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Horsham & District Racing Club


Sunday 23 December 2012


Dead 5 upgraded to Dead 4 at 11.56am







Stewards Panel:

Ms H Lester (Chairman) Messrs T Wilson, D Cookson & B Wescott

Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By








Magic Dollar




Did not attend meeting:

R Maloney

Other Comments / Explanations:

On arrival on course Jacob Rule was examined by the clubs doctor before being passed fit to fulfill his engagements.

Race 13WM F&M Maiden Plate – 1100 metres:

Prior to this event, connections of Dance like Luda advised that they would be instructing the mare’s rider to obtain a more forward position today in an attempt to prevent the mare from over racing. After begining well Dance Like Luda was unable to muster speed and settled at the rear of the field.

Also prior to this event, connections of Cheers for Beers advised that they would instruct their rider to settle the filly further back today in order for it to finish off the race. Cheers for Beers was ridden accordingly settling in a midfield position.

Regaeya was slow to begin and then threw its head up and as a result lost further ground.

Joint Custody and Stoking were both marginally slow to begin.

Cheers for Beers raced wide without cover.

Suryana was held up for a short distance rounding the home turn.

Approaching the 200 meters Ugo Bella (D.Moor) shifted out to obtain clear running and made contact with Stoking which in turn shifted out and brushed Regaeya. During this incident both Stoking and Regaeya became unbalanced. Stewards advised D.Moor that he must excercise more care when shifting ground in future.

Number Joint Custody and Stoking both layed in, in the straight.

Ugo Bella layed in in the straight before being eased down by its rider. D. Moor rider of that filly could offer no excuses for that filly’s poor performance today. A post race vet examination failed to reveal any obvious abnormalities.

When questioned, E.Cassar rider of Regaeya which was having its first start today, stated that it was not his intention to get as far back on the mare as he did, however after being slow to begin he elected to let Ragaeya balance up as it was very new and was racing greenly. E.Cassar added that when placed under pressure approaching the 600 metres the filly responded well to his riding and although Regaeya did lay in in the straight it finished the race off well and would benefit from todays experience. Stewards noted E.Casser’s comments.

L. Meech rider of Stoking which performed below market expectations stated that the filly did not appreciate todays track conditions. A post race veternary examination of Stoking revealed no abnormalities.

Race 2Sride Events SV 3yo maiden plate - 1200 metres:

Prior to cerrect weight D.Yendall rider of 2 place getter Trente veiwed the stewards patrol video before deciding not to lodge an objection against the winner Ustinov’S Fury. It was established that rounding the home turn Ustinov’s Fury, which had been held up behind Coastal Kid, shifted out to obtain a run between Coastal Kid and Lachie’s A Star and in doing so made contact with Lachie’s A Star which then shifted out away from that gelding taking Trente marginally wider on the track.

Passing the 400 meters Get Misty was tightened and had to be steadied off the heels of Star Faced (H.McKechnie) which shifted in under pressure when laying in. H. McKechnie was severely reprimanded and advised to excercise more care when in similar circumstances in the future

H.McKechnie rider of Star Faced reported on scale that the filly did not feel right it in its action behind and a post race veterinary examination revealed the filly to be suffering from atrial fibrilation. Trainer P Preusker was advised that he must be in receipt of  a veterinary certificate including the satisfactory results of an ECG performed both prior to and after a 1000 meter gallop, prior to the filly racing again.

Race 3kalkee football & netball club maiden plate - 1400 metres: 

Prior to correct weight D.Yendall rider of 4th place getter Inala Champ veiwed the stewards patrol video before deciding not to lodge an objection against 3rd pace getter Mr Barnbougle. It was established that near the 400 meters Inala Champ raced tight between Go Clancy and Mr Barnbougle which was racing tightly to the inside of Stable Star.

Good at Guessing and Teebox were marginally slow to begin.

Who Says I’m Ready jumped awkwardly and lost ground.

Stable Star over raced in the early stages.

Magic Dollar and Who Says I’m Ready both raced wide without cover.

Rounding the home turn Inala Champ, Lubin Gin Fizz & Teebox were all held up when unable to obtain clear running.

Near the 150 meters Magic Dollar had to be steadied when tightened between Some Value and Good At Guessing which shifted in slightly.

Apprentice B.Loy was questioned regarding his riding of Who Says I’m Ready in particular as to why he raced four wide without cover at the rear of the field when he had an oppurtunity to take up a position closer to the rail in the early stages of the race. B.Loy explained that he had been instructed to settle towards the rear of the field and after settling back he was caught wide to the outside of Good At Guessing which was racing off the fence. Stewards notified B.Loy that it was their opinion he had erred in staying to the outside of the heels of Good At Guessing when he had ample oppurtunity to come back and to the inside of that mare which would have afforded him cover and a position one off the fence.

T.O’Sullivan trainer of Who Says I’m Ready confirmed to the stewards that he had instructed B.Loy to settle towards to the rear of the field however he expressed disappointment with the way that the gelding was ridden in that it was caught wide throughout the event when there was opportunity to obtain cover passing the 1200 metres.

A post vet examination of Who Says I Am Ready failed to reveal any abnormalty.

Race 4parkview bm72 handicap - 1400 metres:

Acting on a confirmed telephone call from trainer M.Williams who advised that Flying Hussler had swelling to its off hind hock and was unfit to run, stewards orded the withdrawl of that gelding at 8.25am. M.Williams will submit a veterinary certificate in respect of Flying Hussler.

Prior to correct weight D Yendall rider of 3 placegetter Gottino, viewed the stewards patrol videos before deciding not to lodge an objection against 2 placegetter Hinchley Wood.

Correct weight was delayed to allow steward’s to view the patrol videos with a view to lodging an objection on behalf of the connections of 4 place getter Classic Hussler, against Hinchley Wood (J Hill) being declared 2 placegetter. It was established that at the top of the straight Hinchley Wood and Classic Hussler came together when Hinchley Wood shifted out to obtain clear running from behind Jethro. Inside the 100 meters Hinchley Wood shifted out brushing Classic Hussler at which time Classic Hussler was accidentally struck over the head by the whip of J.Hill and, approaching the winning post, Classic Hussler had to be steadied to avoid the heels of Hinchley Wood which continued to shift out despite the efforts of its rider to straighten his mount. After taking into account all the circumstances including the beaten margin stewards did not proceed with an objection and correct weight was declared.

Hinchley Wood was slow to begin (1L).

Race 5wimmera design & print 0 – 68 handicap - 1100 metres: 

After being placed in its barrier stall Northern Gem became fractious. Northern Gem was removed from the barriers, and also examined by the clubs veterinary surgeon and passed fit to run.

On jumping away Northern Gem and On Report came together due to both horses shifting ground.

Rhodehaven was marginally slow to begin.

After passing the 800 meters Silent Harmony shifted out when being steadied off the heels of Mr Chuckle and tightened Sneaky onto Northern Gem.

Northern Gem raced wide without cover throughout.

Race 6Mixx fm 0 – 58 handicap - 1800 metres:

Stop the Traffic and Whatadimwitt were both slow to begin (1L).

On jumping away Overhaulin shifted out and brushed Fullotrix which was taken out onto Oblaque which lost ground.

Temple Dancer was caught wide in the early and middle stages before being allowed to stride forward and take up a forward position near the 80 meters.

Stratric over raced in the early and middle stages.

After passing the 800 meters Overhaulin (C.Downey) had to be checked off the heels off Miss Kempinsky when attempting a run to the inside of that mare where there was insufficent room. C. Downey was advised she must ensure there is sufficent room when attempting a run at all times. Fullotrix which was following was inconvenienced as a consequence. Overhaulin was held up when unable to improve its position from that point until the entrance to the straight.

Approaching the 100 meters Fullotrix shifted out to obtain clear running and brushed Haluva Storm.

A post race veterinary examination of Oblaque revealed lameness to the offfore leg. Trainer J.Castleman was advised that he will be required to produce a veterinary certicicate of fitness for the gelding prior to racing again.

Race 7Bull & mouth after the last 0 – 58 handicap - 1400 metres: 

Connections of Wilshire Flyer advised that they would be attempting to have the gelding ridden more forward in the race today. Wilshire Flyer was slow to begin and unable to muster early speed and settled just behind midfield.

Moon Aura and Dame Dugal was marginally slow to begin.

Shortly after the start Moon Aura had to be steadied when tightened for room between Mr Minx and Wilshire Flyer both of which shifted ground.

Rounding the turn into the back straight Luminous Lad shifted out which resulted in Royals being taken out off its course.

Gorilla’s Mist over raced in the early and middle stages.

Luminous Lad raced ungenerously in the early stages.

Gorilla’s Mist raced wide without cover.

For some distance rounding the home turn Lots of Smacks, Quite a Gem and Dame Dugal were all help up for clear running.

From approaching the 400 meters until after passing the 100 meters Here De Speaker was unable to obtain clear running and went to the line not fully tested.

Shortly after straightening Lots of Smacks raced tight to the inside of Dame Dugal which was taken in by Here De Speaker which shifted in slightly to avoid the heels of Gorilla’s Mist.

Approaching the 100 meters Lots of Smacks was disappointed for a run to the inside of Quite A Gem. Lots of Smacks then had to be steadied off the heels of that mare approaching the winning post.


Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Joint Custody, Stoking, Comic Star, Rhodeheaven, What Admit, Haluiva Storm, Gottino.

Post race samples from following horses:

Jethro, Stable Star, Ustinovs Fury,Terco Chika, Paparazzi Dreamer,Miss Klempinsky, Jesta Tiger

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings:

Race 4 Flying Hussler vets advice at 8.25am


Race 1 T & K O’Sullivan $100, failing to produce ID card.

Race 6 Harrold Barry $30, use of club colours.

Race 6 Shaun  Mott $30, use of club colours.

Severe Reprimands:

Race 2 H McKechnie

Horse Actions:

Race 2 Star Faced, atrila fibrilation.

Race 6 Oblaque, lame requires veterinary clearance.

Change of Tactics:

Race 1 Dance Like Luda and Cheers for Beers

Race 7 Wilshire Flyer

Track Information


  • State VIC
  • Metro No
  • WeatherFine
  • RainfallNil
  • Irrigation6mm last 24hrs, 36mm last 7 days
  • Penetrometer6.29
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingDead 4
  • TypeTurf

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