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Hines doubts information sharing with police can happen

By Adrian Dunn TVN Sunday, November 18, 2012 - 2:16 PM

RVL CEO Rob Hines doubts whether the racing industry's Integrity Department will ever be able to receive information from police to assist their inquiries.

RV have not been able to access information Victoria Police or the Puranas Task Force may have uncovered in regard to breach of the rules by licensed persons.

It is against the law for police to share any information with any one who is now a law enforcement agency.

Hines told TVN's Racing Review today that if police had been able to provide RV's Integrity Department with information in relation to the Danny Nikolic Betfair inquiry in mid 2010 "a different result" would have been determined.

Nikolic was cleared by the Racing Appeals & Disciplinary Board of acting in an improper manner in that he shared information with punters who profited from laying horses to lose on Betfair.

Asked if State Government legislation was needed to enable RV stewards to obtain information from police, Hines replied: "I don't think it is a State issue".

"I think the issue about whether law enforcement agencies can pass information to other agencies is a Federal issue.

"You have to be a law enforcement agency to receive this information. "I think it's very unlikely it will ever be solved."


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