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Friday November 9, 2012


Slow 6; upgraded Dead 5 @ 11.22 a.m; upgraded Dead 4 @ 1.42 p.m.






True entire circuit

Stewards Panel:

Mr B. Scarlett (Chairman), Ms H. Lester, Mr G.D. Lee, Mrs L. King

Riding Changes/Jockey Information




Replaced By



Red Hot Rum

A. Mallyon

B. Higgins

Delayed en route


Honey Bee Faithful

J. Mott

T. Bell


Race 1james yeates printing f & m maiden plate - 1100 metres: Jezeera Rose commenced awkwardly.

Rounding the home turn and until near the 200 metres Orasun, which was laying in, had some difficulty obtaining clear running.

Newline was momentarily held up for clear running rounding the home turn.

In the straight Jezeera Rose had a tendency to lay in when under pressure.

Over the concluding stages Schussing had a slight tendency to lay in.

C. Hyland, trainer of Schussing, when questioned regarding the improved performance of that filly today which had failed to beat a runner home at its previous start, advised that at its first start on April 18, 2012 the filly was shin sore and at its most recent start on October 18, 2012 raced very greenly.  C. Hyland added that with the application of blinkers today he expected a forward showing.
D. Stackhouse, rider of Jezeera Rose, could offer no explanation for the poor performance of the mare today.  A post race veterinary examination of Jezeera Rose did not reveal any obvious abnormalities.

L. Currie, rider of Perfect Rainbow which performed below market expectations, could offer no explanation for the performance today.

Race 2wellington regional tourism maiden plate - 1600 metres:  In the early stages Bally Tambo was inclined to overrace and threw its head on a number of occasions.
T. Bell, rider of Singersongwriter reported to Stewards that his mount raced greenly in the straight.
N. Rose, rider of Toy’s Opinion which finished tailed off, stated that when placed under pressure today, his mount commenced to lay out and he was of the view there may have been something amiss with the gelding. A post race veterinary examination of Toy’s Opinion did not reveal any obvious abnormalities.
E. Fischer, trainer of Toy’s Opinion, will be contacted in the coming days to ascertain whether anything had come to light that may have affected its performance today.

Race 3quest apartments sale sv 3yo maiden plate - 1400 metres:  Stewards accepted trainer B. Purcell’s explanation for arriving half an hour late on course today due to mechanical problems en route.
The explanation provided by A. Mallyon for being unable to fulfil his engagement to ride Red Hot Rum, was accepted.  A. Mallyon was subsequently replaced by B. Higgins as the rider of Red Hot Rum.

Red Hot Rum was slow to begin and was then tightened for room between Press Play and Quick Spur which shifted out on jumping.
Purrstring commenced awkwardly.
In the early stages when being restrained Sunstroem got its head up on a number of occasions.
Emergency Ward which was following had to be restrained to avoid the heels of Sunstroem and lost ground.
Purrstring was obliged to race wide without cover.
Near the 600 metres Open shifted out and bumped the hindquarters of Quick Spur unbalancing that gelding.

R. Maloney rider of Emergency Ward, was questioned in regard to his riding of the gelding today.  R. Maloney stated that it was his intention today to settle in a position closer to the speed, however, his mount did not begin well today and had to be steadied near the 1200 metres off the heels of Sunstroem .  For this reason he ended up further back in the field than he anticipated.  He explained he was then unable to improve when held up for clear running for some distance. Maloney further explained when a run did present itself at the top of the straight between Press Play and Sunstroem he was unable to improve into that run as soon as he would have hoped due to his mount hanging in at that stage. R. Maloney’s comments were noted... 

Approaching the 200 metres when obtaining a run between Press Play and Sunstroem, Emergency Ward had to be eased off the heels of Press Play which shifted out when racing greenly.  J. Mott, rider of Press Play, was notified to exercise more care when shifting ground.

Race 4prime7 0-62 handicap - 1400 metres: Correct weight was delayed as D. Holland, rider of Bigcat Rhapsody, second placegetter, wished to view the Stewards’ Patrol film before deciding not to lodge an objection.

J. Mott was questioned regarding his ride on Moon Bricks particularly during the early and middle stages and over the concluding stages. J. Mott stated that it was his intention to take a sit outside the leader, however, near the 1200 metres he was forced three wide by Bigcat Rhapsody.  He then attempted to restrain his mount to gain cover behind Bigcat Rhapsody but was unable to do so due to Come On Bill improving to his inside and as a result he was left three-wide without cover.  J. Mott stated that he elected to not to allow his mount to stride forward to obtain the lead as he felt this would have used up the gelding too early and that Moon Bricks was racing too strongly to restrain to the back of the field to gain cover. J. Mott further added that his mount failed to let down when placed under pressure in the straight and was disappointing in his opinion. J. Mott’s comments were noted. A post race veterinary examination of Moon Bricks did not reveal any obvious abnormality.

J. Fry, rider of Georgealmighty was fined the sum of $100.00 for using his whip in a back hand manner which the Stewards deemed excessive (34 times).

Race 5stratford on the river tourist park bm72 handicap - 1700 metres:  Incorruptible was slow into stride.
Inside the 100 metres Hold For Applause raced in restricted room between Ivory Cross and Incorruptible.

Race 6sale greyhound club 0-68 handicap - 1200 metres: Near the 800 metres Tanjil which was overracing, was steadied to avoid the heels of Next which shifted out slightly. J. Mott, rider of Next, was notified to exercise care when shifting ground.
Approaching the 200 metres Next shifted out to avoid the heels of Family Crest which was shifting out to obtain clear running.
During the running of the event Girl Gone Rockin cast a near fore plate.
D. Holland, rider of Girl Gone Rockin, could offer no explanation for the mare’s poor performance today.  A post race veterinary examination of Girl Gone Rockin did not reveal any obvious abnormalities.

Race 7star hotel sale 0-58 handicap - 1100 metres: Mr E. Musgrove, trainer of I’m A Soldier, was fined the sum of $50.00 for presenting the gelding in the mounting yard without a tongue tie which is part of its approved gear.

On jumping away I’m A Soldier was tightened for room between Parvenu and Nereus.
Shortly after this Nereus was carried out across the heels of Derrynane and had to be steadied.
Nereus was obliged to race wide without cover.
Just prior to straightening Parvenu was steadied when tightened for room between Nereus and I’m A Soldier which shifted out to obtain clear running when not quite clear.  T. Bell, rider of I’m A Soldier, was notified he must ensure he is clear when shifting ground.
L. Coffey, rider of Primo Lago, was reprimanded for using his whip in a forehand manner in consecutive strides prior to the 100 metres.

Race 8frog gully cottages f&m 0-62 handicap - 1200 metres:  No report.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

R.2 – Singersongwriter, Toy’s Opinion;               R.3 – Quick Spur

R.4 – Moon Bricks                                             R.5 – Incorruptible

R.6 – Girl Gone Rockin                                      R.7 – Unique Ruler

R.8 – Mrs Hadlee

Post race samples from following horses:

R.1 – Schussing – winner.                                  R.2 – Hitchens – winner.

R.3 – Maconsilia – winner.                                  R.4 – Decked Out – winner.

R.5 – Tube – winner.                                          R.6 – Tanjil- winner.

R.7 – Parvenu – winner.                                     R.8 – Hot Pies – winner.

Raceday Summary


R.4 – J. Fry – $100 - whip use.

R.7 – E. Musgrove - $50 – no t/tie


R.7 – L. Coffey – whip use consecutively

Follow up:

R.2 – Toy’s Opinion

Track Information


  • State VIC
  • Metro No
  • WeatherOvercast
  • Rainfall6mm Past 48hrs - 26.5mm Past 7 days
  • IrrigationNil Past 24hrs, 28mm Past 7 days
  • Penetrometer5.93
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingDead 4
  • TypeTurf

Gear Changes