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Mick Kent to appeal fines

By Adrian Dunn TVN Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 2:29 PM

Mick Kent to appeal against fines imposed by stewards in shock wave therapy treatment

MICK Kent plans to appeal against a $7,000 fine imposed by Racing Victoria stewards yesterday following shock wave therapy treatment to a number of his horses.


Stewards charged Kent with using shock wave treatment on Cheddington and Caribbea inside the permitted seven days and three horses that he trialled.


The shock wave treatment stretches from November 2010 and August 2011.


Kent reserved his plea against the charges relating to Cheddington and Caribbea and pleaded guilty to the three horses that trialled.


He said there were circumstances involving both horses and he couldn’t understand why the horses had been disqualified.


Kent said he would appeal against the finding in the Cheddington and Caribbea fines as well as the severity of the other fines.


He queried why no action was taken against Luca Cumani when it was found that Bauer had undergone shock wave treatment five days before he ran second in the Melbourne Cup.


Kent said stewards told him that someone rang Victoria’s Racing Integrity Commissioner Sal Perna with information pertaining to him.


Cheedington and Caribbea, which both finished second in Moonee Valley 3000 metre races, were disqualified.


Stewards fined Kent $2000 for both Cheddington and Caribbea and $1000 for each of the three horses that he trialled.


RV steward Darren Triandafilou said stewards opened an inquiry after it received information, visited the stables and inspected his treatment book.


Triandafilou said it had taken stewards three to four months to investigate the matter.



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