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Saturday, 26 January, 2013


Dead 4







Stewards Panel:

Mr. P. Ryan (Chairman), Mr. D. Conway, Mr. C. Agnew, Mr. K. Sheppard

Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By



Innocent Inmate

J. McNeil

B. Wallace

Dual engagement


King Carlos

C. Parish

R. Williams

Dual engagement


King Carlos

R. WIlliams

C. Quilty

Became indisposed

Medical Certificate produced today:    J. Cartwright was examined by the Club Doctor on arrival on course and passed fit to ride.

Must produce Medical Certificate prior to riding again:   R. Williams

Other Comments / Explanations:

The explanation of J. Symons co-trainer of Prince Of Darkness and King Carlos for the dual engagement of C. Parish on both horses, was accepted.

Race 1 – GLEN ERIN GROUP MAIDEN PLATE - 2400 metres:

Near the 200 metres Note Shredder which had commenced to give ground was then hampered by Miss Nebraska, which shifted in under pressure.


At the start Time Seeker had to be severely checked when tightened for room between Raw Will and Sleepy Jean, which shifted out abruptly.

Also t the stat Despict had to be severely checked when tightened for room between Beetle Juice which shifted in and Euclaseone, which was taken out by Delrazzi, which in turn was taken out by Morning Stroll, which jumped away awkwardly.

After being caught wide in the early stages Raw Will was allowed to stride forward by its rider to obtain the lead near the 1000 metres.

Salander’s Fire was obliged to race wide without cover.

Near the 400 metres Euclaseone had to be steadied when tightened for room between Salander’s Fire, which when racing erratically, shifted in and Delrazzi which shifted ot slightly when taking a neat run to the inside of Euclaseone.

Rounding the home turn Time Seeker, when giving ground, hung out.

Approaching the 200 metres Sleepy Jean shifted in and brushed Salander’s Fire which was racing erratically.   Sleepy Jean was then straightened by its rider. Salander’s Fire then continued to shift in and away from Sleepy Jean, tightening Grimthorpe in on to Euclaseone, resulting in both Grimthore and Euclaseone becoming unbalanced.

After passing the 200 metres Beetle Juice which was laying in under pressure, shifted in and tightened Morning Stroll, which had to be steadied.   Beetle Juice continued to hang in for the remainder of the race and proved difficult for its rider J. Lyon to ride out in his normal manner.

J. Cartwright explained that he did not ride Salander’s Fire out in the straight in his normal manner, as the gelding was racing very erratically and he felt there was something amiss with its action. A subsequent Veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.

O Ay rider of Time Seeker which performed poorly, explained in his opinion there was something amiss with the gelding’s action.   A subsequent veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.

Race 3 – WINNING EDGE MAIDEN PLATE - 1000 metres:

Ice Lady was slow to begin.

Also at the start Cheapy Chirpy had to be checked when tightened for room between Mors Et Vita which shifted out abruptly, and Noblest Roman, which was taken in by The Road Ahead..

In the early stages Rattlin’ Red Rosie over-raced.

Honest To God raced wide without cover throughout.

Rounding the home turn Mors Et Vita and Ice Lady both hung out.

In the straight Cheapy Chirpy hung in.

L. Londregan rider of Cheapy Chirpy which was having its first start, reported the filly raced greenly throughout.


Monsieur Pierre raced wide without cover throughout.

Race 5 – FIRST LIGHT RACING 0-62 HANDICAP - 1800 metres:

Prior to the running of Race 1 Mr. K. Linnell trainer of Triple Elite notified it was his intention to have the gelding ridden in a more forward position in an attempt to reverse the gelding’s previous poor form.  After jumping away, despite the efforts of its rider, Triple Elite did not show early pace and as a result settled in a midfield position.

Subsequent to the event the Club’s Doctor examined Miss R. Williams and deemed her unfit to fulfil her remaining engagement.

Near the 200 metres on the first occasion Triple Elite had to be steadied to avoid the heels of Dunenormous, which shifted in when not quite sufficiently clear.

Approaching the winning post on the first occasion Rock To Excess had to be steadied to avoid the heels of Dunenormous (Miss R. Williams) which shifted in when not quite sufficiently clear.  Miss Williams was notified to exercise greater care when in similar circumstances.

Rounding the home turn Dunenormous shifted out and took Dance Crew out off its course.

Over the concluding stages Dunenormous had a tendency to lay in which resulted in Rock To Excess, which was over-racing to the geldings outside, being placed in restricted room.

In the straight Dance Crew laid in under pressure.

Race 6 – NMIT HANGING ROCK CUP - 1800 metres:

The explanation of the stable representative of Mr. N. Dyer trainer of Cape Danger for the gelding’s late arrival on course, was accepted.

In the early and middle stages The Wingman raced wide without cover.

Approaching the 600 metres Very Fast shifted out to improve, resulting in Dominant Manner racing the Very Fast’s outside, having to be steadied.

Near the 400 metres Cape Danger when racing in restricted room to the inside of Henshaw faltered and broke down and as result was pulled up by its rider J. Hill.   The Club’s Veterinary Surgeon reported that Cape Danger had fractured its near fore leg and acting on this Cape Danger was humanely euthanized.

Both J. Duffy rider of Zlatan and C. Quilty rider of Builder O’Reilly were both spoken to advisably in regards to the use of their whips backhand on their respective mounts.

Race 7 – THE WEEKLY TIMES 0-58 HANDICAP - 1600 metres:

Miss A. McCormick trainer of Coco Command was fined the run of $50 for presenting the gelding to race with incorrect gear.

Prior to correct weight J. Londregan rider of Coco Command 3 placegetter, viewed the official video in the straight before deciding not to proceed with an objection.

At the start Perisher Blue had to be checked when tightened for room between Three Chain Road and Innocent Inmate, which shifted out.

Innocent Inmate raced wide without cover throughout.

Rounding the home turn Motion House shifted out and tightened Coco Command out on to Mission Finder.

After passing the 200 metres Mission Finder shifted in before being straightened by its rider which resulted in Coco Command racing in restricted room for a short distance.

C. Parish rider of Prince Of Darkness pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding, the careless riding being he permitted his mount to shift in whilst riding along near the 100 metres resulting in Coco Command being taken out and tightened on to Mission Finder and having to be checked.  C. Parish was suspended from riding in races for a period to commence midnight Sunday 27 January 2013 and to expire midnight Saturday 2 February 2013 a total of 7 race meetings 2city 5 country.   In assessing penalty Stewards deemed the incident to be in the low range and took into account C. Parish’s guilty plea and his good record in this area.

B. Wallace rider of Innocent Inmate eased the gelding down over the concluding stages as he believed there was something amiss with Innocent Inmate. A subsequent veterinary examination revealed the gelding was lame in the near fore.   Mr. K. Harris trainer of Innocent Inmate was notified prior to racing again he must be in receipt of a Veterinary Certificate for the gelding.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 4 – Becketts Dream

Race 5 - Sugar Bush

Race 6 - The Wingman

Race 7 - So Kosher

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings:


Race 7 -  J. McCormick - $50 – incorrect gear


Severe Reprimands:


Race 7 -  C. Parish – midnight 27/1/13 – midnight 2/2/13

Horse Actions:

Race 7 -  Innocent Inmate – veterinary certificate prior to racing again

Change of Tactics:

Adjourned Inquiries:

Follow Ups:

Track Information

Hanging Rock RACE COURSE

  • State VIC
  • Metro No
  • WeatherFine
  • Rainfall0mm past week
  • Irrigation8mm last 24hrs, 48mm week
  • Penetrometer6.65
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingDead 4
  • TypeTurf

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