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Terang Stewards Report

Stewards' Reports

Terang & District Racing Club


Tuesday, January 1, 2013.









Stewards Panel:

Mr F. Beattie (chairman), Mr L. Koch, Mr J. Rea.

Race 1sUNGOLD mILK mAIDEN pLATE - 1000 metres:

WHISPERING MISS  was marginally slow to begin.

STAR WILLOW  raced greenly throughout the event.

In the straight  SIRACUSA  had a tendency to shift in under pressure.

Race 2Brenton Primmer Maiden Plate - 1200 metres:

Prior to the running of this event a pre race blood sample for post race analysis was taken from  MAGIC TRAGIC  and a pre race urine sample for post race analysis was taken from ZIPPY LAD.

MAGIC TRAGIC  raced wide  and without cover in the early and middle stages of the event.

J. Childs, rider of  KINTHER VICTORIOUS  which raced in a more forward position than at its most recent starts, stated that he had been instructed to take a position in the first three or four  runners in the field and for this reason was  positive on leaving the stalls and then found himself racing outside the leader. Mr T. Parker, trainer of  KINTHER VICTORIOUS,  stated that he wanted the  gelding to be in a handy position throughout the run but  KINTHER VICTORIOUS  raced closer to the lead than he anticipated. Mr Parker added that at its most recent starts the gelding had  been further back in the field than he wanted. Mr Parker was severely reprimanded and notified of his obligation to inform stewards if there was to be any variation in the tactics employed on the gelding.

 In the straight  YOU,VE BEEN WARNED shifted in under pressure and brushed the running rail near the 200 metres.

T. Neve, rider of the winner YOU,VE BEEN WARNED,  was reprimanded for her use of the whip in the home straight.

KINTHER VICTORIOUS,  which had raced near the lead, weakened from the 600 metres and finished a distant last. J. Childs, rider of  KINTHER VICTORIOUS,  stated that he felt something was amiss with the gelding after passing the 600 metres. A subsequent veterinary examination of  KINTHER VICTORIOUS,  revealed no abnormalities. Mr T. Parker trainer of the gelding, was notified to report any abnormal condition in the ensuing days which may have affected the horse’s performance.

Subsequent to the event a veterinary examination of  BUTTER BING,  which performed poorly, revealed no abnormalities.

Race 3Mortlake Pre Mix Concrete Maiden Plate - 1400 metres: 

The explanation by Mrs K. Ryan, trainer of  BIGEM,  that her late arrival on course was caused through a float mishap before leaving  her stables was accepted. A veterinary examination of  BIGEM  revealed that the gelding was fit to take its place in the field.

GARNISHEER  jumped away awkwardly.

Passing the 1100 metres DA FLY  shifted in away from  MERRY YEOMAN  resulting in  SKIP THE FAITH  being hampered

Approaching the 400 metres DA FLY  was held up for a short distance when unable to obtain clear running.

B. Carlile, rider of  TAME THAT POSSUM  which performed poorly, stated that she felt  the gelding was slightly shin sore. A veterinary examination of TAME THAT POSSUM  revealed that the gelding of  was showing signs of shin soreness. Mr A. Clark, trainer of TAME THAT POSSUM,  stated that the gelding was now being sent for a spell.

A swab sample was taken from KEMIZENGO,  winner of the event. 

Race 4Terang Co-Op 0-68 Handicap - 1850 metres:

In the straight  RELENTLESS had a tendency to lay in under pressure resulting in its rider J.Bayliss, being unable to ride out the gelding in his normal manner.

Race 5Thornton Family Per Blank Sprint - 1125 metres:

The club’s veterinary surgeon reported that  VAL MONDO (GER),  which was registered as an entire was a gelding. Mr A. Purcell, trainer of  VAL MONDO (GER)  was fined $200 under the provisions of AR53C for failing to lodge a stable return reporting such change.

A swab sample was taken from COSTA IN THE GLEN, winner of the event.

Race 6Star Printing 0-58 Handicap - 1400 metres:

The explanation by  Mr G. Hinchcliff, trainer of  CARRERA DINERO, for the late notification of K. Post as the rider of the gelding was accepted.

The club’s veterinary surgeon reported that HISSTAR, which had not raced for 12 months, was fit to take its place in the field.

FLEET STAR raced wide and without cover in the early and middle stages.

Passing the 1200 metres CARRERA DINERO  was inconvenienced when  HISSTAR (F. Alesci) shifted in. NESTUS , which was following was hampered  in consequence. Alesci was notified to make a greater effort to keep his mounts straight when in similar circumstances.

J. Hill rider of   HERE DE SPEAKER, which settled further back in the field than at its most recent outings, stated that he did not want to bustle the mare in the early stages as HERE DE SPEAKER  had a tendency to overrace and he then  found himself further back in the field than he anticipated. Hill  explained that he had difficulty in obtaining clear running approaching the home turn and was then forced to race wide to improve. His explanation was noted.

B. Carlile, rider of a  MISSIONARY MAN, stated that her mount lay in under pressure in the straight and for this reason she  was unable to ride out MISSIONARY MAN  in her normal manner.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:


Pre-race urine for post race analysis:

Race 2 – ZIPPY LAD

Post race samples from following horses:

Race 3 – KEMIZENGO, winner.

Race 5 – COSTA IN THE GLEN, winner.

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings


Race 5 – Trainer A Purcell $200,  fail to lodge stable return.


Rasce 3 – Jockey T. Neve, whip use.

Severe Reprimands:

Race 2 – Trainer T. Parker, change of tactics.


Horse Actions:

Change of Tactics:

Adjourned Inquiries:

Track Information


  • State VIC
  • Metro No
  • WeatherOvercast
  • RainfallNil past week
  • Irrigation12mm past 24hrs; 48mm past Week
  • Penetrometer5.71
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingDead 4
  • TypeTurf

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