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William Hill Park Lakeside - Wed 09 Jan 2013

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  • Weather Overcast
  • Track Good 3
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William Hill Park Lakeside Stewards Report

Stewards' Reports

Sportingbet Park Sandown Lakeside


Wednesday January 9 2013


Dead 4 (Race 1); Good 3 @ 1.43pm (Races 2-7)




Partly cloudy



Stewards Panel:

Mr T Bailey (Chair), Mr W Hadley, Mr J Hitchcock, Mr S Shinsky & Mr M Donovan

Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By



Jazz King

J Winks

F Alesci


Did not attend meeting:

J Winks

Race 1SLICKPIX PLATE - 1400 metres: 

Prior to the start of the meeting, connections advised that Bouledogue would be ridden off the speed today.  Bouledogue settled behind the leaders in third position.

Salander’s Fire was slow to begin.

Juste Assez jumped away awkwardly.

Royal Couture shifted out shortly after the start and inconvenienced Free To Rein.

Chit Chat, that was eased from the start, got its head up during the early stages when over-racing.  It was further noted Chit Chat had to be steadied approaching the 800m away from the heels of Juste Assez.

After passing the 1000m Ice Chiller, which was over-racing, had to be checked to avoid the heels of Maddy’s Angel.  At the same stages Juste Assez over-raced quite badly for some distance and got its head up when being restrained.

N Callow (Bouledogue) was reprimanded and advised to exercise more care after allowing his mount to shift in passing the 600m, to a point where there was insufficient racing room for Military to maintain its position and as a result had to be eased.

On the point of the home turn at around about the 450m, Free To Rein had to be checked and shifted out off the heels of Ice Chiller to obtain clear running.

Maddy’s Angel and Lady Rapunzel raced wide without cover.

For some distance in the early part of the straight, Military had difficulty in obtaining clear running.

Angola layed in under pressure in the straight.

Last Man Standing layed out under pressure over the concluding stages.

Resoloutes (NZ) lost its near hind plate during the race.

M Rodd reported that Resoloutes (NZ) over-raced a little when leading the field.

Apprentice D Thornton (Chit Chat) explained that his instructions on the mare today were similar to its last start where it was expected the mare would get back, particularly from the wide barrier draw today and Chit Chat is looking for further.

The track was upgraded from Dead 4 to Good 3 at 1.43pm after the running of this race.

Race 2PREMIER SIGNS HANDICAP - 2400 metres:

Dealer Principal jumped away awkwardly.

Dealer Principal over-raced through the early stages.

Apprentice C Schofield (Readings) was issued with a severe reprimand for permitting his mount to shift in after passing the winning post on the first occasion, when leaving insufficient room for Dealer Principal which had to be checked.  C Schofield was advised that had he not straightened his mount when he did, further action would have to have been considered.

Phizup raced wide through the early stages before obtaining a position outside the leader near the 1400m.

Campeao pulled hard during the event.

Geeceegazza was held up for clear running between the 600m and 400m.

Apprentice H Coffey (Baby Boy) explained that he was instructed to ensure he got cover on his mount and after settling in a rearward position, his mount was left flat footed when the tempo of the race quickened from the 800m.  Apprentice H Coffey was advised that in similar circumstances, he should have showed more vigour from the 800m to keep in touch with the field, particularly with the slow early pace.

Race 3MIMCO HANDICAP – 1600 metres: 

Stewards accepted the explanation of trainer Mr P Jones for presenting Sigidas late on course.

Kasmaher stood flat footed as the start was effected and subsequently missed the start by ten lengths. Trainer Mr D Brideoake was advised that Kasmaher must perform satisfactorily in an official trial before racing again.

Crystalised (NZ) raced wide without cover through the early stages.  Crystalised (NZ), which was over-racing, was then permitted to stride forward to obtain the lead near the 600m.

Sigidas over-raced through the early stages and got its head up when being restrained.

Queenera over-raced through the early stages.

B Rawiller reported at scale that Queenera was not suited by the slow early tempo of the race.  A post race veterinary examination of Queenera revealed no abnormalities.

B Melham reported that Two Sugars stumbled at the start and he was not entirely comfortable with the mare’s action.  A post race veterinary examination of Two Sugars revealed the mare had sustained an abrasion to its near side hind hock.

Race 4GUINOT HANDICAP - 1600 metres: 

Stewards accepted the explanation of trainer Mr J Welsh for presenting Very Fast late on course.

Our Skeeta missed the start and failed to respond when put under pressure mid-race, before being tailed off.  A subsequent veterinary examination of Our Skeeta after the race revealed no abnormalities.  Trainer Mr I Jones undertook to advise the Stewards of anything that may come to light that may explain the performance and the Stewards placed a warning on the gelding for its lack of competitiveness.

Magical King (NZ) over-raced in the early and middle stages.

Chilly Reception raced wide and without cover throughout.

Leaving the 600m, Dashing Moulah was unable to improve its position when held up until entering the home straight.

D Yendall reported that Outback Ranger failed to stretch out on today’s firm track.  A post race veterinary examination of Outback Ranger revealed no abnormalities.

Race 5SPORTIINGBET HANDICAP - 1600 metres: 

A warning was placed on Landale for being reluctant to load into the barriers.

Couperin was checked after the start between Bass Strait (NZ) that shifted in, and Here The Rhythm that shifted out.

Fourfires was slow to begin.

It’s Fred jumped away awkwardly before bumping with Callista that shifted in after the start.

Landale over-raced during the early stages and got its head up when being restrained

Near the 1400m Landale had to be checked to avoid the heels of Usurper.  Landale continued to over-race in the middle stages.

Near the 1200m It’s Fred commenced to over-race when the tempo steadied and shifted out hampering Usurper.

Fourfires raced wide without cover.

Near the 500m Medvedev, which was held up, had to be steadied off the heels of Here The Rhythm which was under pressure.

Rounding the home turn and in the early part of the straight, Digitalism was held up for clear running until near the 300m.

Landale lost its near fore plate during the race.

V Duric (Medvedev) explained that after being held up behind Here The Rhythm inside the 600m, the gelding got too far back to be a winning chance and in his opinion was not suited racing tight in amongst other horses.

A post race veterinary examination of Here The Rhythm revealed the gelding to be lame in the near foreleg and trainer Mr S Mathrick was advised that a veterinary certificate of fitness is required prior to Here The Rhythm racing again.


An inquiry was adjourned to the Flemington meeting on Saturday into the reason why J Winks was overweight and had to be replaced on Jazz King.

Jazz King shifted in after the start inconveniencing Chatrang that was taken in onto Whatanexcuse (NZ).

Count The Diamonds shifted out after the start making contact with Captura resulting in Count The Diamonds becoming unbalanced.

Itsmycall (NZ) blundered badly on jumping away.

Near the 500m Motto’s Gem got tightened for room and had to be checked when attempting a run between Caitlin’s Spirit (NZ) and Min River which at the same time had shifted out to obtain the same run.  In all the circumstances no direct action was taken other than to advise B Knobel (Min River) to exercise more care.

Chatrang and Whatanexcuse (NZ) were held up rounding the home turn and until the 250m.

She’s Gifted had difficulty obtaining clear running from the entrance to the straight until the 300m.

D Smith (Dany The Fox (NZ)) was advised to exercise more care when he allowed his mount to shift towards the rail near the 300m when not fully clear of Count The Diamonds which had to be eased to avoid its heels.

Approaching the 100m Caitlin’s Spirit (NZ), which was under pressure was tightened for room and had to be checked between Min River, which shifted out slightly, and Red Shift (NZ) which shifted in before being straightened.  Stewards were satisfied that B Rawiller (Red Shift (NZ)) made sufficient effort to stop and straighten his mount and therefore no further action was taken.

A post race veterinary examination of Itsmycall (NZ) revealed the mare to have a slower than normal recovery and connections were advised that a veterinary clearance is required prior to Itsmycall (NZ) racing again.

A post race veterinary examination of Caitlin’s Spirit (NZ) revealed no abnormalities and a swab sample was taken for analysis.

Race 7LE PINE FUNERALS HANDICAP - 1200 metres: 

Aces And Angels was slow to begin (two lengths).

Strato Mostro was slow to begin (three lengths).  Stable representative Mr M Beer was advised that a warning will be placed on Strato Mostro and should it reoffend, further action may be taken.

Stratigraphy shifted in after the start and inconvenienced Kallogg.

Jamaican Warrior over-raced through the early stages. 

Jamaican Warrior raced wide without cover for the majority of the event.

Near the 400m Tanjil, which was hanging in, made contact with King Buddy which was endeavouring to shift out to obtain clear running.  During this incident Galway Gal, which was following, was held up behind those runners and had difficulty in obtaining clear running until inside the 200m. 

Rounding the home turn and in the early part of the straight, Too Deadly was held up for clear running until near the 300m.

R Booth reported that Dimi The Dancer, which settled outside the leader, over-raced.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

R2 – Baby Boy, R3 – Crystalised (NZ), R4 – Astro Damus, R5 – Digitalism, R6 – Captura, Caitlin’s Spirit (NZ), R7 – Strato Mostro

Post race samples from following horses:

All winners, R6 – Caitlin’s Spirit (NZ) (unplaced)  

Raceday Summary


R1 – N Callow

Severe Reprimands:

R2 – C Schofield

Horse Actions:

R3 – Kasmaher, stood flat footed, official trial

R5 – Landale, reluctant to load, warning

R5 – Here The Rhythm, lame near fore, veterinary certificate

R6 – Itsmycall (NZ), slower than normal recovery, veterinary certificate

R7 – Strato Mostro, slow away, warning

Follow Ups:

R4 – Our Skeeta

R6 – Itsmycall (NZ)

Adjourned Inquiries:

R6 – J Winks overweight

Supplementary reports

Melbourne Racing Club @ Caulfield, Saturday January 5 2013


Trainer Mr M Price reported to Stewards that Fast And Free pulled up well despite jarring up on the firm track. The stable have advised that the gelding will have a quick freshen up and resume racing in the coming weeks.

Warrnambool – Koroit Cup Day, Sunday January 6 2013


Trainer Mr M Moroney reported to Stewards that Liberated Rose pulled up well following her run at Warrnambool and the stable intend to freshen the filly up and drop her back in distance for her next race start.


Trainer Mr D Weir reported to Stewards that Ingalla Angel pulled up well following the disappointing performance at Warrnambool and the stable intend to press on with the mare’s preparation.

Trainer Mr W Walters reported to Stewards that Linka pulled up well following the disappointing performance at Warrnambool and feels the horse may have felt the firm track.  The stable have advised they will continue with the gelding’s preparation.


Trainer Mr D Weir reported to Stewards that Opportunistic will return to the Ballarat stable from Warrnambool in the coming days and will be seen by the stable’s vet on Thursday January 10.  Stewards will be informed of any abnormalities in the coming days.

Stony Creek, Monday January 7 2013


Trainer Mr R Besanko reported to Stewards that Beleven pulled up well following the disappointing performance at Stony Creek and he stable have indicated the mare will run at Sale next week.

Race 8CENTREBET 0-62 HANDICAP - 1600 metres:

Trainer Mr J Warren reported to Stewards that Razor pulled up well following the disappointing performance at Stony Creek and the stable intend to press on with the gelding’s preparation.

Flemington, Tuesday January 1 2013

Race 1 – NEW YEAR HANDICAP - 1200 metres:

Mr R Hughes representing trainer Mr C Hyland has advised that Schussing has sustained an injury to the off fore knee which will require surgery.

Track Information

William Hill Park Lakeside RACE COURSE

  • State VIC
  • Metro Yes
  • WeatherOvercast
  • Rainfall0.6mm Overnight
  • Irrigation50mm Last Week
  • Penetrometer5.34
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingGood 3
  • TypeTurf

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