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Jake Noonan looks to RAD Board for leniency

By Adrian Dunn TVN Monday, December 31, 2012 - 10:56 AM

CHAMPION apprentice Jake Noonan is hoping the Racing Appeals & Disciplinary Board will view favorably his request to back date his suspension.
Noonan was suspended at Ballarat on December 23, but appealed the nine meeting suspension and continued riding pending an appeal to the RAD Board.
The RAD Board set January 3 for Noonan's appeal.
But, Noonan suffered a badly bruised, swollen, closed eye when a horse threw its back and struck him in the face at trackwork last Friday morning.
Consequently, doctors ruled out Noonan from riding until January 4.
Noonan has withdrawn the appeal and asked the RAD Board to back date the start of his appeal to last Friday.

“The swelling is coming down and the bruising is coming out, but there is still some pain,” Noonan said.

“I’ve bruised the eye-socket and got a good gash on my eye-brow. The doctors wouldn’t clear me to ride until Friday because they didn’t want me to get another whack to the eye just in case it fractured.”


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