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Monday December 24, 2012


Good 3




Hot and Windy


True position entire circuit.

Stewards Panel:

Mr D. Triandafillou (Chairman), Mr B. Wright, Mr G. Lee, Mrs L. King, Mr M. Donovan (Cadet).

Riding Changes/Jockey Information




Replaced By



My Villena

R. Maloney

P. Mertens



Kem Hart

B. Melham

A. Mallyon

Became indisposed



R. Maloney

M. Allen



Outback Ranger


I. Gundogdu



Pretty Adamant

B. Melham

D. Holland

Became indisposed



R. Maloney

A. McCabe




D. Smith

A. Stead

Became indisposed


Stab Pass

J. Rule

N. Rose


Must produce Medical Certificate prior to riding again:

A.Darmanin, B. Melham

Other Comments/Explanations:
On arrival on course B. Melham, who was unable to obtain a Doctor’s clearance from yesterday’s racemeeting, was examined by the Club’s Doctor and passed fit to ride.
Subsequent to the running of Race 6 D. Smith was examined by the Club’s Doctor and deemed unfit to fulfil his remaining ride.

Race 1THE STABLE DOOR SV 3YO MJAIDEN PLATE  - 1100 metres: Allez Le Rouge and Canova were slow to begin.
Near the 700 metres Canova shifted out when avoiding the heels of Double Black which was overracing when wide without cover.
V. Duric, rider of Canova, which performed below expectations, explained that the gelding was slow to begin, however travelled fairly throughout the event until placed under pressure in the straight where it failed to respond to his riding.  A subsequent veterinary examination of Canova did not reveal any obvious abnormalities.
Subsequent to the event B. Melham was examined by the Club’s Doctor and deemed unfit to fulfil his remaining engagements.  B. Melham was notified that prior to race riding again he will need to provide a Doctor’s Certificate.

Race 2CENTRAL DRY CLEANERS MAIDEN PLATE - 1200 metres: Biscay Diamond and Beleven were marginally slow to begin.
Joy Of Gold raced wide for the majority of the race without cover.
In the early part of the straight El Mandoma and Gold Rises had difficulty in obtaining clear runs.
After passing the 200 metres De Master layed out under pressure.
In the straight Chad layed out under pressure placing its rider S. Wynne at a slight disadvantage in riding the gelding out.

D. Smith rider of Belli Laugh which performed below expectations, explained that the gelding did not appreciate the addition of pacifiers for today’s event and may be better suited with them off at its next start.  A subsequent veterinary examination of Belli Laugh did not reveal any obvious abnormalities.

B. Knobel, rider of Sky Gambler, when questioned regarding the tactics employed today, explained that he was instructed by the trainer (M. Farrugia) to be aggressive from the start in an attempt to take up a forward position.  However, rather than race wide without cover he allowed Sky Gambler to stride and take up a lead position near the 900 metres.  Mr M. Farrugia confirmed the instructions given and was notified should there be any significant change in the instructions that differ from its previous runs, he would be expected to notify the Stewards of this information in future.

Race 3GIPPSLAND CONCRETE POOLS 0-58 HANDICAP - 2200 metres: Singersongwriter was slow to begin.
In the early stages Amazing Warrior and Singersongwriter overraced and on occasions got their heads up.
After passing the 400 metres and early part of the straight Singersongwriter was held up for a clear run.
Near the 150 metres Singersongwriter shifted in and brushed Power To Surprise.

P. Maloney rider of Black Hawk Down could offer no excuse for its poor performance other than it had a tendency to lay out from the 1000 metres.

Race 4TYREPOWER – SALE MAIDEN PLATE - 1400 metres: Due to a float breakdown en route to the course Vittese and Izared were late arriving on course.  Vittese and Izared were examined by the Club’s Veterinary Surgeon and passed suitable to race.

Mali’s Boy was slow to begin.
Super Excited was slow to begin (3L).
On jumping away Vittese which was momentarily slow to begin and was then hampered by Izared which shifted out.
Daytime Daisy raced wide for the majority of the race without cover.
For a short distance passing the 300 metres Mali’s Boy was held up for a clear run.
Approaching the 200 metres Daytime Daisy was inconvenienced when Are You Sirius shifted out.

D. Smith, rider of Mali’s Boy which performed poorly, reported that the gelding travelled well in the early and middle stages, however, failed to run on when placed under pressure in the straight.  A subsequent veterinary examination of Mali’s Boy did not reveal any obvious abnormalities.

After the running of the race it was noted that Tanjil Frost had suffered a bleeding attack and is now suspended from racing for the mandatory three months.

Race 5FINDLAY & WEYMOUTH F&M 0-58 HANDICAP - 1400 metres:  Correct weight was delayed so that Stewards could view the start of the race to determine whether Born This Way was denied a fair start.  It was established that just prior to the gates being released Born This Way became fractious and sat down behind resulting in the mare standing flat-footed and losing considerable ground.  Stewards deemed this incident to be caused solely by Born This Way. Mr C. Murray, trainer of Born This Way, was notified that the mare was now suspended until such time as it trials to the satisfaction of the Stewards.

Race 6L J HOOKER – SALE BM72 HANDICAP - 1400 metres: All riders were questioned prior to the running of this event in regard to the strong winds that have swept through Gippsland and all voted that it was safe to continue with the meeting.

Chatrang was slow to begin.
Near the 1200 metres Chatrang, Phantom Flight and Our Skeeta raced tight to the inside of Cleaver for a short distance.
Loukoumi raced wide for the majority of the race without cover.
In the early part of the straight Cleaver had difficulty in obtaining a clear run.
Near the 250 metres Loukoumi had to be checked when tightened for room between Outback Ranger (I. Gundogdu) which shifted out to improve its position, and Cleaver which gained a tight run to the inside of Our Skeeta which shifted in at that stage. After taking into account the circumstances I. Gundogdu was severely reprimanded and notified to exercise more care when shifting ground in future.

Race 7LAZZARO BROS. FRUITERERS 0-68 HANDICAP - 1700 metres: Hot Power and Momuntai Momuntai were both slow to begin.  Momuntai Momuntai was then caught wide and allowed to stride by its rider to take up a position outside the leader near 1200m.
Loves A Challenge began awkwardly and got its head up.
Near the 800 metres Haka Brave had to be steadied off the heels of Fresh Light.  Loves A Challenge which was following had to shift out as a consequence.
Rounding the home turn Pretty Adamant shifted into a tight run between It’s Black Magic which shifted out slightly, and Momuntai Momuntai which shifted in slightly and as a result Pretty Adamant had to be steadied and became unbalanced.

Near the 200 metres Hot Power had to be checked when improving into a run between Jileks Spur and Momuntai Momuntai (C. Pace) which shifted out after being struck by the whip.  C. Pace was severely reprimanded and notified to exercise more care when in similar circumstances in future.

After the race trainer C. Little reported that Fresh Light had sustained a laceration to its off hind leg.

Race 8FLOWERS ON JOHNSON 0-62 HANDICAP - 1200 metres: Mr C. Little, trainer of Dashiell, was fined the sum of $200.00 for the late notification of B. Knobel, rider of the gelding, which was lodged on race morning.

Subsequent to the running of Race 7 Mr S. Eden, trainer of Hoaksdale notified that it was their intention, if possible, from the good barrier draw and with the addition of blinkers, to have the gelding in a forward position.  Hoaksdale was ridden accordingly but wide throughout without cover.

On jumping away Sensational News scrambled and lost ground.  S. Wynne, rider of Sensational News, reported that after jumping away awkwardly and losing ground, this had a detrimental effect on its chances of being in the placings.
Spiritstar shifted out abruptly on jumping away and whilst being corrected by its rider, got its head up and lost ground.

Sportscaster overraced when wide without cover.
Rounding the home turn and in the early part of the straight Bitey Horsey was held up when unable to obtain a clear run.
Near the 300 metres Horacio (M. Allen) shifted out to improve its position and took Sportscaster out onto Hoaksdale.  M. Allen was reprimanded and notified to exercise more care when shifting ground in future.
Approaching the 100 metres Sportscaster shifted in and brushed Bitey Horsey.
After passing the 150 metres Pop A Top layed out under pressure.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

R.2 – Gold Rises, Sky Gambler, In Flight Mode               R.3 – Compelled, Power To Surprise, Gold Pass.

R.5 – French Affair, Thedesertsessions;                         R.8 – Come On Bill.

Post race samples from following horses:

R.1 – Kaiser Sun – winner.                                             R.2 – De Master – winner.

R.3 – Frogsplash – winner.                                             R.4 – Teretoa – winner.

R.5 – Valpincon – winner.                                               R.6 – Aerolink – winner.

R.7 – Fresh Light – winner.                                             R.8 – Horacio – winner.

Raceday Summary


R.8 – C. Little – $200 – late rider.


S. Wynne – from Cranbourne 22/12/12 (see below)

Severe Reprimands:

R.6 – I Gundogdu

R.7 – C. Pace – shifting when not clear.

Horse Actions:

R.4 – Tanjil Frost – bled – 3 mths suspension from racing.

R.5 – Born This Way – trial to satisfaction of Stewards.

Change of Tactics:

R.8 – Hoaksdale – ridden more forward.

Cranbourne Turf Club, Saturday December 22, 2012 (night racing).

Jockey S. Wynne was reprimanded for her conduct when leaving the Stewards’ room subsequent to the running of the last race, when she was penalised the sum of $200.00 for failing to ride her mount Slewsay, fifth placegetter, out to the end of the race.

Ballarat Racing Club December 23, 2012 - Race 4:

Mr M. Young, trainer of Typo which performed poorly, advised that the gelding had pulled up well and he will continue with Typo’s preparation.

Track Information


  • State VIC
  • Metro No
  • WeatherFine
  • RainfallNil Last 24hrs; 20mm Last 7 Days
  • Irrigation20mm Last 48hrs; 20mm Last 7 Days
  • Penetrometer5.68
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingGood 3
  • TypeTurf

Gear Changes