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Sale Race 4 - 24.12.12





For Three-Years-Old and Upwards - MAIDEN. Set Weights.

$15,000 1400m

  • Weather Fine
  • Track Good 3
  • Rail Rail in the True Position
# form horse jockey trainer wt
6 944-1 Alerts

1st Teretoa (NZ) (1)

Nathan Rose Shea Eden 58.5       14.704.90
2 6-2 Alerts

2nd Foranotherday (NZ) (2)

Dean Holland Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes 58.5       1.80
3 933 Alerts

3rd Prince Valiant (4)

Matthew Allen Catherine Martindale 58.5       2.60
Quinella 6-2     39.60
Exacta 6-2     100.60
Trifecta 6-2-3     591.20
First Four 6-2-3-14     3,739.00
Duets 2-3     5.30
6-2     13.70
6-3     17.70
Running Double 1-6     86.30
14 474 Alerts

4th Sanawaat (5)

Ben Knobel Julie Crosbie 55         
1 -2565 Alerts

5th Are You Sirius (11)

Patrick Moloney Dean Binaisse 58.5         
15 97-06 Alerts

6th Kem Heart (8)

Andrew Mallyon Jason Warren 57         
16 5667- Alerts

7th Bally Tambo (12)

Sally Wynne Mario Farrugia 58.5         
11 8 Alerts

8th My Villena (13)

Peter Mertens Robbie Griffiths 56.5         
12 9 Alerts

9th Super Excited (3)

Adam McCabe Shea Eden 56.5         
8 50 Alerts

10th Mali's Boy (14)

Dale Smith Mick Price 57         
10 90 Alerts

11th Daytime Daisy (6)

Kane Bradley Cliff Murray 56.5         
17 -0-00 Alerts

12th Izared (9)

Roger Booth Libby Haworth 58.5         
5 0 Alerts

13th Tanjil Frost (7)

Ibrahim Gundogdu Ian Jones 58.5         
7 00 Alerts

14th Vittese (10)

Jarrod Todd Libby Haworth 58.5         
4 94246 Alerts

Scr Soltero (13)

Andrew Stead Matt Laurie 58.5         
9 07- Alerts

Scr Soo 'em (15)

Lincoln Coffey Ken Keys 57         
13 -7450 Alerts

Scr Floatlikabutterfly (17)

- Jason Warren 55         

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Gear Changes


In Running Analysis

  • 1 Are You Sirius Jumped Ok Settled Down 2 Lengths 3 Wide With Cover 4 Lengths (800m) 5 Lengths approaching home turn up Straightening Up in Clear finished off ok Held Ground Battled On Well # whacked away
  • 2 Foranotherday (NZ) Jumped Ok Went Forward 2nd 1 Lengths Two Wide 1 Lengths (800m) SAME TO TURN tried hard couldn't make ground in Leader Ran On Strongly # good debut
  • 3 Prince Valiant Jumped Ok Drifted Back 4 Lengths rail 6th 4 Lengths (800m) SAME TO TURN Hard Ridden rails got to Clear 3rd isnide 200m Battled On Well Ran On Strongly finished off well # nice run
  • 4 Soltero
  • 5 Tanjil Frost Jumped Ok Settled Down 6 Lengths Mid Field found rail 6 Lengths (800m) Hard Ridden To The Turn beaten Straightening Up Held Ground Dropped Out # bled
  • 6 Teretoa (NZ) Jumped Ok Straight To The Front 1 Lengths (800m) controlled race in front To The Turn answered when challenged Same 1 Lengths mgn most of Straight Ran On Strongly held on well bravely # led all the way
  • 7 Vittese Jumped Ok Crossed Settled Down 8 Lengths near last rail 10 Lengths (800m) Mile Back To The Turn dropped out in Straight Dropped Out Dropped Right Out # amiss?
  • 8 Mali's Boy Slow Out 2 Lengths Straight Out The Back Went Forward Quickly Four Wide No Cover Settled Down Just Off Pace 3 Wide With Cover 3 Lengths (800m) Two Wide To The Turn Under Pressure Straightening Up 3-4 Lengths 4th Every Chance Held Ground Couldn't Go On gave up # used up early
  • 9 Soo 'em
  • 10 Daytime Daisy Jumped Ok Went Forward 3 Wide No Cover 1 Lengths (800m) 3 Wide Under Pressure Lost Ground approaching home turn Held Ground Couldn't Go On beaten Straightening Up # always Wide
  • 11 My Villena Jumped Ok well back Quickly 9-10 Lengths 2nd last 11 Lengths (800m) Hooked Out 3 Wide approaching home turn made no impression Held Ground Out Of Picture 200m # Never Likely
  • 12 Super Excited Slow Out 4 Lengths Straight Out The Back no speed well back 11 Lengths (800m) Hooked Out 3 Wide approaching home turn Mile Back widest runner ducked in Under Pressure gone Held Ground # got back too far
  • 13 Floatlikabutterfly
  • 14 Sanawaat Jumped Ok Settled Down rails 2 Lengths box seat Same 2 Lengths (800m) Run Of Race Saved Ground 1 paced in Straight Held Ground # Every Chance
  • 15 Kem Heart Jumped Ok Settled Down 2 Lengths Two Wide With Cover 4 Lengths (800m) Ridden Along approaching home turn tried hard made no ground no threat Battled On Well # even run
  • 16 Bally Tambo Jumped Ok Drifted Back 3 Wide got cover Two Wide 9 Lengths (800m) well back To The Turn Made Some Ground little impression in Straight Battled On Well Held Ground # Inconclusive
  • 17 Izared Jumped Ok Tongue Tie 1st time Drifted Back Worse than midfield rail 7 Lengths (800m) 8 Lengths off Hard Ridden approaching home turn always well back in Straight Weakened Dropped Out # gave nothing

Track Information


  • State VIC
  • Metro No
  • WeatherFine
  • RainfallNil Last 24hrs; 20mm Last 7 Days
  • Irrigation20mm Last 48hrs; 20mm Last 7 Days
  • Penetrometer5.68
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingGood 3
  • TypeTurf