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Werribee Stewards Report

Stewards' Reports

Werribee Racing Club


Sunday January 27 2013


Dead 4 (4mm of rain fell subsequent to scratching time)




Mostly fine


+8m entire circuit

Stewards Panel:

Mr D Triandafillou (Chair), Mr W Hadley, Mr S Bettess & Mr K Salt (Cadet)  

Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By



Grenaaj (NZ)

M Rodd

J Noonan


Did not attend meeting:

M Rodd

Race 1VOBIS GOLD 2YO MAIDEN PLATE - 1100 metres: 

M Rodd was severely reprimanded for failing to fulfil his engagement on Grenaaj (NZ) due to being overweight and having to be replaced.

Twin Tea Bags bounded on jumping away and lost ground.

Hailin’ Diamonds jumped away awkwardly, shifted in and hampered Every Faith which had also jumped away awkwardly.

When being restrained near the 900m Tearaway Tommy got its head up for a short distance.

After passing the 800m Slew Left began to over-race, shifted out and made contact with Grenaaj (NZ).

Grenaaj (NZ) raced wide without cover throughout.

Twin Tea Bags made the home turn awkwardly when attempting to improve its position.

In the straight, Hailin’ Diamonds layed in under pressure and shifted in close to Avalanches after passing the 200m.

C Schofield (Salty Dame) was fined $300 for using his whip six times forehand prior to the 100m.

L Meech, rider of State Of Mind which performed below market expectations, explained that the colt did not travel well throughout the event and made moderate ground when placed under pressure in the straight.  L Meech added that State Of Mind would be better suited to more racing and of a longer distance than the 1100m of today’s event.  A post race veterinary examination of State Of Mind revealed no abnormalities.

D Yendall, rider of Great Delight, could offer no explanation for the filly’s poor performance today.  A post race veterinary examination of Great Delight revealed no abnormalities.


Kasey Chelsea knuckled badly on jumping away and became unbalanced and lost ground.  J Childs, rider of Kasey Chelsea, reported that after knuckling at the start his mount travelled fairly throughout the event however when placed under pressure on straightening did not feel right in its action, and for this reason he did not ride it out over the final 200m.  A subsequent veterinary examination of Kasey Chelsea revealed the mare had sustained a laceration to its near fore heel.

Nordic But Nice and Rockin’ Ransom raced wide without cover for the majority of the race.

B Rawiller, rider of Lethal Rock which performed poorly, explained that the filly hung out passing the 600m however failed to respond to his riding when placed under pressure.  A subsequent veterinary examination of Lethal Rock revealed no abnormalities.

I Gundogdu, rider of Nordic But Nice which performed poorly, explained that the mare’s unruly behaviour en route to the barriers did not help the chances of Nordic But Nice today and was a beaten horse when placed under pressure in the straight. A post race veterinary examination of Nordic But Nice revealed no abnormalities.

After the running of the race the RV veterinary surgeon reported that Delightful Abode had sustained a laceration to its near fore coronet.


Trainer Mr B Stanaway was fined $100 for failing to produce the identification card for The Mullet.  Mr Stanaway was also notified that The Mullet would not be permitted to race again until such time that he produces a document of description or the identification card for the gelding.

After being placed in its barrier stall Orpinsky became restless.  Orpinsky was examined by the RV veterinary surgeon behind the barriers and was passed suitable to race.

Shortly after the start Black Opera commenced to buck for some distance before gaining its momentum near the 100m on the first occasion.   Trainer Mr D Curran was notified that the gelding is now suspended until it performs to the satisfaction of Stewards in a trial.

Turning out of the straight on the first occasion Bouzeron had a tendency to hang out before taking up the lead position closer to the running rail near the 1600m.

B Melham, rider of Leica Vessell which performed below expectations, explained that the mare did not handle today’s track conditions.

A Forbes rider of Mr Unique (NZ) was questioned regarding the tactics he adopted on the gelding today, explained that he was instructed to ride the gelding forward.  Trainer Mr B Stanaway confirmed the instructions and  was advised that he would be expected to notify the Stewards should there be any change in tactics as compared to its most recent start.

D Yendall, rider of Fra Angelico which finished a distant last, explained that the gelding failed to keep in contact with the field after passing the 800m and gave ground quickly from that point.  A subsequent veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities and trainer Mr J Mason will be contacted in the ensuing days to determine how Fra Angelico has pulled up.


Mineiro, which had been kicked by another runner behind the barriers, was examined by the RV veterinary surgeon and passed suitable to race.

On jumping away Balgownie (NZ) and Picked In Faith bumped.

In the early stages Balgownie (NZ) got its head up when over-racing.

Near the 1100m Double Black shifted out slightly and took Mineiro out onto Balgownie (NZ) resulting in Mineiro and Balgownie (NZ) becoming unbalanced and Balgownie (NZ) then having to be steadied off the heels of Winta Chiller which had improved to its outside. 

Also approaching the 1100m Goddess Pele over-raced.

Winta Chiller, which was caught wide in the early stages, was allowed to stride and take up a forward position outside the leader near the 1000m.

Near the 100m Balgownie (NZ) was accidentally struck over the head by the whip of B Melham, rider of Double Black, when those two horses raced close together.

After the running of the race the RV veterinary surgeon reported that Mineiro had a respiratory issue and trainer Mr M Moroney was advised that a veterinary clearance is required prior to the filly racing again.


After the running of Race 3 Mr M Cerchi, trainer of Lissom, advised Stewards they will be reverting back to the filly’s normal racing pattern which is in a lead-handy position.  Lissom was ridden accordingly.

High Kinglana was slow to begin.

Way In The Black and Count La Za (NZ) bumped on jumping away.

High Kinglana raced wide without cover for the majority of the race.

Passing the 600m Way In The Black had to be checked off the heels of Lissom.

A Mallyon, rider of Dashiell which performed below expectations, explained that when the gelding was placed under pressure passing the 600m it continued to change stride and although he did not feel there was anything amiss with the gelding he eased it down over the concluding stages.  A post race veterinary examination of Dashiell revealed no abnormalities.


Crystal Icon jumped away awkwardly.

Meritorious jumped away awkwardly.

Rounding the home turn and until near the 200m Crystal Icon was held up when unable to obtain a clear run.

For a short distance after straightening Danzoya (NZ) was held up when unable to obtain a clear run.

Near the 50m Danzoya (NZ) (K McEvoy) shifted out to improve its position and made heavy contact with Crystal Icon.  K McEvoy was advised to exercise more care when in similar circumstances in future.

Meritorious lost its off hind plate during the race.

Race 7TAB SV 0-58 HANDICAP - 1100 metres: 

Co-trainers Mr G Dalziel and Mr P Dalziel were fined $200 for failing to scratch Manihi Rocks by the prescribed time.  Manihi Rocks was subsequently a late withdrawal by order of Stewards at 8.15am.

Prior to correct weight D Yendall rider of Magic Of Emma, second placegetter, viewed the Stewards film before deciding not to lodge an objection.  Stewards were also satisfied there were no grounds for an objection.

From its wide barrier, Cash To Splash was restrained at the start and taken back towards the rear of the field.

Olly I Am raced wide without cover for the majority of the race.

Near the 400m Seven Cities shifted out slightly and bumped Magic Of Emma.


Trainer Mr E Musgrove was fined $100 for his late declaration of P Mertens as rider of Gold Rust in this event.

On jumping away Miss Del Toro had to be checked when tightened for room between Gold Rust and Justice Fighter which shifted in.  This resulted in Miss Del Toro losing ground.

Also on jumping away Prussian Power was hampered when tightened for room between Jacopo, which shifted out, and Torahka which was bumped during the incident.

In the early and middle stages My Option got its head up when over-racing.

My Option and Allicanbe raced wide without cover for the majority of the race.

Rounding the home turn and until near the 100m Gold Rust was held up when unable to obtain a clear run.

During the running of the race St Carlingwood lost its near hind plate.

D Smith, rider of Prussian Power which performed poorly, explained that the gelding resented racing inside horses and would be better suited when given more room in future races.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

R3 – The Mullet, Orpinsky, Leica Vessell, Divi Filius, R5 – High Kinglana, Way In The Black, R6 – September Morn (IRE), Luckycent

Post race samples from following horses:

All winners

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings:

R7 – Manihi Rocks (8.15am)


R1 – C Schofield, $300, whip

R3 – B Stanaway, $100, id card

R7 – G & P Dalziel, $200, failing to scratch

R8 – E Musgrove, $100, late rider

Severe Reprimands:

R1 – M Rodd

Horse Actions:

R3 – Black Opera, bucked, trial

R4 – Mineiro, respiratory issue, veterinary clearance

Follow Ups:

R3 – Fra Angelico

R5 – Dashiell

Track Information


  • State VIC
  • Metro No
  • WeatherOvercast
  • Rainfall4mm last 24hrs, 4mm last week
  • Irrigation4mm Last 24hrs; 50mm Last 7 Days
  • Penetrometer5.34
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingDead 4
  • TypeTurf

Gear Changes