chloe
Race 5 – Statute
Race 6 – Numen Lumen
Race 7 – Mayor Of Clonmel

Post race samples from following horses:

Race 1 – Always Russian (Winner)

Race 2 – Sir Anthony (Winner)

Race 3 –  Jeunelism (Winner)

Race 4 –  Platinum Panther (Winner)

Race 5 – Jalouse (Winner)

Race 6 – Gaelstorm (Winner)

Race 7 – Lisa Fashionista (Winner)

Raceday Summary


Race 3 – D. O’Brien, Incorrect Gear, $50.00

Severe Reprimands:

Race 2 – I. Gundogdu


Race 1 – M. Gatt

Horse Actions:

Race 1 – Little Blue Box, Poor performance, One satisfactory official trial

Race 3 – Light Up My Day, Bled First Time, Suspended 3 months, 1000m gallop

Race 4 – Alpine Ruler, Poor performance, One satisfactory official trial

Change of Tactics:

Race 3 – Star Of Langunyah – more forward

Race 6 – Triple Elite – more forward

Adjourned Inquiries:

Trainer Niall Phillips


Stewards adjourned an inquiry into alleged comments made by trainer, Niall Phillips directed towards veterinarian surgeon Dr Chris Richards following Race 7.

Track Information

Geelong Synthetic RACE COURSE

  • State VIC
  • Metro No
  • WeatherFine
  • RainfallNil
  • IrrigationNil
  • Penetrometer0.00
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingGood 3
  • TypeSynthetic

Gear Changes