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Kyneton Stewards Report

Stewards' Reports



Thursday, 13 December, 2012


Dead 4- Upgraded Good 3 at 11.30 a.m.







Stewards Panel:

Ms. H. Lester (Chairperson), Mr. T. Wilson, Mr. L. Koch, Mr. C. Agnew, Mr. K. Sheppard

Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By




J. Mott

B. Rawiller

Delayed en route

Other Comments / Explanations:  T. Sadler was fined $30 for failing to present his winning rides book.   In arriving at penalty Stewards took into consideration that this was T. Sadler’s sixth offence since November 2012.   Stewards also notified T. Sadler that should he re-offend in the near future they would consider taking more severe action.


Near the 800 metres Twin Spires got its head up when over-racing.

At the entrance to the home straight You’ve Been Warned was momentarily inconvenienced by Lightning Legs, which hung out rounding the turn.

You’ve Been Warned had a tendency to lay in in the straight.

Over the concluding stages You’ve Been Warned continued to lay in, resulting in its rider T. Neve having to stop riding and straighten her mount.

R. Wiliams rider of Lightning Legs reported that her mount laid out throughout the event.


Our Swagman and Stradale were slow tobegin.

After passing the 1100 metres Our Swagman had to be steadied and was taken in off its course when Glenaroua (D. Lane) shifted in abruptly when not quite clear. D. Lane was issued with a severe reprimand and notified that he must ensure he is two lengths clear when shifting ground at all times.   In arriving at penalty Stewards were of the view that Our Swagman which had been slow to begin, did make up some ground to the inside of Glenaroua.   Likeadylan which had been racing to the inside of Our Swagman was inconvenienced at this point.

Near the 900 metres Businessman was racing fiercely and had to be steadied to the outside of the heels of Magnavita.   Businessman continued to over-race for some distance.

Businessman ducked in abruptly on straightening and then laid in from that point.

Galop Infernale laid in in the straight.

V. Duric rider of Stradale which performed below market expecations, stated that the gelding was slow to begin and failed to quicken when put under pressure near the 600 metres, and he was of the opinion that it would be better suited over a mile.


Prior to correct weight D. Holland rider of Capodichino third placegetter viewed the official video before deciding not to proceed with an objection.   It was established that at the entrance to the straight Capodichino and Recriminate came together due to both horses shifting ground.

Bouzeron was slow to begin.

Near the 1300 metres Capodichino shifted out away from Classy Francesca, which shifted out slightly and took Bouzeron out off its course.  As a result Recriminate was forced wider on the track.

Royal Coutire pulled hard in the early and middle stages.

Heza Bit Hissy over-raced in the middle stages.

From the 600 metres until the 400 metres Heza Bit Hissy was held up when unable to improve its position.

Heza Bit Hissy laid in in the straight.

Race 4 – LEADING TEAMS MAIDEN PLATE - 1850 metres: 

Correct weight was delayed as connections of Boho wished to view the official photo finish print before agreeing with the Judge’s placings.

Liberty Blaze was slow to begin and then had to be checked when tightened for room between Noanda and Rasteira both of which shifted ground.

Oh Pity Me raced wide without cover.

Rounding the home turn Khameela laid out.

M. Rodd rider of Mystic Dancer which performed below market expectations, stated that due to the lack of pace in todays event he setted more forward than at the mare’s most recent starts and it did not finished off the event as he would have expected.

Boho broke down in a rear fetlock on pulling up and was huanely euthorised.

Race 5 – KYNETON ELECTRICCS 0-58 HANDICAP - 1850 metres: 

Acting on a confirmed telephone call from trainer S. Roberts who advised that Kempside had sustained lacerations to its legs and was unfit to run, Stewards ordered the withdrawal of that gelding at 8.43 a.m.   Mr. Roberts will produce a Veterinary Certificate in respect to Kempside.

Prior to correct weight B. Rawiller, rider of equal first placegetter Revel In Glory, viewed the official photo finish print before agreeing with the judge’s decision. B Rawiller also viewed footage of video in the straight before deciding not to proceed with an objection.

Tyira Ace bounded in the air when the gates were released and lost ground.

Roman Pleasure raced keenly in the early and mddle stages.

Tyira Ace raced wide without cover.

French Caution laid in over the concluding stages.

Race 6 – NMIT SHOWCASE BM72 HANDICAP - 1850 metres: 

The connections of Equal Rights notified Stewards it was their intention to have the mare ridden more forward today as it had not been finishing off its races when ridden further back in the field.    Equal Rights shifted in on jumping away and was unable to muster early speed and setted at the rear of the field.

On jumping away Lifetime had to be checked when tightened for room between Fabriano and Lionpower, both of which shifted ground.

From the 600 metres until approaching the 400 metres Lifetime was held up when unable to obtain clear running.

Race 7 – SPORTSBET. COM.AU TOP TOTE PLUS 0-68 HANDICAP - 1450 metres: 

Cinnamon Sticks was marginally slow to begin.

Cinnamon Sticks over-raced in the early stages.

Loves A Challenge raced wide without cover in the early and midde stages before taking up a position outside the leader near the 800 metres.

Supreme De Lago had to be checked off the heels of Baremin approaching the 600 metres.

Rounding the home turn Loves A Challenge had some difficulty in obtaining a clear run.

Inside the 100 metres Burlington when weakening, had to be eased by its rider to avoid the heels of other runners.

At the winning post Cinnamon Sticks had to be steadied when tightened for room between Loves A Challenge and Bel Rhythm, which shifted in under pressure.

Race 8 – SIGN OBSESSION SHOWCASE 0-62 HANDICAP - 1200 metres: 

Repousser was marginally slow to begin and then had to be steadied off the heels of Greystone, which shifted in.

Thorn Star was marginally slow to begin.

Where’sThe Bar raced wide without cover.

When Savvy Princess weakened quickly near the 400 metres Lenguita which was following, was inconvenienced and Flirtatious which was also following had to be steadied in consequence.

Paniolo laid in in the straight.

Over the concluding stages Flirtatious had to be steadied when tightened for room between El Blazing Time and Jazz King (B. Melham), which shifted in under pressure.  B. Melham was notified to exercise more care in future.

B. Rawiller rider of Where’s The Bar stated on scale that his mount hung in throughout the event.

J. Lyon rider of Savvy Princess which was disappointing could offer no reason for that mare’s performance.   A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.


Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 1 -  Chosen Son

Race 4 -  Liberty Blaze, Khameela. Rasteira

Race 5 -  The Tyrant, Grature

Race 6 -  Adios Muchachos, Equal RIghts

Post race samples from following horses:

All winners today

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings:

Race 5 -  Kempside – 8.43 a.m.


T. Sadler - $300 – failing to present his winning rides book


Severe Reprimands:

Race 2 -  D. Lane – shifting ground


Horse Actions:

R8: Thorn Star, performed below market expectations

Change of Tactics:

Adjourned Inquiries:

Follow Ups:

Track Information


  • State VIC
  • Metro No
  • WeatherShowery
  • RainfallNil Last 7 Days
  • Irrigation10mm Last 24hrs; 36mm Last 7 days
  • Penetrometer6.11
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingGood 3
  • TypeTurf

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