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For Three-Years-Old and Upwards - 0 - 64.

$15,000 1600m

  • Weather Fine
  • Track Good 3
  • Rail Out 9 metres.
# form horse jockey trainer wt
1 530-1 Alerts

1st Daneclicked (13) d

Kevin Bohorun Vaughn Sigley 59 58.5013.10 42.2010.10 45.7010.20
9 4-792 Alerts

2nd Rock Bar (6)

Jerry Noske Robyn Lockwood 57 11.70 11.30 10.30
5 02323 Alerts

3rd Wonorg (9)

Shelby Bowtell John Bowtell 59 1.30 1.60 1.40
Quinella 1-9 259.10 331.10 293.30
Exacta 1-9 1,187.60 1,421.60 1,285.10
Trifecta 1-9-5 6,254.80 8,382.30 22,116
First Four 1-9-5-7   47,637 13,385
Duets 1-5 58.30 26.80 28.50
1-9 342.30 211.10 47.90
9-5 45.40 29.00 34.30
Running Double 7-1   83.30 65.60
Daily Double 7-1 119.10    
9-1   214.90 194.00
Treble 9-7-1 929.10    
Quaddie 14-9-7-1 4,152.80 5,548.70 6,128.30
7 07804 Alerts

4th Dimitrius (3) dh

Brad Parnham Neville Parnham 57         
10 67455 Alerts

5th I Owe You (15) d

Marco Chui Brett Pope 56.5         
6 1-696 Alerts

6th Softeis (12)

Campbell McCallum Lou Luciani 57.5         
4 33-77 Alerts

7th Shoot for Glory (4)

Paul Harvey Paul Roberts 59         
16 09-08 Alerts

8th Ajexia (16)

Chanelle O'Grady Tameeka Brown 54.5         
2 -2649 Alerts

9th Discoverers (2) th

Peter Knuckey Kristy Casey 59         
3 57070 Alerts

10th Distinctive Dane (8) dh

Natasha Faithfull Kevin McAuley 59         
11 64850 Alerts

11th Miltons Gift (1)

Christopher Parnham Jarrad Humphries 56.5         
8 41550 Alerts

12th Nunca Te Rindas (7) dh

Steven Parnham Fred Kersley 57         
14 6-10- Alerts

13th Lucciola (IRE) (11)

Lisa Staples - 56         
15 49-60 Alerts

14th Long Tan Lady (5)

William White Neil Bextrum 55         
13 050 Alerts

15th Double Irish (10)

William Pike Justin Warwick 56         
12 -080- Alerts

16th Octagene (14)

Aaron Mitchell Justin Warwick 56.5         
17 460-0 Alerts

Scr Saxon Lord (10)

- Paul Tapper 54         
18 00-00 Alerts

Scr Rontomdan (18)

- Frances Taylor 54         
19 90004 Alerts

Scr Endless Spin (11)

Danny Miller Michael Miller 54         
20 5-090 Alerts

Scr Star Beau (1)

- Ben Owen 55.5         

More Information

What is the tote?

A totalisator ('tote') is the name for the computerised system which conducts parimutuel betting. Parimutuel betting is a betting system in which all bets of a particular bet type are pooled together. Commission is then deducted giving a shared pool from which the approximate price of each runner is determined. In effect Parimutuel betting reflects how popular a particular runner is with punters in relation to the popularity of all the other runners. With parimutuel betting the final payout (dividend) is not determined until the pool is closed. The tote does all this calculation, displays current prices and prints tickets.

What are bookmaker fixed odds?

Just like the name suggests, bookmaker fixed odds guarantee the final payout (dividend) on any runner is fixed at the odds quoted at the time the bet was placed.

What is a betting exchange?

A betting exchange is an online market place where punters bet at odds set by other punters, rather than a bookmaker or tote. Essentially, a betting exchange brings together punters with directly opposing views. The betting exchange matches these punters proposed bets. The dividend is paid to the eventual victor, less a commission to the betting exchange. Unlike standard betting against a bookmaker, betting exchanges allow punters to either bet (select to meet the criteria, ie; win the race) or lay (select to not meet the criteria) a wager.

Placing Bets through the Odds Comparator

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Responsible Gambling

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Gear Changes


In Running Analysis

  • 1 Daneclicked Slow Out 2 Lengths commenced awkwardly & lost GROUND & Settled Down last 14 Lengths (800m) tracking up Wide With Cover on Turn Straightened Up widest 6 Lengths Ran On Strongly came with a big run & got there in shadows # tempo suited
  • 2 Discoverers Jumped Ok Settled Down Mid Field on fence 5 Lengths (800m) in traffic on Turn Straightened Up 3 Lengths Held Ground Weakened final 100m # just battled
  • 3 Distinctive Dane Jumped Ok Settled Down behind Leader on fence 2 Lengths (800m) Caught behind a tiring runner momentarily approaching Straight Straightened Up 1-2 Lengths Weakened Gradually Gave Ground # Every Chance
  • 4 Shoot for Glory Jumped Ok Settled Down Mid Field 3 Wide With Cover 6 Lengths (800m) Hooked Out Four Wide on Turn & being urged into race Straightened Up 3 Lengths Held Ground despite being put under no pressure late # wide/sound
  • 5 Wonorg Jumped Ok Settled Down trailing speed Two Wide With Cover 2 Lengths (800m) SAME TO STRAIGHTENING UP 2 Lengths Battled On Well kept coming entire Straight but just outgunned late # had run/ran well
  • 6 Softeis Jumped Ok Drifted Back Worse than midfield Two Wide With Cover 10 Lengths (800m) in traffic on Turn & unable to improve Straightened Up 5-6 Lengths Held Up/Blocked Battled On Well Held Up until approx 100m but solid late ( Blinkers on, WINKERS off) # No Match
  • 7 Dimitrius Jumped Ok Drifted Back & Settled Down Worse than midfield Two Wide With Cover 9 Lengths (800m) SAME TO STRAIGHTENING UP 5-6 Lengths Battled On Well making steady GROUND entire Straight # much better
  • 8 Nunca Te Rindas Jumped Ok Settled Down Just Off Mid-Field 3 Wide With Cover 8 Lengths (800m) Under Pressure on Straightened Up 6 Lengths Held Ground Weakened final 100m # ordinary
  • 9 Rock Bar Jumped Ok Settled Down Worse than midfield 3 Wide With Cover 9 Lengths (800m) five & Six Wide from 60m Straightened Up 4-5 Lengths Ran On Strongly Battled On Well came with nice run but nailed right on line ( Blinkers off) # ran well
  • 10 I Owe You Jumped Ok Went Forward & Settled Down equal lead Two Wide (strong tempo) (800m) continued to roll along @ quick tempo taken to Clear Lead approaching Straight Straightened Up 1 Lengths Clear Battled On Well Held Ground gave a kicked peaked 100m # sat 2nd/solid
  • 11 Miltons Gift Jumped Ok Settled Down Worse than midfield on fence 8 Lengths (800m) stuck to fence Straightened Up 4 Lengths in traffic Held Up/Blocked entire Straight # forget went round
  • 12 Octagene Jumped Ok Went Forward to Lead (strong tempo) (800m) continued to run along but Headed approaching Straight Straightened Up beaten Dropped Out # led/punctured
  • 13 Double Irish Jumped Ok Went Forward but COULDN'T GET IN & Settled Down 3 Wide No Cover (strong tempo) 1 Lengths (800m) SAME TO STRAIGHTENING UP 2-3 Lengths Under Pressure Dropped Out # torrid run/stopped
  • 14 Lucciola (IRE) Jumped Ok Drifted Back & Settled Down third last 11 Lengths (800m) stuck to Inside Straightened Up at rear in traffic 6 Lengths Held Ground at rear # never in it
  • 15 Long Tan Lady Jumped Ok Settled Down sixth Two Wide With Cover 4 Lengths (800m) SAME TO STRAIGHTENING UP 4 Lengths Held Ground Weakened final 150m # Every Chance
  • 16 Ajexia Jumped Ok Drifted Back & Settled Down second last 13 Lengths (800m) SAME TO STRAIGHTENING UP at rear 7 Lengths Held Ground Battled On Well making late GROUND # from last/solid
  • 17 Saxon Lord
  • 18 Rontomdan
  • 19 Endless Spin
  • 20 Star Beau

Track Information


  • State WA
  • Metro Yes
  • WeatherFine
  • Rainfall
  • Irrigation
  • Penetrometer6.50
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingDead 4
  • TypeTurf