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Heavy work load ruled out Bailey from Oliver investigation

By Adrian Dunn TVN Sunday, November 18, 2012 - 2:57 PM

TERRY Bailey, the RV chief steward, was not chosen to sit on the Damien Oliver investigation panel as a result of the heavy work load facing stewards.

RVL CEO Rob Hines explained today on TVN's Racing Review that the stewards had been inundated with inquiries and issues surrounding integrity, especially the Danny Nikolic inquiry/VCAT appeal.

Hines said Bailey had been and is still currently involved in a VCAT appeal by Nikolic over a two year disqualification for threatening the chief steward and his family at Seymour races on September 4.

Hines told TVN's Racing Review show today that the steward's panel was established by the sub committee of the Integrity Department to specifically look at the Oliver matter.

RV deputy chairman of stewards Rob Montgomery, colleague James Hitchcock and barrister Tony Burns formed the investigation team.

The panel charged Oliver with two counts in relation to a $10,000 bet at Moonee Valley on October 1, 2010 after the jockey made admissions in a statement he emailed to stewards last Monday.

Oliver was immediately stood down from riding pending Tuesday's RV steward's inquiry on Tuesday morning. Hines said he was "absolutely confident" that the steward's panel made the right decisions in its handling of the Oliver situation.

"The fact is that there is due process. People are innocent until proven guilty or they admit guilt," Hines said.

"There is a process. We are an agency that has to abide by the rules of natural justice. I'm quite certain that inquiry team have done everything they should do."


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