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Traralgon Stewards Report

Stewards' Reports

Latrobe Valley Racing Club at Traralgon


Sunday 9 December, 2012


Dead 4.  Track upgraded to Good 3 at 3.15 p.m.







Stewards Panel:

Mr T. Wilson (Chair), Mr B. Wright, Mrs L. King & Mr G. Lee

Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By



Gold Rises

C. Parish

K. Bradley


Did not attend meeting:

C Parish

Other Comments / Explanations:

The explanation for  R. Maund being unavailable was accepted.

Race 1Solomans Flooring/National Tiles Traralgon 3yo Mdn Plate - 1150 metres: 

Mali’s Boy was slow to begin.

Passing the 700 metres Damky eased off the heels of Sanawaat when racing greenly. From this point Damky commenced to race wide without cover.

For the majority of the race, Ariadne raced wide without cover, before racing greenly in the straight.

R Plumb, rider of Sanawaat, reported to the Stewards that his mount was unbalanced for the majority of the race.

Race 2The Doc Shop Maiden Plate - 1100 metres:

Shortly after the start Steel Tiger had to be checked off the heels of Leroy’s Luck, when taken out by His Royal Tea.

His Royal Tea raced wide from the 800m.

Rounding the turn near the 800m Beleven laid out across the heels of Gold Rises.

Passing the 200m Beleven was awkward on the heels of Gold Rises for several strides, when that gelding shifted out.

Steel Rider laid in under pressure in the straight.

When questioned regarding his riding of Leroy’s Luck (sixth place-getter) in the straight, A. McCabe stated that the gelding proved difficult to ride when commencing to hang from the 600m, then approaching the 100m had to ease when racing close to the heels of Beleven. From this point, A. McCabe stated, he allowed the gelding to run to the line. Stewards severely reprimanded A. McCabe and advised him that he would be expected to ride his mounts out to the line in future.

Race 3Monacellars Wine & Spirits Maiden Plate - 1430 metres:

Near the 1200m Halfblood Prince got its head up when being restrained.

In the early and middle stages of the race La Saverne had a tendency to over-race.

For the majority of the race, Mykola had a tendency to hang out.

Rounding the home turn Mykola, which had a tendency to hang out, shifted La Saverne wider on the track.  From this point Mykola continued to hang out, proving difficult to ride out.

Rounding the home turn Prince Valiant was momentarily held up for clear running to the inside of Halfblood Prince.

Approaching the 100m Prince Valiant shifted to the outside of Razor to obtain clear running.

Race 4Bahcon Steel Benchmark 72 Handicap - 1430 metres: 

Prior to the running of this race Newgrange, which had not raced since May 2010, underwent a veterinary examination before being passed to start.

Correct weight was delayed to allow I. Gundogdu, rider of second place-getter Chilly Reception, to view the Stewards patrol film and photo finish.

Race 5Latrobe City 0 – 62 Handicap - 1900 metres:

On straightening Sir Anthony was disappointed for a run between Ivory  Cross and Strategic Impact, when that gelding shifted in slightly. Shortly after this Sir Anthony and Strategic Impact brushed resulting in both horses becoming unbalanced.

J. Todd, rider of Frogsplash, reported that passing the 500m, his mount became unbalanced when racing tight to the inside of Sir Anthony.

 A post-race veterinary examination of Frogsplash, which performed below expectations, revealed  no abnormalities.

Race 6Cargo Lounge 0 – 68 Handicap - 1100 metres: 

Tricky Maid began awkwardly and lost ground.

Passing the 700m Sergius got its head up when over-racing.

You Tell Me over-raced in the early and middle stages.

General Offer raced wide without cover for the majority of the race.

Mondano was held up for clear running rounding the home turn until approaching the 150m.

Approaching the 100m You Tell Me was unable to hold its position when weakening between Sensational News and General Offer both of which shifted ground slightly.

A post-race veterinary examination of You Tell Me, which performed below expectations, revealed no abnormalities.

Race 7Traralgon Mazda F & M 0 – 62 Handicap - 1430 metres:

Speedy Emma was slow to begin.

 Passing the 1200m Jennie Cool Cat shifted out abruptly hampering Kobe Queen, which raced wide without cover from that point on.

In the early stages, Emmooki’s Star raced ungenerously.

Poisonous Princess was held up for clear running from the 500m until straightening.

Approaching the winning post Jetstyle Express was held up for clear running behind French Affair.

Patrick Keane, rider of fifth placegetter Kobe Queen, was severely reprimanded for failing to ride his mount out to the end of the race. In determining penalty Stewards did not believe P. Keane’s actions affected the result of the race.

Noel Callow, rider of Emmooki’s Star which performed below market expectations, stated that it was his instructions to ride the mare in a forward position today,  however after beginning only fairly and unable to muster early speed he elected to settle Emmooki’s Star and gain cover in the early stages.  N. Callow further stated that due to a lack of pace Emmooki’s Star over-raced and in his opinion was disappointing today.  A post-race veterinary examination of the mare revealed a slower than normal recovery rate. Trainer Nikki Burke will be contacted in forthcoming days in regard to how Emmooki’s Star has pulled up.

Race 8Ord Minnett Traralgon Cup - 1900 metres:

Correct weight was delayed to allow Stewards to view the patrol film of the start to establish whether Lethal Dealings had been denied a fair start.  It was established that just prior to the start Lethal Dealings reared resulting in the gelding losing ground. As Stewards did not feel that Lethal Dealings had been denied a fair start under the provisions of AR134A, the gelding was deemed to be a starter and correct weight was declared.

Two Sugars jumped awkwardly and lost ground.

Passing the 1700m King’s A Star and The Big Steel were momentarily tightened by Alrouz (P. Keane) which shifted in.  P. Keane was advised to exercise more care when in similar circumstances in future.

Passing the 400m, The Big Steel had to ease off the heels of Alrouz which shifted in

Stewards questioned trainer Danny Curran and apprentice Carryn Downie in regards to the tactics employed aboard Niptious, that being allowing that gelding to establish a sizeable lead over the remainder of the field from the 1200m.  Mr D. Curran explained that as Niptious is one paced,  it has been his instructions in recent starts to ride the gelding this way as experience has shown that when ridden off the pace the gelding has not been able to finish its races off. D Curran further added that he was satisfied with C Downie’s ride today.

After the race, it was noted that Niptious had lost its off fore plate.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 5 – Anabaa Kid: Strategic Impact:  Power To Surprise.  Race 7 – Jennie Cool Kat (NZ).  Race 8 – Dark Note;

Gold Viper: Luckycent:  King’s A Star.

Post-race samples from the following horses:

Race 1 – Paris Secrets (winner).  Race 2 – Resemblance (winner).  Race 3 – Half Blood Prince (winner).

Race 4 – Cleaver (winner).  Race 5 – Sir Anthony (winner).  Race 6 – General Offer (winner). Race 7 -  French Affair.  Race 8 -  King’s A Star (winner).

Raceday Summary

Severe Reprimands:

R.2 – A. McCabe – advised to ride his mounts out to the line.

R.7 - P. Keane – advised to ride his mount out to the line.

Follow Ups:

Race 7 – Emmooki’s Star

Track Information


  • State VIC
  • Metro No
  • WeatherFine
  • Rainfall2mm Last 24hrs; 26mm Last 7 Days
  • IrrigationNil
  • Penetrometer4.85
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingGood 3
  • TypeTurf

Gear Changes