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Werribee Stewards Report

Stewards' Reports

Werribee Racing Club


Tuesday February 26 2013


Heavy 8 (downgraded at 10.00am prior to commencement of the meeting)






+5m entire circuit

Stewards Panel:

Mr C Waller (Chair), Mr B McGinley, Mr J Hitchcock, Mrs J McSwain & Mr K Salt (Cadet)

Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By




D Lane

D Yendall



Super Excited

A McCabe

C Schofield



True Desire

A McCabe

B Evans



Sunset Sioux

K Mallyon

T Neve


Did not attend meeting:

D Lane, A McCabe  

Other Comments / Explanations:

The following horses were late withdrawals due to the downgrade of the track: R1 – Commanding Star (10.45am), R4 – Delbedient (10.20am), R5 – Hachiman (11.00am), King Triton (10.55am), R6 – Our Rubistar (10.55am), Magic Of Emma (10.50am) and R8 – French Friday (10.38am).


When the gates opened Mezeray Miss and Miracle To Me both jumped away awkwardly and bumped.

Shortly after the start Snitzilla, which had jumped away awkwardly, shifted out and had to be eased off the heels of Markazy.

Snitzilla was inclined to race greenly, particularly in the early and middle stages.

C Schofield (Markazy) and D Holland (Pass) both stated that their failed to handle the heavy track conditions.


Whiz Kid was difficult to load resulting in a slight delay to the start of the race.  Trainer Mr H Conners was advised that prior to racing again Whiz Kid must trial to the satisfaction of the Stewards.

On the home turn near the 300m Mrs Bean (J Fry) shifted out to obtain a run to the outside of Reinvent and bumped Whiz Kid unbalancing that gelding.  J Fry was reprimanded and advised to exercise more care.


Miss Heartbeat was difficult to load resulting in a delay to the start of the race.  Trainer Mr D Hayes was advised that prior to racing again Miss Heartbeat must trial to the satisfaction of the Stewards.

Angels Crown lost its footing on jumping away and as a result knuckled and lost ground. 

Miss Heartbeat jumped out at the start taking Balmodena out onto Di Lusso which had also been slightly slow to begin.

Miss Megan Jane and Chimed Inn were both slow to begin.

Miss Heartbeat was inclined to race keenly in the early and middle stages.

Passing the 1200m Queen Of Eight had to be steadied to avoid the heels of Balmodena which was taken inwards slightly by Inala Wonder.

When the pace slackened passing the 900m both Queen Of Eight and Di Lussoo had to be steadied to avoid heels. As a result Queen Of Eight travelled wide for the remainder of the event.

Approaching the 500m Di Lusso had to be eased when tightened for room between Angels Crown and Queen Of Eight when both shifted ground slightly.

Inala Wonder was inclined to lay inwards under pressure in the straight.

Passing the 50m Chimed Inn became unbalanced when briefly tightened by Queen Of Eight which shifted in before being straightened by its rider.

C Schofield, rider of Miss Heartbeat which performed poorly,  advised that the filly over-raced and in his opinion failed to handle the track conditions.

B Melham, rider of Chimed Inn which performed poorly, stated that in his opinion the filly did not appreciate today’s heavy track conditions.

Race 4PFD MAIDEN PLATE - 1420 metres: 

V Duric suffered a harmless fall from Precious Jewel behind the barriers.

Von Sebastian (NZ) underwent a veterinary examination behind the barriers at the request of its rider, C Newitt.  The RV veterinary surgeon could find no abnormality however C Newitt was not satisfied with Von Sebastian (NZ) and was of the opinion that it felt amiss and he did not wish to ride the colt. Therefore due to the time constraints Stewards ordered the withdrawal of Von Sebastian (NZ) at 2.45pm.  Following the event Stewards contacted the stable of trainer Mr M Price and Mr Price undertook to have Von Sebastian (NZ) fully vetted and advise Stewards of the results.

All monies invested on Von Sebastian (NZ) to be refunded.  Deductions applicable to bets placed on winner and placegetters prior to 2.45pm: 21 cents in the dollar for the Win (Bloodbuzz Ohio), 11 cents in the dollar for place of winner, 19 cents in the dollar for second place (Precious Jewel) and 19 cents in the dollar for third place (Intune).

Precious Jewel and Don Cossack both commenced awkwardly.

Bloodbuzz Ohio was inclined to lay outwards for a major portion from passing the 1200m.

Race 5WYNDHAM CITY 0-58 HANDICAP - 2030 metres:

In the early stages La Saverne over-raced.

Approaching the 700m La Saverne, which had been over-racing, had to be checked off the heels of Super Excited.

D Holland (Knucklemanna) pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding under the provisions of AR137(a), the careless riding being that  passing the 700m after Super Excited shifted out to obtain a three wide position he directed his mount inwards and forced Super Excited back in thereby making heavy contract on a number of occasions and Super Excited eventually being tightened for room and having to be checked.  Stewards did concede that the shift outwards from Super Excited resulted in contact between Super Excited and Knucklemanna.  D Holland had his licence to ride in races suspended for a period to commence at midnight February 27 and to expire at midnight March 12, a total of fifteen race meetings (five city, ten country).  In assessing penalty Stewards took into account D Holland’s guilty plea and good record and that the incident was in the high range category.

After passing the 200m Royal Butler which was making ground had to be eased and shift in to obtain clear running to the inside of Angelino which was shifting out under pressure.

When questioned regarding the seemingly improved performance of Knucklemanna today trainer Mr B Stanaway explained Knucklemanna was held up and raced without luck at Yarra Valley February 17 2013.  Mr Stanaway added that the gelding appreciated today’s track conditions.

C Schofield, rider of Super Excited which performed poorly, stated that the mare was a beaten runner after receiving significant interference during the event.  A post race veterinary examination of Super Excited revealed a slower than normal recovery.

Race 6BETTER SOLAR 0-58 HANDICAP - 1010 metres:

Rockin Devil jumped out at the start and made contact with True Desire.

Art And Whiskey and She’s Got A Secret both commenced awkwardly.

In the early stages both Olly I Am and She’s Got A Secret were inclined to race keenly.

Approaching the 600m Silken Gown shifted in to avoid the heels of Broken Jaw and in doing so bumped Moscow resulting in Silken Gown becoming unbalanced shifting out and having to be checked off the heels of Broken Jaw.

In the middle stages Art And Whiskey over-raced.

Monsieur Pierre and Michellby Zodiac both raced wide for the majority of the event.

Approaching the winning post Olly I Am Dipped.

Apprentice T Neve (Moscow) was reminded of her obligations to cease the use of the whip when her mounts are out of contention.

Trainer Mr L Farrugia was questioned regarding the seemingly improved performance of Olly I Am.  Mr Farrugia stated that at its previous start at Narracoorte its rider had reported that the gelding failed to stretch out at any stage and Mr Farrugia was of the opinion that this may have been as a result of the firm track.  He further added that he expected a forward showing as the gelding was suited by today’s track conditions.


Acting on a confirmed call from Trainer Ms A Sheehan Lucy Lil was a late withdrawal on veterinary advice at 1.25pm when the mare twisted a plate.

Lake View was slow to begin (one length).

H Coffey, rider of Aqua’s Edge which performed below market expectations, was of the opinion that the gelding may not have appreciated today’s track conditions.

Lake View, which performed poorly, underwent a veterinary examination after the race which revealed a slower than normal recovery rate.


Celebrity Psychic underwent a veterinary examination following the running of Race 3 which indicated that the mare had a large hematoma on its neck which gave the mare some discomfort and, in the opinion of the RV veterinary surgeon,  was unfit to race.  Subsequently Celebrity Psychic was withdrawn at 2.22pm.  Trainer Mr D Whitworth stated that this was as the result of a supplement injection some three days prior for which he had sought veterinary treatment however was not aware of the degree of soreness. Stewards noted his comments and a urine sample was taken for analysis.

Stewards further interviewed Mr Whitworth after he tendered evidence prior to the running of Race 3 that Celebrity Psychic had aggravated an old injury in the float en route, for which he applied betadine before bandaging that affected leg.  Stewards noted that even though Mr Whitworth had advised Stewards of the treatment he was nonetheless fined the sum of $200 for administering a raceday treatment under the provisions of AR178E(1).

Stewards permitted T Neve to only claim 1kg of her permitted 1.5kgs due to her late engagement on the mare which was at 10.00am race morning.

Wabash River jumped awkwardly.

Sunset Sioux was slow to begin.

J Fry (Tully Plenty) was issued with a reprimand for using his whip six times forehand prior to the 100m which is one time more than permitted.

L Coffey, rider of Smiling Hussy, advised that the mare didn’t handle today’s track conditions.  A post race veterinary examination of Smiling Hussy revealed no abnormalities.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

R3 – Inala Wonder, R4 – Redwin, R5 – Angelino, Yolanda Be Cool (NZ), R7 – Pilfer (NZ), R8 – Sunset Sioux, Whispering Miss   

Pre-race urine for post race analysis:

R8 – Celebrity Psychic

Post race samples from following horses:

All winners

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings:

R1 – Commanding Star (10.45am)*

R4 – Delbedient (10.20am)*

R4 – Von Sebastian (NZ) (2.45pm)#

R5 – Hachiman (11.00am)*

R5 – King Triton (10.55am)*

R6 – Our Rubistar (10.55am)*

R6 – Magic Of Emma (10.50am)*

R7 – Lucy Lil (1.25am) #

R8 – French Friday (10.38am) *

R8 – Celebrity Psychic (2.22pm)#

Scratching fee applies*

Veterinary fee applies #


R4 – R Bardon, $30, colours

R8 – C Parry, $30, colours

R8 – D Whitworth, $200, treatment


R2 – J Fry, careless riding

R8 – J Fry, whip use


R5 – D Holland

Horse Actions:

R2 – Whiz Kid, difficult to load, trial

R3 – Miss Heartbeat, difficult to load, trial

Follow Ups:

R4 – Von Sebastian (NZ)

Track Information


  • State VIC
  • Metro No
  • WeatherRaining
  • Rainfall24mm Last 24hrs; 25mm Last 7 Days
  • IrrigationNil Last 24hrs; 50mm Last 7 Days
  • Penetrometer5.91
  • DirectionAnticlockwise
  • RatingHeavy 8
  • TypeTurf

Gear Changes