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Saturday January 26, 2013


Dead 4






+6m from 1200m chute to Winning Post. Remainder true.

Stewards Panel:

Mr B. Wright (Chairman), Mr D. Triandafillou, Mr S. Shinsky, Mrs L. King.

Riding Changes/Jockey Information




Replaced By



Prospector’s Luck

B. Knobel

A. Mallyon



Prospector’s Luck

A. Mallyon

R. Cross




B. Evans

N. Rose



Culloden House

I. Gundogdu

B. Knobel



Von’s Rippa

B. Knobel

I. Gundogdu



Flash Cadillac

J. Bayliss

D. Adam


Other Comments/Explanations:

R.7 – as no other apprentice rider was available Stewards permitted D. Adam to ride Flash Cadillac.

Race 1STEEPLES SV 3YO MAIDEN PLATE - 1727 metres: Upon arrival at the starting gates, L. Currie, rider of Rosebrook, requested the filly undergo a veterinary examination. 
Subsequently, Rosebrook was examined by the Veterinary Surgeon, found to be lame in the near foreleg and unfit to race. 
Acting on this advice, Stewards ordered the withdrawal of Rosebrook at 1.14 p.m. and the following betting deductions:  all monies bet for a win and/or place and concession betting on the late scratching to be refunded.  All successful bets on horses prior to time of withdrawal are subject to the following deductions in the dollar from the face value of the ticket:  win bets – 9 cents; place bets (1) – 10 cents;  place bets (2) – 6 cents; place bets (3) – 14 cents.  All monies bet after the Stewards’ declaration of withdrawal to be paid at face value of ticket.

Mr G. Eurell, trainer of Rosebrook, was advised that a Veterinary Certificate of fitness must be provided prior to the filly be accepted in a race again.

On leaving the gates, Rhiannons Gold blundered, unbalancing J. Todd and losing ground.

King’s Cascade jumped awkwardly and lost a little ground.

Approaching the 1400 metres, Rhiannons Gold, which was making ground quickly, was checked from the heels of Allez Le Rouge, which was commencing to give ground.

For a short distance passing the 1200 metres, King’s Cascade, which was overracing, was awkward close to the heels of Rhiannons Gold.

For a short distance approaching the 400 metres, King’s Cascade was held up for a clear run.

L. Coffey (Soo ‘Em) reported that due to the slow tempo of the event, the gelding overraced badly and in his opinion, this affected the chances of the gelding today.

Race 2LOCH SPORT LODGE MAIDEN PLATE - 1210 metres: Just prior to the riders mounting their horses, Medical officers were required to attend to a patron who was injured in a fall close to the mounting enclosure. As it was uncertain to the length of time for treatment, all horses were returned to the horse stall area and after confirmation that another ambulance would be required to transport the patron to the Central Gippsland Hospital, the start was delayed indefinitely.
When the patron was stabilised and Medical officers were able to provide suitable medical coverage for the race to be run, all horses were quickly brought to the enclosure, mounted and sent to the start.

Shortly after leaving the enclosure, In The Rain, which was reluctant to the start, dislodged R. Booth, who received a harmless fall. As In The Rain then refused to go to the start, Stewards ordered the withdrawal of the filly at 2.17 p.m. and the following betting deductions:  all monies bet for a win and/or place and concession betting on the late scratching to be refunded.  All successful bets on horses prior to time of withdrawal are subject to the following deductions in the dollar from the face value of the ticket:  win bets – 19 cents; place bets (1) – 15 cents;  place bets (2) – 17 cents; place bets (3) – 17 cents.  All monies bet after the Stewards’ declaration of withdrawal to be paid at face value of ticket.

Mr M. Stephenson, trainer of In The Rain, was notified that the filly must compete to the satisfaction of Stewards in an official trial and show that it can be ridden to the start unassisted.

As a result of these incidents, the start was delayed by a considerable time.

Correct weight was delayed at S. Wynne, rider of Make Mine Baileys, wished to view the Stewards’ patrol video before deciding not to lodge an objection. It was established that passing the 200 metres La Consolidata shifted out slightly carrying Odd Socks out onto Make Mine Baileys, which was inconvenienced.

On leaving the gates, Prospector’s Luck began awkwardly, shifted out and bumped Tarago Storm.
At the start, Tully Belle, which had been slow to begin, was bumped by Unknown Danger, which shifted out.

Shortly after the start, Mr Tizmo, which had drawn the outside gate and was attempting to take up a forward position, was steadied and shifted in, to obtain cover worse than mid-field.

For most of the event, Thunderball raced wide and on occasions, without cover.

For a short distance near the 500 metres, Culloden House was held up for a run.

Just after straightening, Scottish Arms, which had been held up for a run and was attempting a tight run on the inside of Kelvy (N Rose), was checked and became badly unbalanced after clipping the heels of that horse, which after laying out around the home turn, shifted in, when being straightened by N Rose. In all of the circumstances, no action was taken.

Near the 300 metres, Unknown Danger and Muradeem bumped.

Passing the 200 metres, Unknown Danger when commencing to tire, shifted in and bumped Muradeem.

In the home straight, Mr Tizmo hung in and proved difficult to ride.

Race 3AUSTRALIA DAY MAIDEN PLATE - 1410 metres: Due to the delay in race 2, the starting time of this event was amended to 2.57 p.m.
The start was then delayed when Mr Applause proved difficult to load into the gates. Ms B. Flynn, trainer of Mr Applause, was notified that before the gelding would be permitted to race again it must compete to the satisfaction of the Stewards in an official trial.

Derivative and Blueblood were slow to begin.

For a considerable distance after the 1300 metres, Blueblood overraced and layed out, causing some inconvenience to Ice Chiller.

Rounding the home turn, Luperini was held up for a run.
When under pressure in the home straight, Make Us Richo hung out and proved difficult to ride.

Over the final 300 metres, Aeronautical Joe shifted ground when laying in and caused some inconvenience to Laughing Lad.
Approaching the 100 metres, Shearer became momentarily unbalanced and shifted out away from the heels of Make Us Richo.

Mr L. Xuereb, trainer of Make Us Richo, was fined the sum of $100.00 for his late declaration of R. Booth as rider of the gelding.

Race 4LAURELS FUNCTION CENTRE 0-68 HANDICAP - 1410 metres: The starting time for this event was amended to 3.28 p.m.
Following the running of Race 2, connections of Guadalcanal indicated that it was their intention to ride the gelding more forward from its inside gate, if possible. Guadalcanal, which jumped awkwardly, was ridden accordingly.

Blackbull Gari was slow to begin.
In the early stages, Audino got its head up when being restrained to take up a rearward position.

Passing the 1200 metres, That’s Not It, which had been racing wide and without cover, was allowed to stride and sit outside the leader, passing the 1000 metres.

Race 5KIERNAN TRANSPORT 0-68 HANDICAP - 1010 metres: On jumping, Tudor Glen and Nicskioffski bumped.
On leaving the gates, Prime Ace, which had been marginally slow to begin, was bumped by Dashing Emma, which was taken in by Nicskioffski.

When under pressure after the 300 metres, Asterix had a tendency to lay in.

D. Holland (Octavanus) reported that the gelding was quite agitated behind the gates and in his opinion this may have affected his performance today. A post race veterinary examination of Octavanus did not reveal any obvious abnormalities.

Race 6JSM EMBROIDERY & WORKWEAR 0-62 HANDICAP - 1727 metres:  As the start was effected, Teretoa broke the front of the gates but obtained no advantage.
Momuntai Momuntai jumped awkwardly.

In the early stages, La Saverne raced wide without cover.

Rounding the home turn, La Saverne, which was commencing to give ground, was momentarily inconvenienced when Noble Twostep, which had been held up for a run, shifted out.
Approaching and rounding the home turn, One Moment raced wide.

A. Mallyon, rider of Jazz King, which performed poorly, explained that the gelding overraced in the early and middle stages and in his opinion, may have affected its chances.

N. Rose, rider of Teretoa, which performed poorly, explained when the pace of the race slackened near the 1000 metres, his mount overraced and for this reason, he eased to a three-wide position rather than race close to heels.

A post race veterinary examination of Jazz King and Teretoa did not reveal any obvious abnormalities.

Race 7SALE MOTOR GROUP 0-58 HANDICAP - 1210 metres: Flash Cadillac began awkwardly.
Passing the 500 metres, Bleaching was eased when disappointed for a doubtful run on the inside of Gaelic Hero, which shifted in slightly.

J. Todd, rider of Lots of Smacks, was reprimanded for his excessive use of the whip in a back hand motion on the gelding in the home straight.

D. Adam, rider of Flash Cadillac, was reprimanded for using his whip on seven occasions in a forehand manner, prior to the 100 metres.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

R.1 – Luck’s A Fortune, Deal A Heart;                             R.4 – Audino, Blackbull Gari;

R.5 – Tudor Glen                                                           R.6 – Teretoa, One Moment.

Post race samples from following horses:

R.1 – Luck’s A Fortune – winner.                         R.2 – Odd Socks – winner.

R.3 – Aeronautical Joe – winner.                         R.4 – Deeming – winner.

R.5 – Oamaru Princess – winner.                                    R.6 – One Moment – winner.

R.7 – Lots of Smacks – winner.

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings

R.1 – Rosebrook – Vet advice – 1.14 p.m. at barrier.

R.2 – In The Rain – 2.17 p.m. refused to go to barrier.


R.3 – L. Xuereb - Make Us Richo - $100 – late rider.

Horse Actions:

R.1 – Rosebrook – V/C prior to racing again.

R.2 – In The Rain – official trial.

R.3 – Mr Applause – official trial.

Changed instructions:

R.4 – Guadalcanal – ridden forward.


R.7 – J. Todd – whip use

R.7 – D. Adam – whip use.

Stewards interviewed licensed trainer Mr Jeff Carstein relative to a report from the Track Supervisor at Moe Racing Club on January 22, 2013. Mr Carstein confirmed that he had used inappropriate language following the Track Supervisor’s decision to refuse entry on the work track five minutes prior to the official closing time of the track.  After consideration and taking into account Mr Carstein’s long service in the industry, he was severely reprimanded and advised that any repetition would not be condoned.

Track Information


  • State VIC
  • Metro No
  • WeatherFine
  • RainfallNil
  • Irrigation7mm Last 24hrs; 35mm Last 7 Days
  • Penetrometer5.56
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingDead 4
  • TypeTurf

Gear Changes