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Pakenham Stewards Report

Stewards' Reports



Saturday, 5 January 2013


Dead 4







Stewards Panel:

Mr S Shinsky (Chairman), Mr B White, Mrs L King, Mr M Donovan

Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By



Fosseding Barnes

A Mallyon

C Treymane

Became indisposed


Show Dancer (NZ)

R Bradley

B Higgins




S Wynne

J Hill

Became indisposed



J Hill

C Parish

Unable to make weight

Must produce Medical Certificate prior to riding again:

A Mallyon


On jumping away, Macpherson and Frankly (NZ) bumped.

Shortly after this, Frankly (NZ) shifted in and bumped Chutes.

Near the 1100m, Chutes got its head up when racing in restricted room to the inside of Frankly (NZ).

Love To Learn raced wide without cover from the 800m.

J Robertson (Love To Learn) was questioned as to why he allowed May Rain (second favourite), who was racing to his inside, to improve to a two-wide position outside the leader, Royal Scandal.  J Robertson stated that he would have liked to have obtained a position just outside Royal Scandal, however, May Rain improved to that position quicker than he anticipated, resulting in the filly racing wide without cover.  J Robertson added that he has only had a handful of rides since returning to race riding and he had erred in not improving earlier to take up a position outside of Royal Scandal and allowing May Rain to obtain that run. His comments were noted.

Following the event, A Mallyon was examined by the Club’s doctor due to a hip complaint.  A Mallyon was stood down from any further riding engagements and must produce a medical certificate prior to riding again.

Race 2brother o’malley maiden plate - 1300 metres: 

It was reported that More Please was extremely fractious in the tie ups.  The Club’s veterinary surgeon examined the gelding in the mounting yard.  On arrival at the barriers, J Lyon, rider of More Please, explained that his mount felt scratchy in its action en-route to the barriers.  A further veterinary examination revealed that the gelding, once the blinkers had been removed, had sustained abrasions on its head and was declared unfit to start.  Subsequently, Stewards ordered the withdrawal of More Please at 1.54pm on veterinary advice and the following alterations to betting;  Win bets 15c, Place bets 15c – 1, 9c – 2, 17c – 3.

On jumping away, Naughty Boy Roy shifted out behind the heels of Wag and as a result, lost ground.

Backstedt slipped on jumping away.

Approaching the 900m, Backstedt shifted in towards the heels of Allez La Rouge before being straightened by its rider.  As a result, Heart Thumper, which was following, had to be steadied. 

Stewards questioned S Wynne (Allez La Rouge), I Gundogdu (Lady Montana), B Werner (Mr Tizmo), D Smith (Weathervane), and C Robertson (Backstedt) regarding an incident near the 400m where Lady Montana and Allez La Rouge had to be checked.  On the available footage and evidence it was established that Weathervane shifted out to obtain clear running around Wag and in doing so, took Mr Tizmo outwards on to Allez La Rouge.  At the same time Backstedt, which had been hanging out, shifted in when being corrected by its rider, resulting in Lady Montana, which was racing to the inside of Backstedt, being tightened for room.  In the incident, Mr Tizmo had to be eased and Lady Montana and Allez La Rouge were checked when tightened for room.  As the Stewards were of the view that C Robertson (Backstedt) did his utmost to prevent his mount from shifting in, no action was taken, however, D Smith (Weathervane) was severely reprimanded for permitting his mount to shift ground where there was insufficient room to do so.

Stewards questioned B Werner (Mr Tizmo), S Wynne (Allez La Rouge), I Gundogdu (Lady Montana) regarding an incident rounding the home turn and near the 300m.  On available footage and the evidence it was established that Mr Tizmo, when weakening, shifted out slightly and Lady Montana shifted in slightly, resulting in Allez La Rouge having to be checked.  As Stewards felt no one rider was responsible for the incident, no action was taken other than Stewards notifying all riders to exercise greater care when in similar circumstances in future.

Passing the 200m, Angelino, when weakening, had to be steadied off the heels of Wag, which shifted in slightly when under pressure.

B Werner, rider of Mr Tizmo, was reprimanded for failing to weigh in after the race.  Stewards took into account that B Werner has just resumed race riding after a long break.

Immediately on return to the enclosure, S Wynne required medical treatment for dehydration and subsequently was unable to weigh in.  As Stewards were satisfied S Wynne had weighed out at her allotted weight, Correct Weight was declared in her absence.  The Club’s doctor ruled S Wynne unfit to ride for the remainder of the day.

Ms L Shand, trainer of Note Shredder, was issued with a severe reprimand for presenting the gelding on-course wearing plates that were in a condition not up to industry standard.  Ms Shand was notified that a repeat incident would incur a fine.

Race 3pakenham gazette maiden plate - 1750 metres: 

Lucky Elvis was marginally slow to begin and was then tightened for room between Joy Of Gold and Prince Valiant, which shifted in.

Approaching the winning post on the first occasion, until passing the 1000m, Mr Keith got its head up when racing ungenerously.

Edgardo was held up for a clear run rounding the home turn until the early part of the straight.

Queen Of Spin and Prince Valiant raced four-wide without cover from passing the 900m.

Lucky Elvis cast its near fore plate during the running of the race.

A veterinary examination of Mr Keith, which was eased up over the line, revealed no abnormalities.  K Horobin, trainer of Mr Keith, notified Stewards that he would send the horse for a spell.

Race 4cardinia shire cup - 1750 metres: 

Trainer Ms L Enright notified Stewards that it was the stable’s intention to have You’rejokingme ridden in a forward position as opposed to its usual racing pattern where it settles at the rear of the field.  Ms Enright further explained that the gelding has not been finishing off its races when it settles towards the rear. You’re jokingme settled mid-field and raced wide without cover for the majority of the race.

Simply Pure jumped away awkwardly, shifted out and bumped Wantonly.  Shortly after this, Simply Pure, Wantonly and King Joy were all inconvenienced when tightened for room between Tellan Dave (NZ) which was taken in by Jennie Cool Cat (NZ), and Way In The Black, which shifted out.

Near the 1200m, King Joy shifted in, brushed the running rail and became unbalanced.

Stewards questioned C Treymane (You’rejokingme), J Childs (Tellan Dave) and I Gundogdu (Simply Pure) regarding an incident near the 500m where J Childs was almost dislodged after his mount blundered.  On the evidence and available footage it was established that Tellan Dave (NZ) had improved into a position where there was restricted galloping room between Simply Pure and You’rejokingme, which shifted in marginally.  As a result, Tellan Dave (NZ) clipped the heels of Simply Pure, blundering and almost dislodging its rider, J Childs.  As a result of this interference, Rock To Excess was forced to shift out and race wider and Wantonly had to be checked to avoid the heels of Tellan Dave (NZ).  As Stewards felt no one rider was responsible for this interference no action was taken, however, notified apprentice rider J Childs should exercise more care when in a similar circumstance.

Rounding the home turn, Redjoe was momentarily held up for a clear run to the inside of Jennie Cool Cat (NZ).

Rounding the home turn and in the early part of the straight King Joy was momentarily held up when unable to obtain a clear run.

Race 5snowy pratt battler’s handicap - 2800 metres: 

Willy’s Boy was marginally slow to begin.

From the 800m Fetes Alfresco and East Verses West commenced to race wide without cover.

Passing the 200m, Power To Surprise (NZ) was momentarily inconvenienced between St Roper and Frogsplash, which both shifted ground.

Shirlaski bled from both nostrils during the race and will now incur the mandatory three months’ suspension from racing.

Race 6p.b. ronald memorial class 1 hcp - 1300 metres: 

Trainer Mr R Maund was fined $50 for presenting Fosseding Barnes in the mounting yard without winkers, which are part of that horse’s approved gear.

Fosseding Barnes was slow to begin.

Petachi was slow to muster speed after jumping away.

Near the 1200m, Silver Creek became unbalanced when racing tight for a short distance between Mairead and Paniolo, which shifted in slightly.

In the early stages, Paniolo got its head up when over-racing.

Near the 800m, Silver Creek shifted out and commenced to race wide without cover.

Near the 600m, Paniolo, which commenced to over-race, shifted out and bumped Silver Creek, which was turned sideways then shifted in, resulting in Paniolo being carried in on to the heels of South Street and being checked. 

Albadeen had a tendency to hang out rounding the home turn.

Near the 100m, Albadeen had to be momentarily eased off the heels of Mairead, which shifted in.

Paniolo had a tendency to lay in under pressure in the straight.

C Treymane, rider of Fosseding Barnes which got a fair way out of its ground in the early stages, and dipped on several occasions between the 800m and 600m, explained that the gelding did not feel right in its action and she was in two minds whether or not to ease it out of the event.  Trainer R Maund explained that in his opinion the gelding is sluggish and that C Treymane should have been more responsive to the way the horse was racing.  A post-race veterinary examination revealed no obvious abnormalities.

Race 7pakenham fruit plaza 0-68 hcp - 1000 metres: 

Prussian Power raced wide without cover for the majority of the event.

Rounding the home turn, Black Jack Boy was held up for clear running.

C Treymane, rider of Source Code which performed below market expectations, explained that the gelding travelled well in the early and middle stages, however, when placed under pressure did not handle today’s track conditions.  A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

R2 – Weathervane, R3 – Queen Of Spin, Green Roller, R4 – You’rejokingme, R5 – Fetes Alfresco, East Verses West, R6 - Mairead

Post-race samples from the following horses (winners):

R1 – Royal Scandal, R2 – Backstedt, R3 – Green Roller, R4 – Way In The Black, R5 – Fetes Alfresco, R6 – Mairead, R7 – Prussian Power

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings:

R3 – More Please (Vets)


R2 – Mr A Macpherson (Wag) - $100 Late Rider

R6 – Mr R Maund (Fosseding Barnes) - $50 Wrong Gear


R2 – B Werner (Mr Tizmo) – Failed to weigh in

Severe Reprimands:

R2 – Ms L Shand (AR.141A(1))

R2 – D Smith (Weathervane) – AR.137(a)

Horse Actions:

R6 – Shirlaski (Mr G Hayes) – Suspended (Bled – 1 time)

Track Information


  • State VIC
  • Metro No
  • WeatherFine
  • RainfallNil Last 7 Days
  • Irrigation9mm Last 24 hrs; 42mm Last 7 Days
  • Penetrometer5.20
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingDead 4
  • TypeTurf

Gear Changes