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Nathan Schofield disqualified 12 months

By Adrian Dunn TVN Friday, November 9, 2012 - 6:36 PM

QUEENSLAND trainer Nathan Schofield was disqualified for 12 months on each of two charges stemming from the late scratching of Beseech from an undercard race on Melbourne Cup day.

Racing Victoria stewards ordered both penalties be served concurrently by Schofield, who trains seven horses at Deagon.

Schofield, who pleaded not guilty to both charges, was found guilty under Rule 175 K, which deals with any person whose conduct or negligence has led or could have led to a breach of the Rules.

Equipment capable of stomach tubing a horse was found in the box where Beseech was stabled and Schofield admitted he was planning to treat the horse as a "last resort".


He was also found guilty under Rule 175 T, which deals with obstructing or hindering the stewards in exercising their duties.

Schofield refused repeated requests from stewards to inspect his car at the time of the stable inspection.

RVL chairman of stewards Terry Bailey said stewards viewed both charges as “serious matters” as Schofield was attempting to stomach tube Beseech on race day, a breach of the rules.

Bailey said stewards didn’t accept the evidence of Schofield of why he was going to administer 400 mill of warm water to Beseech, a horse he told stewards was in need of hydration.

He said the evidence tendered by Schofield wasn’t “plausible”.

Bailey said the breaches of the rules “flies in the face” of the integrity that racing revolved around.

The steward’s random visit to where Schofield had stabled his horse at Geelong was videotaped by the RVL Compliance Assurance team.

The video, which was played during the inquiry, saw a twitch, funnel, bucket, tubing and a measuring cup with 400 mill of warm water in the box stabling Beseech.

Schofield told stewards Beseech had not drunk over night or in the morning of the race and he was considering whether to scratch the horse.

He said he was only considering stomach tubing Beseech as a “last resort”.

Kane Ashby, a member of the Compliance Assurance team, told the inquiry that he and Dion Villella were forced to scale a fence to get into the stables, which Schofield had locked after surveying what was happening several minutes before hand.



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