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Ricky Maund fined $10,000

By Adrian Dunn TVN Monday, December 10, 2012 - 5:14 PM

RACING Victoria chairman of stewards Terry Bailey told Ricky Maund he “got through the break” as he imposed a $10,000 fine on the trainer after he was found guilty of race day treatment to Timely Truce last month.

Bailey used a swimming analogy to enforce to Maund that the penalty is likely to be far greater if the Australian Racing Board agree next month to set periods of suspension/disqualification for those found guilty of race day administration.

He said if the national push for harsh penalties to accompany race day treatment is sanctioned by the ARB then “fines may not be on the table”.

He noted that the endeavours of the Compliance Assurance Team over the spring carnival in catching trainers administering race day treatment has brought national recognition and a push for them to be considered as a serious offence, which in turn would see them dealt with by the Racing Appeals & Disciplinary Board.

Bailey noted that the $10,000 fine imposed last month on Robert Smerdon after he was charged with negligence when a horse he trained was found with blood on its neck on race day was an elevation in previous penalties delivered.

“That decision of Smerdon’s was a deliberate message that race day treatment will not be condoned,” Bailey said.

“Mr Maund you got through the break. If the national push is sanctioned by the ARB fines may not be on the table.”

Bailey noted that unlike the Smerdon case the only person who could have administered treatment to Timely Truce on November 10, the day the horse was to race at Flemington, was Maund.

Maund, who pleaded not guilty, accepted the penalty.

“I think it (the inquiry) was conducted well,” Maund said.

“They took all the points into consideration. With the $10,000 fine to (Robert) Smerdon they could not give me a $5,000 fine.

“Overall, we can’t be too disappointed. I was given a fair hearing.”


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