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Mornington Stewards Report

Stewards' Reports

Mornington Racing Club


Thursday 27 December, 2012


Dead 4 upgraded Good 3 at 4.10pm






Out 3 metres – True from 1600 -1200 metres

Stewards Panel:

B. Wright (Chairman), D Triandafillou, C Agnew and M Donovan

Riding Changes/Jockey Information




Replaced By



Snow Idea

B Rawiller

J Benbow

Delayed en route


Shot Of Trice

J Hill

J Bayliss

Delayed en route

Comments and explanations:  A number of horses and riders were late arriving on course due to traffic congestion on the Frankston freeway.

Race 1 –  ORBIT FITNESS PLATE - 1008 metres:

As no other senior rider was available, Stewards permitted app J Bayliss to replace J Hill, who was delayed en route, as the rider of Shot Of Trice.

Stewards considered an objection lodged by Mr T Noonan, trainer of Venomous Clive, which finished second in the race, against Amonmarie (NZ) being declared the winner, on the grounds of alleged interference over the final 100 metres. On the evidence, it was established that passing the 100 metres, Amonmarie (NZ) shifted out slightly towards Venomous Clive, which also shifted slightly, and again near the 50 metres, shifted ground whilst laying out, with Venomous Clive shifting out away from that horse. On that basis, Stewards could not be satisfied that Venomous Clive would have finished ahead of Amonmarie (NZ) had that horse not shifted ground; therefore the objection was dismissed and correct weight declared.

Snow Idea began awkwardly and lost ground (1L).

In the early and middle stages, Amonmarie (NZ) over raced.

In the early stages, Snow Idea raced keenly, and making the turn near the 600 metres, lay out.

Over the final 100 metres, Amonmarie (NZ) lay out and shifted ground.

Race 2 –  HYLAND RACE COLOURS PLATE - 2019 metres:

Hempstread (NZ) and Leroy Bee were slow into stride.

Toranos jumped awkwardly.

On leaving the gates, Gamelist shifted out making contact with Blessed Boy, momentarily unbalancing its rider, D Gauci.

In the early stages, Leroy Bee pulled hard.

Rounding the home turn and when under pressure in the home straight, Equal Billing (NZ) lay in.

P Moloney (Fleur De Louis) reported that the mare over raced in the early and middle stages of the event.

L Nolen, rider of Tambo (NZ), which was under pressure from the 600 metres and performed below expectations, could offer no explanation for the gelding’s performance today.  A subsequent veterinary examination of Tambo did not reveal any obvious abnormality.


Out Of The Box was slow to begin.

For a short distance passing the 1300 metres, Elvis Can Dance over raced with its head up.

S Arnold (Drive) was severely reprimanded for permitting his mount to shift in near the 1200 metres, when not clear of Just Bonnie, resulting in that horse having to be eased and becoming unbalanced.

In the early part of the straight, Just Bonnie lay in, proving a little difficult to ride.

Over the concluding stages, Spirit Of Sandon raced in restricted room inside of Da Nyet, which was laying in and was placed close to the heels of Couperin.


Carmen Over Baby jumped away awkwardly, shifted in and hampered Sophie’s Tryst (NZ) and Ballynova (NZ).

Steiglitz was slow to begin.

In the early and middle stages, Sophie’s Tryst over raced.

In the early stages, Try Pickle raced wide without cover before being allowed to stride to take up a position outside the leader.

Race 5 –  CENTREBET  HANDICAP - 1008 metres:

Stewards accepted the explanation offered for the late scratching of Carbon Spirit at 7.43pm.

After arriving on course, it was noted that Summers Day had shifted its off hind plate requiring farrier attention.

Slewsay jumped awkwardly and became unbalanced, losing ground.

Seraphee jumped awkwardly and made contact with its outside gate.

Counter Rose began awkwardly.

Silverscreen Queen lost its footing behind on leaving the gates.

When being restrained passing the 600 metres, Counter Rose got its head up after being crossed by Sky Shower (NZ)

When questioned app J Bayliss (Slewsay) said that although the mare had shown a tendency to be slow out of the gates, he was instructed to take up a forward position today. He said that when the gates opened, Slewsay was slow to leave due to his error of having too short a hold on the mare. He further added that, as a consequence, the mare over raced at the rear of the field and was checked from the heels of Love My Dad, near the 600 metres. He added that he was told not to bustle Slewsay in the home straight, as the mare needs to be balanced when improving. Trainer R Laing confirmed the instructions  and expressed his disappointment with J Bayliss’ ride of the mare.  After consideration, app J Bayliss was severely reprimanded and told that his riding of Slewsay bordered on not being acceptable. He was further told that he must be prepared to adapt his riding to the circumstances of the race if his race plan cannot be followed.

C Robertson, rider of Counter Rose, which performed poorly, explained that the mare may be at the end of her preparation. Trainer R Kingston notified Stewards that Counter Rose would now be spelled.

Race 6 –– SWETTENHAM STUD LORD STAKES  - 1612 metres: 

Stewards inquired into a report from Stipendiary Steward D Villella, from the Compliance Assurance Team, following his early morning inspection of the stables of Mr B Scott, trainer of Red Colossus, which was engaged to race in this event, that the gelding had been stomach tubed at 5.30pm the previous day at Mr Scott’s stables. Evidence was taken from D Villella and trainer B Scott. It was established that Red Colossus had been stomach tubed at approximately 5.30pm the previous day at the stables of trainer B Scott, which was in breach of AR.64G. It was further established that the stomach tube treatment consisted of 1 x Blud sachet and 2 x scoops of a product called ‘Four Legs Electrolytes’, which contained no alkalising agents and was for the purpose of hydrating Red Colossus. In the circumstances, the Stewards were of the view that Red Colossus should not be permitted to start in the event and ordered the gelding’s withdrawal at 12.10pm. Further, trainer B Scott pleaded guilty to a charge of breaching the provisions of AR.64G(2) and fined him the sum of $1000. In determining penalty, Stewards accepted Mr Scott’s forthrightness, his long period in the industry, the fact that he provided his treatment diary which contained details of the stomach tubing and that he was of the belief that the timing of the stomach tubing treatment was outside of the provisions of AR.64G.

On leaving the gates Another Prelate was bumped by Tai Tai Tess, which shifted out.

Just after the start Spacecraft dipped after making contact with The Wingman.

Zabisco (NZ) was slow into stride.

For most of the event, Westsouthwest (NZ) raced wide without cover.

Rounding the home, Another Prelate was checked and made contact with the rail, when disappointed for a doubtful run on the inside of Full Pearl, which shifted in slightly.

For a short distance rounding the home turn, Ulundi had difficulty obtaining clear running.

Passing the 100 metres, Tai Tai Tess shifted out and bumped Westsouthwest (NZ).

Subsequent to the race, Stewards upgraded the track rating to Good 3 at 4.10pm


Prior to the declaration of correct weight B Rawiller (Chestnut Valley), 2nd placegetter, viewed the Stewards' video before deciding not to lodge an objection.

Chestnut Valley lost its footing behind at the start.

On leaving the gates, Sherwood shifted in and bumped Lady Rum Dum.

Whatanexcuse (NZ) was slow to begin.

Near the 800 metres, Stratigraphy, which was racing keenly, was steadied from the heels of Stratumsphere and shifted in causing some inconvenience to Lady Rum Dum.

Near the 650 metres, Sherwood made contact with the rail, got its head up and became momentarily unbalanced.

Approaching the 600 metres, State Grade, which was racing keenly, was steadied from the heels of Jolie Blonde.

For a short distance approaching and passing the 400 metres, Stratigraphy hung in.

For most of the event, Stratumsphere raced wide without cover.

For a short distance passing the 400 metres, Lady Rum Dum was held up for a run.

Near the 50 metres, Rockshaft (Ms J Beriman) shifted out and bumped Stratigraphy, which in turn made contact with Chestnut Valley. Ms J Beriman was advised to exercise more care.


After being placed in the barrier stall Tellan Dave (NZ) momentarily got its leg up on the side partition.  Tellan Dave (NZ) was removed from the gates, examined by the Club’s veterinary surgeon and deemed suitable to race.

Firejet was slow to begin.

Inabeauti was slow into stride.

Temper Tantrum raced wide for the majority of the race without cover.

When questioned regarding the tactics adopted today, J Benbow (Mr Keith) explained that the horse had been very restless prior to entering its barrier stall and then was reluctant to come up to the gates. He said that from the wide barrier, in the early stages, Mr Keith badly over raced, despite his efforts to hold the horse and for this reason he allowed Mr Keith to stride and take up the lead. He added that in his opinion, Mr Keith gave every indication that it would be better suited as a gelding. A subsequent veterinary examination of Mr Keith did not reveal any obvious abnormality.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 2 – Tambo (N)

Race 3 – Just Bonnie

Race 4 – Try Pickle, Carmen Over Baby

Race 6 – The Wingman (NZ), Euphoric Realm, Tai Tai Tess

Race 8 – Firejet

Post-race samples from the following horses:

R1 – Amonmarie (NZ), winner – R2 – Toranos, winner – R3 – Couperin, winner – R4 – Ayushman, winner – R5 – Oamaru Princess, winner – R6 – Secret Liaison, winner – R7 – Stratigraphy, winner – R8 – Princess Toshi, winner

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings

Race 5 – Carbon Spirit at 7.43pm – order of Stewards (no scratching fee)

Race 6 – Red Colossus at 12.10pm – order of Stewards


Race 6 – B Scott - $1000 AR.64G

Race 7 – C McDonald $100 – late rider notification

Severe Reprimands:

Race 3 - S Arnold  - permitting his mount to shift

Race 5 – app J Bayliss, ride questioned

Supplementary report

Nhill 26/12/12

Race 6 – Nhill Cup.

Co-trainer B Wilde advised Stewards that he could offer no explanation for the poor performance of Watto’s Racer and added that the gelding had pulled up well.

Track Information

Mornington RACE COURSE

  • State VIC
  • Metro No
  • WeatherFine
  • RainfallNil Last 7 Days
  • Irrigation12mm Last 24hrs; 34mm Last 7 Days
  • Penetrometer4.90
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingGood 3
  • TypeTurf

Gear Changes