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Moonee Valley Stewards Report

Stewards' Reports

Moonee Valley Racing Club Night Racing


Friday November 16 2012


Good 3






+7m entire circuit

Stewards Panel:

Mr B Wright (Chair), Mr C Waller, Mr S Cochrane, Mr S Bettess & Mr D Kavanagh

Other Comments / Explanations:

The track was upgraded from Dead 4 to Good 3 at 3.45pm prior to the commencement of the meeting.


Hermosa jumped awkwardly, shifted in and bumped Eye The World resulting in both horses losing some ground.

On leaving the gates Valrouz shifted in carrying Hollywood Gothic in onto Wild Erp which was inconvenienced.

Throughout the event Beneficiary raced wide without cover.

In the early and middle stages Hermosa over-raced and near the 600m was checked from the heels of Mystery Creek.

For several strides rounding the home turn Longeron, which was racing greenly, was awkward on the inside of Hollywood Gothic which momentarily layed in.

Rounding the home turn Hermosa was inconvenienced when Eye The World (C Schofield) shifted in when not quite clear.  C Schofield was advised to exercise more care.

Also rounding the home turn and when under pressure in the straight Valrouz was inclined to lay out.

A post race veterinary examination of Hermosa revealed no abnormalities.

N Hall reported at scale that there may be something amiss with Hollywood Gothic.  A subsequent veterinary examination of Hollywood Gothic revealed no abnormalities.

Race 2AQUANAS FOODS HANDICAP - 2500 metres:

Prior to the start of the meeting trainer Mr P Carey advised that it was the intention to have Altonio (NZ) ridden forward in this event as was its instructions last start.  Altonio (NZ) was ridden accordingly.

Prior to the start of the race trainer Mr R Smerdon advised that Arch Fire (USA) would be ridden closer this evening.  Arch Fire (USA) was ridden accordingly and in the circumstances, Mr Smerdon was reminded of his obligations to notify of change of tactics at least 30 minutes prior to the advertised starting time of the race.

The start of the race was delayed slightly due to Eleuther having to be resaddled behind the barriers.

Passing the winning post on the first occasion Altonio (NZ) was steadied when awkward on the heels of Arch Fire (USA) (D Dunn) which shifted in when not quite clear.  D Dunn was advised to exercise far more care when shifting ground.

On the point of the home turn  Lucky Angel shifted out obliging C Schofield to stop riding and straighten the mare.

After the running of the race it was noted that Sean Baile Mor had lost its near fore plate.

M Rodd (Mr Consolidator) said that the gelding, which was up in class today. was not suited by the solid tempo of the race and was under pressure passing the 1000m.

A post race veterinary examination of Sliced, which was eased down in the home straight, revealed no abnormalities and trainer Mr R Besanko advised that retirement of the gelding was now being considered following the disappointing performance.

D Dunn could offer no explanation for the disappointing performance of Arch Fire (USA).  A post race veterinary examination of Arch Fire (USA) revealed no abnormalities.


Prior to the start of the race trainer Ms J Bird advised that Prussian Dancer would be ridden forward today.   Prussian Dancer was ridden accordingly and Ms Bird was reprimanded and reminded of her obligations to notify of change of tactics at least 30 minutes prior to the advertised starting time of the race.

Prior to correct weight B Knobel rider of Model To Nite (NZ), fourth placegetter, viewed the Stewards film before deciding not to lodge an objection.  Stewards were also satisfied there were insufficient grounds for an objection.

The Stewards also viewed the film to view an incident at the 600m involving Rock Robster (second placegetter) and Conferre (winner) which shifted out.  Stewards did not believe this incident affected the final result and did not proceed with an objection on behalf on the connection s of Rock Robster.

Conferre began awkwardly.

Vivacious Miss was slow to begin.

Approaching the winning post on the first occasion Rock Robster was tightened onto Help (NZ), which in turn was tightened onto Conferre by Model To Nite (NZ) (B Knobel) which shifted in when not quite clear, resulting in those three horses becoming unbalanced.  B Knobel was reprimanded and advised to exercise more care.

Passing the winning post on the first occasion Silver Coin got its head up and was eased when racing tight on the inside of Model To Nite (NZ which was carried in by Prussian Dancer (N McLean) which shifted in when not quite clear.  N McLean was severely reprimanded and advised to be fully clear before shifting ground.

Passing the 1200m the saddle shifted forward on Prussian Dancer placing N Mclean at a severe disadvantage for the remainder of the race and near the 300m some packing and a gel pad dislodged from the horse.  On weighing in N McLean was found to be in excess of a half kilogram under her declared weight and in accordance with AR143, Prussian Dancer was disqualified from the race.  Upon further inquiry Stewards were satisfied that Prussian Dancer had been saddled correctly and as such no action was taken against either N McLean or trainer Ms J Bird.

In the early and middle stages Vivacious Miss over-raced.

Passing the 650m Help (NZ) was checked when attempting a doubtful run on the inside of Silver Coin.

Approaching the 600m Silver Coin was checked and shifted out to avoid the heels of Prussian Dancer which was being eased out of the event.  As a result Conferre (D Dunn), which was racing to its outside, shifted out abruptly away from that horse and hampered Rock Robster which had been racing tight on the inside of Magic Pulse.  Vivacious Miss, which was following and over-racing, was badly held up for some distance. D Dunn was advised he must exercise more care when shifting ground in similar circumstances.

Passing the 500m Help (NZ) was hampered and shifted out when disappointed for a run between Silver Coin and Prussian Dancer, which was continuing to be eased from the event.

On two occasions near the 400m Vivacious Miss was bumped by Rock Robster.

Rounding the home turn Model To Nite (NZ) was momentarily crowded for room by Yuka Joy.

Race 4BOSCASTLE HANDICAP - 1000 metres: 

The explanation of trainer Mr R Cleaver for presenting Locke’s Choice late on course was accepted.

On leaving the gates Spirited Addition was tightened for room between Locke’s Choice and Ogunde both of which shifted ground.

Bon Genre was slow to begin and shortly after the start contacted the hindquarters of Johnny Fiasco and lost some ground.

Mr Obvious was slow into stride.

Throughout the event Chelembra raced wide without cover.

Rounding the home turn Vatican and Chelembra raced tight between Duke Of Cornwall and Johnny Fiasco, which was shifting out slightly. In  the incident Duke of Cornwall became unbalanced behind.

S Hillebrand  (Duke Of Cornwall) was found guilty of a charge of careless riding under the provisions of AR137a, the careless riding being that near the 100m he permitted his mount to shift in when not clear resulting in Chelembra being checked and taken in. The Stewards acknowledged that there had been a slight shift from the inside by Vatican (B Egan) which eventually resulted in Chelembra having to be severely checked.  S Hillebrand had his licence to ride in races suspended for a period to commence at midnight November 19 and to expire at midnight November 27 , a total of nine race meetings (one city, eight country). In assessing penalty Stewards took into  account S Hillebrand’s good riding record and that his contribution to the incident was in the low range of carelessness.  Further to the inquiry B Egan (Vatican) was reprimanded for shifting out approaching the 100m when not clear.

Passing the 100m Shiny And New was steadied when disappointed for a run between Spirited Addition and Duke Of Cornwall, both of which shifted ground.

D Yendall (Locke’s Choice) reported that the gelding layed out for most of the event.

A post race veterinary examination of Chelembra revealed no abnormalities.


Arkiboum, which began awkwardly, was tightened between Suvarna and Kisrak which shifted out.

Melba and Gotta Laugh began awkwardly.

Gold Zero began awkwardly and brushed the inside of its gate.

For most of the event Gold Zero and Suvarna both raced wide without cover.

Rounding the home turn Gotta Laugh was held up when unable to obtain clear running and passing the 150m shifted to the inside of Kisrak to obtain clear running.

Passing the 50m Arkiboum was steadied when racing in restricted room between Kisrak and Shiny And New.

Rounding the home turn Melba (D Lane) shifted out and made contact with Arkiboum carrying that horse out off its course.  Shiny And New, which was racing to the outside, was momentarily inconvenienced.


The explanation of trainer Mr A Payne for presenting Clanga’s Glory late on course was accepted.

Clanga’s Glory was slow to begin.

Approaching the 800m Backen Lay brushed the rail.

For most of the event Muchos Respectos (NZ) raced wide without cover.

From passing the 500m until close to the winning post Umgeton was badly held up for a run and went to the line not fully tested.

Approaching and rounding the home turn Outstandingly was held up for clear running.

Passing the 100m Arctic Flight was eased when tightened between Outstandingly and Mucho Respectos (NZ), which was initially carried in by Tigress Joy (D Yendall ) and then shifted in away from that mare.  In the circumstance D Yendall was advised to exercise more care.

When questioned, B Rawiller (Umgeton) explained that the mare was having its first start over the distance tonight and although it had been leading at recent starts he was under no specific instructions except to ride the horse where he felt it was comfortable.  He said that after beginning well from the gates he observed Falconer and Arctic Flight to show good early speed and he allowed them to cross so he could take up a position just behind those horses.  He added that he was anticipating being able to shift out near the 400m however he was pocketed on the inside of Muchos Respectos (NZ) and from this point onwards did not obtain clear running and went to the line without being tested.  A post race veterinary examination of Umgeton revealed no abnormalities.

A post race veterinary examination of Backen Lay revealed the gelding to be lame in the off hind leg and trainer Mr R Smerdon was advised that a veterinary certificate of fitness is required prior to Backen Lay racing again.

M Rodd (Falconer) said that it was not his intention to go forward however the gelding began very well, pulled hard and as a consequence raced just off the leader.  He added that in his view the gelding would be better suited with the removal of the blinkers.

Race 7ADAPT AUSTRALIA HANDICAP - 1200 metres: 

General Groove, Tiger’s Cub and Vicario began awkwardly.

On leaving the gates Magnus Reign was steadied when awkward between Shambles Street and Fringed which shifted in slightly after being brushed by Office Bearer.

In the early stages both Jarrah Twist and Vicario over-raced.

Jarrah Twist raced wide without cover for most of the event.

From passing the 500m until just after straightening, General Groove was held up for clear running and near the 200m became unbalanced when momentarily tightened between Vicario and Laohu, which shifted out after making contact with the rail.

Approaching the 150m Vicario got its head up and was awkward on the heels of Jarrah Twist which rolled out slightly.

Approaching the winning post General Groove and Tiger’s Cub came together.

D Dunn rider of Laohu said that the gelding raced greenly making contact with the rail passing the 200m and was making a noise indicative of a horse that had flipped its palate.  A post race veterinary examination of Laohu revealed no abnormalities.

G Boss said that Shambles Street, which was having its first race start under lights, raced disappointingly.  A post race veterinary examination of Shambles Street revealed no abnormalities.

Race 8SPORTINGBET HANDICAP - 1600 metres: 

Nice And Neat underwent a veterinary examination behind the barriers, after it made contact with the upright leaving the enclosure, and was passed suitable to race.

Trainer Mr N McPherson was severely reprimanded for presenting Testaguy in the mounting yard 4 minutes prior to the advertised starting time of the race.

Testaguy began awkwardly and shifted in resulting in Nice And Neat being tightened in onto Danz Boy which became unbalanced behind.

Throughout the event Snitza raced wide without cover.

B Wallace (Snitza) was reprimanded for using his whip for three consecutive strides prior to the 100m in a forehand manner.

When questioned B Wallace (Snitza) explained he was asked to try and lead from his wide gate however when inside runners improved he was obliged to race wide in a mid-field position.  He said that passing the 800m he received a call from D Stackhouse (Verification), which was racing to his inside, who he thought was receiving tightening form his mount and as a consequence he shifted Snitza out which allowed Verification to improve on his inside.   He further said that as a consequence of this action his mount was then obliged to race five wide from the 600m and despite being pressured from passing the 500m Snitza did not respond and weakened badly in the straight.  He added that after the race he was concerned with the gelding’s action and as Snitza had left the course trainer Mr Hore-Lacy will be contacted regarding the condition of the horse in the ensuing days.  Apprentice B Wallace was told that his riding of Snitza bordered on not being acceptable and he would be expected to show improvement in his riding or he will be referred to the Apprentice Skills Panel.

B Knobel (Testaguy) which was eased down over the concluding stages, could offer no real excuse for the gelding’s disappointing performance tonight.  A post race veterinary examination of Testaguy revealed no abnormalities.

R Williams reported that Meteor Shower was inclined to lay out throughout the race.

R Williams, rider of Meteor Shower (fourth placegetter) was fined $200 for failing to ride her mount out to the end of the race.  In assessing penalty Stewards could not be comfortably satisfied her actions affected the final placings.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

R3 – Conferre, R5 – Melba, R6 – Arctic Flight, Tigress Joy, Louisville Dancer

Post race samples from following horses:

All winners

Raceday Summary


R8 – R Williams, $200, failing to ride to the winning post


R3 – J Bird

R3 – B Knobel

R4 – B Egan

R8 – B Wallace

Severe Reprimands:

R3 – N McLean

R8 – N McPherson


R4 – S Hillebrand

Horse Actions:

R6 – Backen Lay, lame off hind, veterinary certificate

Follow Ups:

R1 – Hollywood Gothic

R2 – Arch Fire (USA)

R7 – Laohu

R8 – Snitza

Track Information

Moonee Valley RACE COURSE

  • State VIC
  • Metro Yes
  • WeatherFine
  • RainfallNil Last 24hrs; 8.5mm Last 7 Days
  • Irrigation4mm Last 24hrs; 35mm Last 7 Days
  • Penetrometer4.56
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingGood 3
  • TypeTurf

Gear Changes