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Wangaratta Stewards Report

Stewards' Reports



Monday 19 November 2012


Dead 4, Upgraded to Good 3 at 3.35pm






+4m 1000m-WP; True Remainder

Stewards Panel:

Mr P. Ryan (Chairman), Ms J. McSwain, Mr J. Anselmi, Mr H. Brewer &

Mr C. Agnew

Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By




D. Stackhouse

L. Camilleri




E. Cassar

N. Stanley




D. Stackhouse

A. Mallyon



Way In The Black

Z. Scullie

R. Williams



Belle Radiance

D. Stackhouse

J. Benbow



Prince Calaf

J. Fry

D. Smith



Milwaukee Belle

D. Moor

E. Marchant



Perfect Peridot

J. Rule

D. Smith



Popcorn Taxi

A. Mallyon

R. Plumb

Became Indisposed


Our True Blue

J. Londregan

C. Downie


Medical Certificate produced today:

J. Lyon

Must produce Medical Certificate prior to riding again:

D. Stackhouse, Z. Scullie, A. Mallyon

Did not attend meeting:

D. Stackhouse, Z. Scullie, E. Cassar, J. Fry, D. Moor, J. Rule

Other Comments / Explanations:



At the start Get’s Better jumped away awkwardly and lost ground.

Immortal Fire, Silverstone and Son Of Illusion were all slow to jump away.

In the middles stages Get’s Better commenced to over race and near the 600m had to be checked to avoid the heels of Macca’s Moment. Get’s Better then continued to over race until straightening.

Also in the middle stages Pretty Possum, while over racing, raced greenly.

Over the concluding stages Silverstone laid in under pressure.

In the straight Bella’s Destiny, when giving ground, raced greenly.

Approaching the Wining Post Red Hot Shot shifted out slightly inconveniencing Macca’s Moment, taking that filly out off its course.

Race 2APPIN ST BAKERY MAIDEN PLATE - 1100 metres: 

S. Millers explanation for being dually engaged on Evasive Action and Norman Queen was accepted.

On jumping away Solar Flare had to be checked when tightened for room between Wine Shanty, which shifted out slightly and Pretty Savvy, which shifted in.

Approaching the 800m until near the 500m both Brave Spur and Beckwith over raced. Both Brave Spur and Beckwith had to be checked on several occasions to avoid the heels of other runners and near the 600m Brave Spur, when being checked,  shifted out and hampered Beckwith which resulted in Quick Snitzel, Pro Tour, Evasive Action and Blusain Bolt all being hampered as a consequence.

Near the 500m Quick Snitzel was hampered when tightened for room by Brave Spur, which continued to race greenly.

Rounding the home turn and in the early part of the straight Beckwith was held up for clear running.

In the straight Blusain Bolt and Evasive Action both laid in under pressure.

From the entrance to the straight until near the 100m and again near the Winning Post Quick Snitzel was held up when unable to obtain a clear run. A subsequent veterinary examination of the gelding revealed no abnormalities.

After passing the 200m Beckwith became unbalanced and had to be steadied when tightened for room between Delglayse and Wine Shanty, which was hampered when taken in by Pro Tour (R. Wheeler), which shifted in.. R. Wheeler was Severely Reprimanded for permitting his mount to shift in when not clear of other runners.

In the straight Mr S. Hunter, rider of Wine Shanty accidently dropped her whip.

When questioned in regards to his lack of vigour over the concluding stages J. Benbow, rider of Quick Snitzel, explained that after a run presented itself near the 100m to the inside of Delglayse he was reluctant to proceed into that run as he was of the opinion that Delglayse may roll in under pressure and approaching the Winning Post Delglayse did roll back to the fence. Stewards noted J. Benbow’s explanation and informed him that he would be expected to show far greater vigour when in similar circumstances in the future and to ride all his mounts in a manner that leaves no room for query.

Race 3TOX FREE 0 – 58 HANDICAP - 2010 metres:

Mr G. Brunsdon, trainer of Sophie’s Tryst (NZ), explained that the mare had been over racing at its previous starts and for this reason it was his intention to have Sophie’s Tryst (NZ) ridden back in the field today in an attempt to have the mare settle. The mare was ridden accordingly.

J Duffy, rider of Statute, notified the Stewards that Mr L. Oliver, the mare’s trainer, intended to have Statute ridden in a more forward position today due to the apparent lack of pace in the race. Statute was ridden accordingly.

After being placed in its starting stall Manettino became restless and cast in the gate. Manettino was removed from the stall and examined by the clubs veterinary surgeon who deemed the gelding unfit to start. Acting on this advice Stewards ordered the withdrawal of Manettino at 2.12pm. Stewards orders in relation to betting with bookmakers were All monies bet for a win and / or place and concession betting on the late scratching of Manettino to be refunded. All successful bets on horses prior to time of Manettino’s withdrawal are subject to the following deductions in the dollar from the face value of the ticket. Win Bets on Jade Raider (first place getter) 4c, Place Bets on Jade Raider (first place getter) 4c, Place Bets on Sophie’s Tryst (NZ) (second place getter) 5c, Place Bets on Catawampus (third place getter) 5c.

Brezhnev was slow to jump away.

Near the 1000m Beowolf, which had commenced to over race, shifted out and as a result hampered Brezhnev, which was racing to its outside.

After passing the 600m Statute became unbalanced when racing to the inside of Jade Raider and as a result lost ground.

After passing the 100m J. Londregan, rider of Sophie’s Tryst (NZ), lost the use of his offside rein until the end of the race.

J. Kissick rider of Beowolf, which had performed below market expectations, could offer no explanation for the gelding’s performance today. J. Kissick further explained that Beowolf pulled up in a normal manner.

J. Todd, rider of Brezhnev, which performed poorly, could no explanation for the gelding’s performance today. A subsequent veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.


Toolangi jumped away awkwardly and as a result lost ground.

Also at the start Snakes Hiss jumped away awkwardly and Gruffalo was slow to begin.

After passing the 1100m and for some distance Paris Hillman raced tightly to the inside of Snakes Hiss, which was laying in.

After passing the 1000m Snakes Hiss then had to be steadied off the heels Bobo and in doing so shifted in again tightening the running of Paris Hillman, which had to be checked. Paris Hillman then continued to over race and nearing the 800m was checked off the heels of Snakes Hiss.

Rounding the home turn Perfect Assurance, when laying out, raced in restricted room to the inside of Prince Calaf.

In the straight Snakes Hiss hung in.

Also in the straight Perfect Assurance hung out.

Approaching the Winning Post Prince Calaf raced in restricted room to the inside of Bobo.

J. Duffy, rider of Perfect Assurance, reported that the gelding hung out throughout.

Mr D. Corboy representing Mr A. Corboy, trainer of Godfrey, explained in his opinion the addition of blinkers to the gelding today was the reason for Godfrey’s improved performance.


Daley was slow to jump away

Shortly after the start Private Jeune was tightened for room between Massoni, which shifted in and El Supremo, which shifted out abruptly.

In the early stages El Supremo over raced.

El Supremo was obliged to race wide without cover throughout.

Near the 300m Daley shifted out to improve and in doing so made contact with Artie Royale.

Near the 200m Private Jeune was momentarily held up for a clear run.

Ms S. Hunter, rider of Fabriano (fourth place getter), was reminded of her obligations to ride all her mounts out hands and heels to the end of the race. In arriving at this decision Stewards were of the opinion that Ms Hunters actions did not alter the placing’s of the race.

Subsequent to the running of this race Stewards upgraded the track to a Good 3 at 3.35pm.

Race 6PINKERTON SECURITY F&M 0 – 62 HANDICAP - 1400 metres: 

Shivoo, which had raced at Seymour last Thursday and had run third in Race 6. As this information did not appear in all publications an announcement in regards to this was made by the course broadcaster.

Counter Rose jumped away awkwardly and as a result lost ground.

Shortly after the start the saddle on Magnetic Magic shifted forward placing its rider C. Schofield at an extreme disadvantage for the remainder of the race and resulted in C. Scholfield easing the mare out of the race shortly after straightening.

Commence was obliged to race wide for the majority of the race

Rounding the home turn Commence hung out.

At the entrance to the straight Secret Toy Bizness shifted out to improve and as a result was brushed on the hind quarters by Commence which resulted in both Commence and Secret Toy Bizness becoming unbalanced.

R. Maloney rider of Counter Rose, which performed below mark expectations, explained the mare over raced in the early and middle stages and in his opinion this was detrimental to the mare finishing off the race today.

Over the concluding stages Baqaat laid in under pressure.

Subsequent to the running of the race the clubs doctor examined A. Mallyon, rider of Little Pin Up Girl (NZ) and deemed him unfit to fulfil his remaining engagements.

Race 7A1 TYREPOWER WANGARATTA 0 – 62 HANDICAP - 1000 metres: 

Correct weight was delayed to enable A. Thompson, rider of Black Booty (second place getter), to view the photo finish image. A. Thompson agreed with the Judge’s decision and correct weight was declared.

In the early and middle stages Leg Room over raced.

In the straight Milwaukee Belle had a tendency to lay in under pressure.

Jenzan, which was unruly on its way to the start, resulting in its rider J. Todd having to dismount the mare some 200m prior to arriving at the start and then having to be lead to the barriers. As a result of this Mr S. Cunningham was notified that a warning would be placed on the mare for her pre-race behaviour. On arrival at the barriers Jenzan underwent a veterinary examination and passed fit to start.

J. Todd rider of Jenzan pleaded guilty to a charge of misconduct under the provisions of AR83(a) the misconduct being that after dismounting Jenzan, which had been unruly on route to the barriers he then struck that mare on the head with his whip. J. Todd’s licence to ride in races was suspended for three weeks to commence Midnight 21 November and to finish Midnight 12 December, a total of 24 meetings (8 Metro / 16 Country). In arriving at this decision Stewards took into account J. Todd’s guilty plea and remorsefulness.

N. Stanley rider of Dre Body, which performed poorly, explained that the mare may be holding its’ breath during the running of races. A subsequent veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.


After being placed in its starting stall Perfect Peridot broke through and cantered for a short distance. On arrival back at the start Perfect Peridot was examined by the clubs veterinary surgeon who passed the mare fit to start.

At the start Oh To Be Rich jumped away awkwardly and lost ground.

Shortly after the start Popcorn Taxi commenced to over race and continued to over race until the middle stages.

Perfect Peridot was obliged to race wide without cover.

From rounding the home turn until nearing the 300m Binh Ba was held up for clear running.

In the straight Poetic Verse laid out under pressure.

Over the concluding stages Binh Ba had to be steadied to avoid the heels of Oh To Be Rich, which shifted in under pressure.

H. Coffey rider of Poetic Verse, which performed poorly, could offer no explanation for the mare’s performance today. A subsequent veterinary examination of Poetic Verse revealed a slow recovery rate. A swab sample was then ordered to be taken from Poetic Verse.

Subsequent to the event the club veterinary surgeon reported that Arboreta had suffered a laceration to its near hind leg.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 1 – Immortal Fire

Race 2 – Brave Spur, Waltz In

Race 3 – Jade Raider

Race 4 – Bobo, Godfrey

Race 5 – L’Aubaine

Race 6 – Magnetic Magic

Post race samples from following horses:

Race 1 – Dash About (winner)

Race 2 – Solar Flare (winner)

Race 3 – Jade Raider (winner)

Race 4 – Godfrey (winner)

Race 5 – This Cat’s Magic (winner)

Race 6 – Secret Toy Bizness (winner)

Race 7 – Manor Lady (winner)

Race 8 – Poetic Verse

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings:

Race 3 – Manettino, Veterinary Advice at 2.12pm





Severe Reprimands:

Race 1 – Robert Hellicar, presenting horse not shod to industry standards

Race 2 – R. Wheeler, shifting ground when not clear


Race 7 – J. Todd, Misconduct

Horse Actions:

Race 7 – Jenzan, Warning, Unruly on the way to barriers

Change of Tactics:


Adjourned Inquiries:


Follow Ups:


Track Information

Wangaratta RACE COURSE

  • State VIC
  • Metro No
  • WeatherFine
  • RainfallNil Last 7 Days
  • Irrigation5mm Last 24hrs; 52mm Week
  • Penetrometer4.90
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingDead 4
  • TypeTurf

Gear Changes